SCP-2498, The Apple Company
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The inside of SCP-2498

Item #: SCP-2498

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2498 is to be kept in a standard incorperal entity vacuum chamber1. Under no circumstances is SCP-2498 to be allowed near any electronic devices, with the exception of testing SCP-2498.

SCP-2498 should only be tested, used, and studied by level 3/2498 or above. If this policy is violated, those responsible will be terminated. Any security cameras within a 10 kilometer range of SCP-2498 will be replaced and relocated

Description: SCP-2498 appears to be a green fruit of the genus Malus2 no other instances of SCP-2498 have been recorded, but devices affected by SCP-2498 claim there are at least [DATA EXPUNGED] instances.

The inside of SCP-2498 appears to be a set of gears controlled by a seemingly unknown automatic process. The gears seem to be controlled by a computer chip inside the middle of SCP-2498, but all attempts to access it have ended in failure. The gears only turn when SCP-2498's anomalous properties are activated.

The main anomalous property of SCP-2498 is, when placed in a 10 kilometer range of any electronic device. When SCP-2498 is placed within 10 kilometers of an electronic device, the device will malfunction abruptly, and flash a heavily distorted version of the Apple logo3, and restart the device. The new version of the device is hereafter referred to as SCP-2498-1.


SCP-2498 memetic malfunction screen

In this process, SCP-2498 will seemingly delete all files on SCP-2498-1 and create When is opened, a terminal will appear. Accessing this terminal will activate an artificial intelligence (hereafter referred to as SCP-2498-2) claiming to be Steve Jobs (02/29/1955-10/05/2011) will start dialogue with the person who activated the terminal. In this case, SCP-2498-2 has been capable of speech, and two interviews have been made.

Interview Log 2498-2:

Addendum 2498: SCP-2498 has been rumored to have created SCP-2010

Addendum 2498 2: The killscreen flashed by SCP-2498-1 seems to have a memetic effect on other electronic devices when shown the image, the similar symptoms of SCP-2498-2 occur, but files are not deleted, nor is available

This is fucking why I use Windows, shit like this happens, 05-█