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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained at remote area 198. It is to be allowed to roam the facility freely, and given 5.0 gram rations of decaying Nypa fruticans (common name "mangrove palm") at 1-hour intervals. Given the extremely toxic nature of the area surrounding remote area 198, no personnel assisting SCP-XXXX, nor SCP-XXXX itself are to be permitted off-site under any circumstances. Any found disregarding this rule are to be quarantined and terminated as soon as possible.

All existing specimens of Nypa fruticans are to be carefully cultivated, and no less than 50 living specimens of said species must be on-site at any point.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a colony of Fuligo septica (known commonly as a species of slime mold, the "scrambled egg slime") weighing approximately 1.85 kg, and of variable volume and shape. Although all tests have shown it to be physically identical to common members of its species, it has demonstrated capability to sense otherwise undetectable phenomena in its environment considering its sensory abilities, including all future apparent threats, potential opportunities to acquire food, potential obstacles to its growth and spread, and the intents and motives of nearby lifeforms.

SCP-XXXX was recovered on the Indonesian island of ████████ on ██-██-20██, after an expedition from ██████ logging company reported all vehicles and machines apparently malfunctioning overnight, with severe internal damage from no clear source. Foundation agents were able to locate SCP-XXXX growing on a palm approximately 60 meters from the site, and quickly disseminated a cover story of the malfunctions being caused by ash clouds from the recent eruption of Mount ██████. Extrapolating from SCP-XXXX's growth rate and size at point of recovery, it is estimated that the colony likely had not formed for more than █ days prior to recovery.

SCP-XXXX consumes a diet consisting entirely of the rotting pulp of the Nypa fruticans tree, which it is to be reminded regularly is being rationed to prevent depletion of surviving specimens since the RK-class ("uninhabitable Earth") events of ██-██-20██. In the highly unlikely scenario of complete depletion of said plant, several intact sites hold specimens on reserve (primarily Site-19, Site-23, and Site-███.)

Soon after containment, a rudimentary form of communication with SCP-XXXX was found, consisting of researchers imagining thoughts, and SCP-XXXX 'reading' them, and entering its response on a provided computer keyboard. Using a set of pre-written questions, and compiled from post-interview descriptions, A rudimentary log has been constructed:

Researcher █████: Hello again, SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX remained silent for 16 seconds.

Researcher █████: SCP-XXXX?

SCP-XXXX: Sorry doctor, we are still learning how to write in your language.

Researcher █████: I see. How are you learning it exactly?

SCP-XXXX: We listen to what you think; subconsciously ask you to explain words. We will be able to talk very better soon.

Researcher █████: I… see.

█████ appears somewhat concerned near this point, but appears to relax again after roughly 9 seconds.
Researcher █████: So you can read what we think subconsciously too?

SCP-XXXX: Yes, doctor. We also see that you will be late for your meeting with ████████.

Researcher █████: Oh, you're right! Researcher █████ requested conclusion of the interview. Approval granted after assurance of a quick return.

It is worthy of note that upon researcher █████'s arrival at the scheduled area, SCP-████ was found accosting Dr. ████████, but was successfully re-contained after a 2 hour site lockdown. Post-incident reviews determined that SCP-████ would likely have escaped foundation custody if it had not been found within 12 minutes of its discovery.

Whether this was an intentional action by SCP-XXXX or simply coincidental has not been conclusively determined. Further testing of SCP-XXXX's ability to predict potential containment breaches has been suggested, pending further review.

Addendum XXXX-01: