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Item #: SCP-3138

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3138 is to be contained in a standard semi-aquatic organism enclosure modeled after the Florida Everglades. The object does not require sustenance. A population of at least six but no more than twelve instances are to be kept at a time. Instances are to be created via the means outlined in Reproducing until a sufficient number in line with current containment protocols be reached. Extra instances are to be incinerated. When working within 10 meters of SCP-3138, all staff are to avoid physical contact at all costs and carry at least two extra pairs of standard Foundation-issue socks.

Description: SCP-3138 are anomalous clothespins of ordinary make and model. All instances have been decorated with arts and crafts supplies and bear a resemblance to Alligator mississippiensis1 Anomalous properties manifest in the form of instances exhibiting behaviors common to crocodilians as well as behaviors not associated with crocodilians. Behaviors observed thus far include:

  • Sunning: Instances have been observed sunning beneath the enclosures heat lamp.
  • Swimming: SCP-3138 have been observed moving through the water by turning their bodies thirty degrees to the right and left. This results in a characteristic wiggling motion similar to their method of propulsion on land.
  • Hunting: Objects will remain motionless beneath the water until a living human touches or makes skin contact with the body of water. Objects will then propel themselves from the water at speeds of up to 48 kph and attach. Due to the manner and speed of attachment, victims sustain numerous, small lacerations. Once attached to their prey they will not perform the rolling motion normal to crocodilians. Instead, prey items will be dragged to the nearest clothesline or any other horizontally oriented structure at least 2 meters off the ground. Objects have a marked preference for clotheslines.
  • Reproducing: Objects replicate by infecting nonanomalous clothespins. Instances will perform mating and reproductive displays found in many species of crocodilians. Male instances will approach potential new instances in gradually tightening concentric circles. Males will then position themselves besides the target and produce bubbles from the anterior end via unknown means. Other courtship methods include rubbing and head slapping. In the latter, the anterior end will rise 30 degrees from the water, submerging the posterior, and slap against the water. Infection events can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. After that period has passed, instances will avoid the clothespin in search of new targets. Within 65 days the once normal clothespin will become an instance of SCP-3138. The means by which an instance becomes either male or female is unknown.
  • Feeding: While the objects do not require sustenance, they have been observed to consume socks (See Incident Report SCP-3138 A). Objects will only consume one sock from a pair, the means by which instances determine if a presented sock has a mate is unknown at the time of writing.

Discovery: Eighteen instances SCP-3138 were discovered on 5/31/2000 in Sarasota, Florida, when four civilians were found suspended above the ground by four instances each. Three of the civilians were alive and suffered only minor injuries. The last was found some 50 meters above the ground, suspended from the line of a transmission tower. Autopsy revealed death to be caused by electrocution. It is hypothesized that the subject sustained nearly 50 volts of electricity when instances bit through the line, causing an overload and subsequent failure of the subject's pacemaker. Operatives embedded in the local police force were notified of possible anomalous activity when several officers were attacked while rescuing and recovering civilians. SCP-3138 was captured by MTF Epsilon-9 (Investigators) with minimal injuries.

Incident Report SCP-3138 A: Seven instances escaped containment on 12/18/2000 when Junior Researcher Irwin failed to observe containment procedures and handled SCP-3138 without gloves or proper protection. CCTV footage reveals that Irwin was attacked by six objects at once. Each attached themselves at various points along her body, with an instance at each wrist, an instance at each shoulder, and an instance at each foot. SCP-3138 then pulled Irwin through the door of the containment area with enough force to break through. At this time she sustained a concussion. Irwin's shoe was removed in the struggle, along with the attached SCP-3138 instance, revealing her sock. All instances then deviated from normal hunting behavior and released Irwin in favor of attaching to and removing her sock. Once removed, the sock was then torn apart and consumed. Pieces of the article of clothing vanished upon consumption and have not been recovered since. (See Experiment Log).

Experiment Log:
Experiment Log Format
All experiments are to be logged in this manner.

Addendum: On 10/30/2013, Twenty-five instances were recovered from Boston, Massachusetts after civilians and stores reported that all red socks had disappeared overnight. Instances were initially scheduled for incineration as per containment protocols until Operative Ortiz noted that the objects had a marked preference for red socks. Twelve instances are currently contained in separate containment from previously recovered objects. Research into the possibility of sub-species of SCP-3138 is currently ongoing.