Apocryphal Weiss
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SCP-XXXX's new and seemingly permanent form

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in the office of Dr. █████████ and research assistant █████, as XXXX-1 will become increasingly more violent as the length of space between research assistant █████ from SCP-XXXX increases. XXXX is to be contained in a locked, reinforced steel safe that research assistant █████ is not to, under any circumstances barring a containment breach of XXXX-1, have the key to.

XXXX is not to come into contact with organic life for any length of time exceeding an hour for any reason except for testing purposes.

XXXX-1 is to be contained in a 11 x 10 x 13 reinforced room with walls at least 3 6.5 meters thick. XXXX-1's containment room temperature is to be as close to -50° C as reasonably possible at all times. It is not to be above -5° C for any length of time exceeding 72 hours. XXXX-1 is to be fed twice daily, each meal can consist of meat from any animal, and these meals are to contain twice the amount of nutrients recommended for an average human diet. The only personnel cleared to enter XXXX-1's chamber for any reason outside the intention to research XXXX-1 are research assistant █████ and Dr. █████████. Research assistant █████ is not to be allowed anywhere near XXXX-1's containment unless he is accompanied by a level 3 or above staff member with the express approval of an O5 member. The interactions between research assistant █████ and XXXX-1 are to be closely monitored and recorded. XXXX-1 is to be restrained when any personnel enter it's chamber.

If research assistant █████ is available, it is advised to have him accompany anyone entering XXXX-1's chamber with the intention of altering or changing XXXX-1's restraints in any way.

SCP-XXXX is not to be removed from containment for any reason outside of testing, the escape of SCP-XXXX-1, or a Euclid level containment breach. In the event of a Euclid level containment breach, research assistant █████ is to be heavily monitored, and under no circumstance is he to be allowed access to the object.

In the event of a Keter level containment breach XXXX is to be left behind barring convenience of research assistant █████, as well as someone with the key to XXXX, being in close proximity to the object.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a clear, crystal-like crown. Object has been observed as sizes ranging from approximately half a meter to a full meter at seemingly random intervals. Object has since settled, seemingly permanently, at a size of 0.62 meters length, and 0.15 meters width. It has been determined to be composed of a frozen liquid similar in almost every way to water. Despite XXXX's structure being entirely of frozen liquid, the object itself will stay at room temperature when it is not in direct contact with a living organic organism. XXXX, when handled by a living organism, will begin to become colder the longer it is in contact with organic life. If allowed to be in contact with organic life for longer than an hour, the temperature of the room will begin to rapidly drop, the organism in contact with XXXX will begin to dehydrate and it's body temperature will begin to drop as well, and the rate at which XXXX decreases in heat exponentially increases. Mass output by the object has been recorded at being slightly below ████████ ████.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a humanoid creature approximately 3.42 meters in length, and 1.85 meters in width. XXXX-1 resembles a human only in that it stands on two legs, has hands with which it can manipulate objects, a fully functioning brain that grants the subject full sapience, as well as fully functioning mammary glands, and a fully functioning female reproductive system. XXXX-1 is covered from head to toe in a thick, white fur. The only places not containing the fur are the areas surrounding it's mouth, nose, and eyes. The skin shown in these places is a deep dark brown, just a few shades off from being completely solid black in color.

The skin underneath XXXX-1's fur on the other hand is a light pink. The cause of said discrepancy has been determined to be two evolutionary advantages. The dark exposed skin in XXXX-1's native climate acts as intimidation to ward off predators. And the pink skin underneath adheres to it's reported societal views on beauty. XXXX-1 has dense, large muscle all over it's body. It has a human-like face structure with the differences being a slightly wider mouth than has ever been recorded on a normal human, and slightly larger eyes than have ever been recorded within human medical examinations. It has clawed feet with six toes, and clawed hands with six fingers. It's claws are black and made of a material similar to ████████. XXXX-1 has yellow eyes, a black sclera , and all of XXXX-1's teeth are pointed and elongated. Testing has shown that XXXX-1 is omnivorous, and has shown a desire to be fed the remains of deceased human test subjects. XXXX-1 can speak multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, [DATA EXPUNGED] and English after being taught by the researchers assigned to it. XXXX-1 speaks with a very deep and throaty voice, and it has a very strong accent that seems to originate from [DATA EXPUNGED]

It is very friendly towards the staff assigned to it, willing to speak on nearly all matters requested. It will frequently attempt to start conversations with staff about outside affairs. World disasters, wars, relations between nations. Anything to get an idea about what the world outside of the foundation is like.

XXXX-1 identifies itself as a ███ ██████. Combined with where XXXX is hypothesized to originate from, XXXX-1 identifies as what is commonly referred to as a [DATA EXPUNGED]. XXXX-1 has made repeated requests to see XXXX. And it has refused to be photographed. As this poses no real risk, the Foundation has complied with XXXX-1's request thus far. It is planned to eventually acquire a photograph of the subject for the purposes of documentation.

SCP-XXXX-2 is a male human named ████████████ who used to work as a research assistant to Dr. █████████ before being contained and classified as XXXX-2. XXXX-2 is

When transferring SCP-XXXX for testing purposes, research assistant ████████████ accidentally came into direct contact with SCP-XXXX. He offhandedly mentioned that he noticed no change in the temperature of the object while holding it. He was immediately quarantined and it was soon determined that while touching him specifically, it had no affect on him. SCP-XXXX-1 escaped containment soon after, and devoured 3 D-class personnel in an agitated state. XXXX-1 was quickly captured and re-contained. When questioned why it did so, XXXX-1 repeatedly asked to be interviewed by research assistant █████, occasionally entering an agitated state once again every few hours. It's request was denied until the reason for the agitated state was determined to only occur when research assistant █████ is a set distance away from XXXX. Approximately 25 meters is required for XXXX-1 to display signs of agitation. 50 meters from XXXX will cause XXXX-1 to begin wildly thrashing around in it's containment. And 150 meters will cause XXXX-1 to attempt to break out of it's containment and reach XXXX.

Since the initial incident, XXXX-1's containment cell has been altered to withstand the amount of force XXXX-1 has been shown to be able to produce when research assistant █████ is away from SCP-XXXX.

Since this interview, research assistant █████ has reported that his body temperature slowly lowers when he is near SCP-XXXX. He reports that he does not feel any differently when it happens.

Addendum: Since the initial incident, XXXX-1 has begun to request to be interviewed again by research assistant █████ on a weekly basis, XXXX-1 will become visibly distressed if it's request is denied. research assistant █████ has expressed a desire to interview XXXX-1 again, though he can never explain why.

Research assistant █████ has since recalled vague memories of his conversation with XXXX-1. He has reported being ███████████ to a vast [DATA EXPUNGED] along with many words in what is now the nearly dead language of ███████ interspersed throughout, as if they were replacing their English equivalents.

The white shirt that he was wearing has been tested and has been determined to be made out of fur similar to that of XXXX-1's, but not originating from XXXX-1 itself. This has since been placed in the safe along with XXXX. The shirt he entered with has not yet been located. has since been been retrieved.

Additional Notes: SCP-XXXX first came into the Foundation's possession in the year of 1███, after reports of people freezing to death nowhere near any civilization in Africa were investigated by Foundation agents. Standard procedure for unknown, possible SCPs allowed obtaining the object a simple matter. XXXX did not originate from Africa, files found on those in possession of SCP-XXXX revealed that XXXX was purchased somewhere in Asia. Specifically just outside of the border of █████. A possible connection to ███████████ is still being investigated.

XXXX-1 has been in the Foundation's possession ███ years before XXXX was discovered. At the time XXXX-1 had the classification of SCP-XXXX, and once a connection between them was found, the newly discovered object was classified as XXXX and the subject was reclassified as XXXX-1. Testing has found that XXXX-1's DNA is a █████% match to human DNA.

Because of the possibility that XXXX-1 breached containment when it was allowed access to XXXX, XXXX-1 is not to be allowed access to XXXX under any circumstances until further notice. XXXX is to be placed outside of the room when research assistant █████ is near XXXX-1 to ensure that it is not feral when being tested upon.

The cause of the camera malfunction has been determined to actually be from a small, yet important part of it being frozen. There is no indication from what is recorded on how this happened.

Addendum 2: On October 1st ████, the team sent to ███████████ located the missing shirt of research assistant █████, DNA testing revealed faint traces of blood on the inside consistent with a small scar recently discovered on research assistant █████. As a full physical, psychological, and various other tests were performed on the research assistant in question after the incident, the medical staff are unclear as to how they could have missed it the many times they've looked over his body.

Addendum 3: On October 5th ████, it has since been determined that the blood found on research assistant █████'s lost shirt is █████████ old. The shirt itself however is only ██████████ old. This reason for this discrepancy has yet to be determined.

Note: Though XXXX-1's fur allows for complete coverage and warmth of the subject's entire body save it's face, XXXX-1 has on multiple occasions requested clothing of very specific make and origin. In spite of our eventual allowance, on the condition that said clothing had to be thoroughly examined and studied beforehand, it still requests clothing every few months, with the original clothing nowhere to be found. It was eventually discovered that XXXX-1 did not request this clothing with the purpose of wearing it. But to consume it. We have done extensive testing and research into XXXX-1's digestive system since then, but we still have no freaking idea what purpose consuming [DATA EXPUNGED] served for XXXX-1.

December 4, ████: I propose that we classify him as SCP-XXXX-2 and lock him in with XXXX-1 while in her feral state, to study how she reacts to him. -Dr. ██████
Request denied. -O5-█

December 6, ████: Requesting the crown's class be changed to Euclid. -Research Assistant █████
Request approved. -O5-█

December 8, ████: We need to at least study the effects SCP-XXXX has on research assistant █████. Seconding that we classify him as SCP-XXXX-2. -Dr. █████████
Request approved. -O5-█