Item #: SCP-3515

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-3515 and its anomaly, SCP-3515 cannot be contained; instead, suspected SCP-3515 instances should be monitored for any signs of movement.

Description: SCP-3515 refers to a collection of five anomalous objects that have the appearance of standard street litter (Cans, cardboard, bottles, etc.). SCP-3515 cannot be interacted with, instead teleporting away upon contact with human skin. SCP-3515 has been recorded sending out signals in a █-Kilometer radius, similar to those of a standard-grade GPS device. After approximately 1 minute past the point where the signals fade, SCP-3515 will appear to dissolve into thin air, before appearing at another point in the world.
In some cases, at approximately 12:00 PM, strange insectoid creatures have been recorded moving around in locations where SCP-3515 instances had been previously, these creatures have been designated SCP-3515-A. The creatures have displayed wariness towards humans, disappearing whenever a human being gets close, and staying in areas secluded from normal civilization (e.g. Forests, plains, abandoned towns, etc.), nothing shedding light on this behavior has been found so far.

Addendum 3515-A: On ██/██/20██, field researchers discovered a note near a known SCP-3515-A hotspot, the note was written in an unknown language, appearing made out of a combination of Russian and Korean letters, the contents of the note are yet unknown. After ██ hours of attempts to decipher the note, the Foundation’s top cryptologists have deciphered the note with an accurate translation, shown below.

“Interesting planet, people scary, people hurt us, we like planet, want planet.”

The context behind the note is of yet still unknown.