The Aquila of the One Man Legion

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Aquila is to be kept in the SCP Site-19 storage facility inside a bulletproof glass container and at all times held above the floor. If necessary, the object should be carried in horizontal position only. Shouldn't be put on he floor vertically at any time.

Description: Ancient Roman Aquila which was found in the year 19██ in the castle of █████████ in Lombardia. When any human hits the ground with the bottom of the staff 10 copies of the said human would appear instantly. Duplicated is also everything that a said person has on himself at the moment, excluding the aquila itself. It appears that a person can use the object only once, when used the second time the effect is not observed. The copies can use the object as well, thus any person can be duplicated infinitely. Has not been tested on none humans.

The tests conducted on ██/██/19██ showed that the copies are not in any way inferior to the original. The copies have the same knowledge, skills and memories but from the moment of duplication act as separate persons. Their actions and decisions are not identical. None of the copies considers itself to be just a copy. The tests were conducted on 3 different D-level staff members. The control groups were closely monitored. The results showed that there was absolutely no distinction between the original and the copies. Attempts of the original to establish itself as superior to the copies resulted in hostility of the copies towards the original and the original's murder in one of the cases.

Together with the Aquila there were found extracts from a diary written by one Marius Satoris, roman triarii, later centurion of his own legion. The circumstances in which he acquired the object are unknown. Satoris makes unclear reference to the Persian Immortals Imperial Guard. In the next extract Satoris states that he is going to the Roman colony of Bosporus to create his own legion consisting of his copies and conquer the lands of Sarmatia and Venedae for the glory of the Roman Empire. According to the extracts he won several battles and advanced deep into the the territory of the present day Ukraine. His last entry states that the copies questioned his dominance and rebelled against him. The fate of Marius and his legion is unknown. Who found the aquila and how it was brought it to Italy is unclear. The object is said to have been kept in the castle of █████████ for at least 600 years in the private collection of the owner of the castle ███████ ██████████.