Retrocausal Genocide

Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Iteration 1 - 2012-04-07

Samples of SCP-# are to be stored under standard containment procedures for viral agents.

Due to the anomalous effects and the widespread nature of the SCP-# infection, full containment of the virus is impractical at this time.

Selected carriers of SCP-# will be observed in order to document the progression of the virus. Samples of the virus will be extracted and stored per the normal procedures for viral agents. Information suppression program has been established in order to conceal the anomalous nature of SCP-#.

It is currently believed that further containment procedures will be able to be enacted during the period immediately preceding the creation of SCP-#, leading to a complete retroactive containment of the infection.

Iteration 2 - 2028-09-09

Samples of SCP-# are to be stored under standard containment procedures for viral agents.

No attempts to prevent the spread or creation of SCP-# are to be made.

Iteration 3 - 2033-01-20

Remaining samples of SCP-# are to be stored under standard containment procedures for viral agents.

Description: SCP-# is an anomalous virus with a negative latency period. Individuals contracting SCP-# become contagious 17 to 23 days before being infected.

SCP-# is highly infectious. Due to its retroactive properties, usual quarantine procedures are ineffective. SCP-# has become widespread among the human population. On April 2013, over 20 million cases of SCP-# infection has been recorded between years 1990 and 2000. On November 2013, over 50 million cases has been recorded over the same time period.

The vast majority of individuals contracting SCP-# are asymptomatic carriers. The virus is able to survive within carriers' bodies for up to two weeks following the infection, but is not contagious during that period. Approximately 2% of the carriers exhibit flu-like symptoms following the infection, which are likewise non-contagious. The contagious retroactive period preceding the infection is universally asymptomatic.

Approximately 0.0003% of the individuals infected with SCP-# exhibit acute anomalous symptoms following the infection. Affected subjects will experience the passage of time in an anomalous manner. The effect is non-uniform over the subjects' bodies, with time gradient over 1200% for adjacent regions. This causes ruptures to form on the edges of the regions, leading to internal hemorrhaging and death within several hours.

Addendum #-20120815:

Research into SCP-# has uncovered that one of the non-coding RNA fragments present in the virus is in fact a base 4 representation of ASCII-encoded text. The attached text reads "COPYRIGHT 2032 PROMETHEUS LABS, INC."

The indicated corporation has been defunct since 1998 (see GoI-014 for details). Whether this indicates an alternate reality origin of SCP-#, or reformation of Prometheus Labs, Inc. at some point in the future, is unknown. Further investigation is underway.

Addendum #-20140210:

Further analysis of the fatal SCP-# cases has revealed that over 80% of deceased individuals are █████████████. Subsequent testing has confirmed a 100% SCP-# mortality rate among the ██████████████. Notably, execution of Protocol 116-BYZANTIUM by a member of █████████████ is an obligatory precursor event for XK-692. As such, it is now believed that SCP-# was engineered with the specific goal of retroactively preventing XK-692.

Addendum #-20241018:

Foundation operatives has been successfully embedded into the ranks of the new iteration of Prometheus Labs. Reports concerning possible development of SCP-# will be monitored and addressed as necessary.

Addendum #-20280909:

Due to the circumstances of the recent containment breach at Site-███, and the subsequent increase in the likelihood of XK-692, no attempts to prevent the spread or creation of SCP-# are to be made.

Agents within Prometheus Labs report no knowledge of XK-692 or SCP-# among the staff.

Addendum #-20290101:


Addendum #-20330120:

Following the release of SCP-# into the civilian population, no more instances of SCP-# infection has been recorded. All samples of SCP-# not under control of the Foundation has been successfully eliminated. SCP-# Object Class is hereby downgraded to Safe.