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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell and provided with food thrice daily.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a male human born on ██/██/1959. He has been the focus of various anomalous effects for several years. For a comprehensive timeline, see Event Log XXXX-Alpha.

Event Log XXXX-Alpha

██/██/1991: SCP-XXXX, then a moderately successful author of children’s books, publishes his fourth novel I Saw A Garden.

█/█/1992: SCP-XXXX is reported as missing by his wife. A police investigation is made, but gives no results.

█/█/1999: SCP-XXXX appears in his house, seemingly out of thin air, before the eyes of its new residents.

█/█/1999: SCP-XXXX is contained by the Foundation. Amnestics are distributed to witnesses as necessary.

██/█/1999: During interrogation, SCP-XXXX states that his last memory before his reappearance was going to sleep in the evening of █/█/1992.

██/██/2003: At 02:16, the surveillance camera in the cell of SCP-XXXX records a creature appearing, seemingly out of thin air, on top of the sleeping SCP-XXXX’s chest. The creature has six legs, but an otherwise reptilian appearance. It begins carefully biting SCP-XXXX in various places across his arms. Security personnel respond and enter the containment cell. The creature abandons SCP-XXXX and attacks the security personnel, causing minor injuries from bites before it is shot and killed. Only after this does SCP-XXXX wake up. The injuries to SCP-XXXX and attacked security personnel heal without complications over the next few days.

█/██/2009: At 23:47, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Only after this does SCP-XXXX wake up, and is recontained without problems. Amnestics are distributed to witnesses as necessary, and a “Traffic Accident” type cover story is released.

██/██/2009: SCP-XXXX requests to be given a copy of I Saw A Garden. Request granted.

██/██/2009: SCP-XXXX requests to speak to site personnel about anomalous discrepancies in the text of I Saw A Garden. Request granted. See Interview Log XXXX-04-A.

██/█/2013: At 01:22, SCP-XXXX wakes up from sleep, falls out of his bed, paces around the room, goes back to bed, and quickly falls asleep again. When asked about it the following morning, SCP-XXXX does not remember it happening.

█/█/2013: Personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX note that he has become very inactive since ██/█/2013, supporting his basic needs and doing little else. When spoken to, SCP-XXXX tends to respond with just “Yes” or “No”. Dr. █████'s request for a full psychic evalution is pending.

Interview Log XXXX-04-A

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. █████

<Begin Log, 15:00 ██/██/2009>

Dr. █████: So tell me. What is it you find wrong about I Saw A Garden?

SCP-XXXX: I didn’t write it.

Dr. █████: What do you mean? Someone else did?

SCP-XXXX: Well, I… I don’t know. I remember writing a book called I Saw A Garden, the publishing process and so on. But the text in the book you gave me is not what I wrote. I recognize my writing style, but not the story. It’s all new to me.

Dr. █████: Can you retell the I Saw A Garden story that you wrote, then?

SCP-XXXX: I don’t remember much of it. It feels like I wrote it ages ago. I haven’t thought about it since… Well, just recently, I got an urge to reread it.

Dr. █████: Why?

SCP-XXXX: Last week, when I saw [DATA EXPUNGED], a passage from my version of I Saw A Garden came to mind. “And so the second brother had failed at his task, and Elserith grieved.”

Dr. █████: What is that supposed to mean?

SCP-XXXX: I don’t know. I recall the name, Elserith, but not who it is. I Saw A Garden, the one I wrote, has a simple story. Three brothers in the garden are… given a task, I don’t remember what. The two older brothers try and fail. But the youngest uses guile instead of brute force, and he succeeds.

<End Log>