Antitrite Sandbox Page
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained inside of a standard security locker at Foundation Aerial Base #34. Anyone wishing to access SCP-XXXX for testing or non-aircraft flight practice must have a permit from Base Command listing the types of vehicle allowed to be used in the exercise and how long SCP-XXXX is permitted to be used. At this time, only pilots trained by the Foundation Flight Initiative with a service record of one year or more are allowed to use SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a left-handed leather flight glove. Structural analysis of SCP-XXXX shows that it is made of colored bovine leather, and does not have any insulation.

A person wearing SCP-XXXX will find themselves able to fly any vehicle, even those not intended for or indeed capable of aerial travel (i.e. cars, bicycles, boats, etc.), regardless of previous piloting experience. Depending on the type of vehicle, certain conditions must be met for a successful takeoff to be performed, except in the case of actual airplanes, which require the conditions expected for such a vehicle. Generally, the vehicle must reach 3/4 its maximum speed before liftoff is achieved, on a long enough segment of land the vehicle is able to travel on. In vehicles powered by human motion, such as bicycles and scooters, the needed speed depends on the strength of the person behind the controls. While in flight, the controls of the vehicle will preform different functions to compensate for the lack of regular piloting controls. For example, in a car, the stick shift has been observed to become the equivalent of a joystick, controlling the plane's pitch, while the radio dials (if the car has a radio) control the yaw. While these setups are often awkward, pilots report no difficulty in turning their crafts in flight. An absence of certain controls has also been noticed in simpler vehicles.

Addendum 1: SCP-XXXX was recovered from the house of a World War 1 tank operator named Thomas Reginald. Reginald became a Foundation interest after local sleeper agents claimed he had possession of an anomalous item that could "make anything fly". Reginald had been using SCP-XXXX to perform small stunts for the locals, despite his advanced age. Foundation operatives contaminated the local reservoir with a Class B Amnesiac, and subsequently conducted a search of Reginald's home, and found SCP-XXXX sitting on a desk next to a pile of notebooks full of handwritten journal entries. While most of the notebooks contained trivial information about the later life of Thomas Reginald, a few of the older notebooks contained information about SCP-XXXX and Reginald's use of it, including some tests he performed himself with SCP-XXXX. The following are a few notable logs from Reginald found within his home.

Most of Reginald's other logs are filled with trivial SCP-XXXX conducted tests by him and the frequently present Manderley, none of which are very notable. The last log found is dated almost 40 years after the first entry.