SCP-1297 | In Progress
Sailor fountain pen, model 11-2004-122/132 'Chalana'. SCP-1297 is externally identical.

Item #: SCP-1297

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Subject is to be kept within an airtight, lead-lined container (hereafter "Container") with sides of no less than ten centimeters (10 cm.) thickness. Subject is to be kept capped at all times, elevated above the main surface of the interior of the Container by two small lead supports of one centimeter (1 cm.) each. A PRM-9000 Geiger counter should be mounted on the top of the Container.

In turn, the container should be kept inside a small room (hereafter "Inspection Room") of no more than 3 x 3 x 3 meters, the walls of which should be concrete of at least a meter in thickness. A lead lining of at least five centimeters is recommended, though not required. The Inspection Room door is to be steel with an interior lead coating of at least five centimeters, to be kept sealed at all times save inspections. At least two fixed CCTV cameras outfitted with zoom-telephoto lenses should be kept active in opposing corners at all times, one focused at maximum zoom on the exterior surface of the Container, the other on the external readout of the PRM-9000 Geiger counter.

An additional container (hereafter "Disposal Container") should be placed in the corner of the room to receive all 'High-Level' waste. The Disposal Container should be constructed of lead, with sides of no less than 10 cm thickness, and hinged at the top to allow for opening and closing.

NOTE 1: Sector-25 recommended for storage, due to proximity to [DATA EXPUNGED] and additional available resources. Current storage in Storage Unit 05 negates possibility for further research due to lack of additional containment procedures, i.e. an Inspection Room.1

NOTE 2: At earliest convenience, remote-operated research equipment is to be installed in the Inspection Room to prevent continued exposure of Foundation personnel.2


SCP-1297 is apparently a fountain pen: a 24K gold-plated Sailor 'Chalana' with barley pattern and black accents, number 11-2004-122/132. It measures 12.11 cm long by .64 cm wide, and features an 'Extra-Fine' gold-plated nib machine-inscribed with the words 'SAILOR | 18K | 1 | 750' in descending order from tip to base.

Upon exterior inspection SCP-1297 is identical to the pen model produced by the Sailor factory; however, additional testing reveals dissimilarity in mass. The company officially lists the pen as having a mass of approximately 0.2 kg, while the object has been measured as having a mass of █.███, █.███, and ██.███ kg on different occasions.

The object's second notable quality is that it is highly radioactive, though paradoxically also resistant to radiation. Radioactivity is concentrated in the object's nib, and also in the black substance which the object has been known to produce (hereafter "SCP-1297-1"). Extensive testing has determined that SCP-1297-1 is an extremely active producer of Gamma particles, with a highest recorded radioactivity in excess of several thousand Curies. Despite said testing, the elemental composition of SCP-1297-1 has remained inconclusive, and further experimentation has been denied by O5 personnel.3

SCP-1297 also displays no signs of wear, despite approximately █ years since its date of manufacture. This was taken as a sign of a structural anomaly by research personnel, and the object was thereafter subjected to a series of crude tests despite recommendations. Initial experimentation involved the use of several hand tools and various levels of applied force, ranging from simple hacksaws to a four-ton mechanical hammer. No tools were able to change the external structure of the object in any way, although the testing did cause the object to produce a larger-than-normal quantity of SCP-1297-1.

The cap of the object was subjected to a Miller Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter at maximum output for periods of one, five, 10, and 20 minutes. After 10 minutes the cap exhibited a slight discoloration (turning [DATA EXPUNGED]), with a corresponding temperature increase of ██ Celsius. Within less than thirty seconds of the cutter's removal, the cap had returned to room temperature (20° Celsius). The application of the cutter for a period of 20 minutes resulted in further discoloration, this time [DATA EXPUNGED], and a temperature increase of ██ Celsius. The removal of the cutter resulted in the same response as to the 10-minute test.

Varying amounts of torque force have been applied in an attempt to unscrew the grip section of the object from its barrel. However, all clamping mechanisms have failed to maintain a grip at higher levels, and the object has not yet been opened.4

NOTE 3: Further testing is highly advised. Despite radioactivity, object displays qualities of durability that may prove to be extremely useful if able to be reproduced.5


SCP-1297 was initially acquired on ██-██-████ by █████████ vintage pen store in ██████████ ██████, ██████, England, source unknown. It was then placed in a storage room for a period of approximately three months, during which it remained apparently stationary without any requests for demonstration or retrieval. Near the end of this period several employees of the store were diagnosed with radiation sickness, which led to an initial investigation by local law enforcement.

A joint deployment of Mobile Task Forces Beta-7 and Iota-10 resulted in successful acquisition of the object and suppression of law enforcement activity. The pen store in question was stripped of all Gamma-contaminated materials and the former owners evicted. The space has been occupied by a █████████ pen boutique since the end of containment protocols on ██-██-████.