Draft of SCP-XXXX - 'Series of Vaults'

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Partial analysis of quasicrystaline shard from what was once the dial mechanism of SCP-XXXX-4.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is immobile; it is located at a depth of approximately 2.4 km within a network of mine shafts accessible via Site 78. Due to extreme weather conditions, unless operation of SCP-XXXX is underway, no more than two (2) researchers and three (3) security personnel are required to oversee Site 78. A seismometer array is to be maintained regularly and autonomously monitored on Site 78 grounds. Shards from floors of vaults successfully opened are to be collected and stored for further analysis within designated containers located within mine chambers connected to Site 78. Following the opening of a vault and storage of shards, all inscriptions found on vault walls and floor are to be immediately recorded and sent to Overwatch HQ through secure channels. Any significant breakthroughs in progress relating to the decryption of code inscribed on walls of SCP-XXXX-6 are to be reported to O5 council immediately.

No SCP objects are to be utilized for the purpose of decrypting code related to SCP-XXXX under any circumstances - failure to comply with this containment protocol constitutes ground for immediate termination.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates a succession of fifteen (15) vaults and one (1) chamber located at a depth of approximately 2.4 km within shaft mine connected to Site 781. Vaults are designated SCP-XXXX-1 through SCP-XXXX-152, and chamber is to be designated SCP-XXXX-163. Presently only vaults 1 through 6 have been accessed.

Compiled seismic reflection profiles of SCP-XXXX-7 through SCP-XXXX-15. Floor dials partially visible within SCP-XXXX-10 through -13

Each vault in SCP-XXXX is situated on top of another; the ‘floor’ of each vault houses a complex mechanism which can be operated by a large dial at its center inscribed with simple numerical symbols. Each vault floor displays several hundred concentric rings of pictorial and numeric inscriptions; these inscriptions have made translation of decoded messages possible. Successful operation of a dial causes the floor of the vault to shatter, collapsing into the vault below.

The interior of SCP-XXXX is composed of a semi-translucent pale green material similar in texture to crystal; efforts to shatter or otherwise break this material have thus far proven ineffective. Analysis of shards has found that the material is quasicrystaline, but forms a geometrical structure of a complexity at least ███ orders of magnitude greater than current theory would allow. Further analysis of vault floor shards retaining parts of inscriptions suggest that the shapes and symbols inscribed in this material are not engraved, but are rather part of its complex quasicrystaline structure.

SCP-XXXX-4 quasicrystaline shard under x-ray microscope (~100 μm) illustrating complex high-order symmetry structure.

The walls of each vault appear to be inscribed with a unique code. Codes found in each vault resist most means of decryption known at the time of their discovery, often requiring technology developed years or decades later to crack. Though efforts are ongoing, code inscribed on the walls of vault 6 has yet to be decrypted. Each vault wall which has been decrypted has contained the following information: (See Archive-XXXX for vault-specific details)
  • Instructions on how to successfully operate the dial on vault floor. This typically makes up approximately 80% of the total decrypted message. These instructions also suggest a marked increase in the complexity of mechanisms involved in each successive vault.
  • One or more brief generalized description(s) of key methods used to break code. These descriptions omit detail, but have thus far been largely correct in their predictions.
  • Several brief highly generalized suggestions or warnings typically pertaining to sociological policies, materials research, and avenues of technological development. Studies have suggested that at least some of these recommendations would have been likely to result in increased technological growth rates had they been pursued at the time of their discovery.4.

Additional message found upon breaking code leading to SCP-XXXX-2:

'Time is short. This is the first place. You may now enter the second place. There are fifteen places. There is one final place. Look-again [sic]['reveal'] the final place. Build-again ['restore'] the final place. Make-live-again [sic] ['revive'] the final place. This will help. Do not seek other help. Nothing else will help. All else will harm. Time is short.'

Log of most recent discovery pertaining to SCP-XXXX. Additional logs found in Archive-XXXX:

05/██/2009 - 06/██/2009:
SCP-XXXX-5 opened following breakthroughs in research focused on RSA algorithms and the approval to use SCP-███ for simulation of theorized quantum computer specifications; subsequent containment breach confirmed ███ personnel killed, ██ SCP entities missing. Site 78 personnel reported moderate seismic activity during simulation5; mine shafts connected to Site 78 were re-excavated and structural architecture was reinforced. Decrypted message contained the following information:

  • Instructions for operation of SCP-XXXX-5: 336 rotations described along with suggestion to utilize ‘precision control devices’ in operation.
  • Descriptions: Several atomic structure configurations hypothesized to stimulate ‘quantum entanglement’ phenomena under intense conditions. Principles behind several equations presumably related to factorization of prime numbers larger than █x10███. Principles behind several equations presumably related to complex orbital maneuvers6.
  • Recommendations: ‘Do not use false methods’7. ‘Bend carbon geometry forms’. ‘Observe and enf[77e [sic] open [computer] connection structure’. ‘Descend within orbit body 4’. ‘Train your seekers in proba&-37ty [sic] alteration’. [REDACTED]. ‘Use [atomic structure configurations described above] for crystals’. ‘Put strong [computer] in orbit’. ‘Take care with orbiting crystals’. ‘Do not [illegible] crystals’.

SCP-XXXX-5 dial successfully operated via robotic arm; Access to SCP-XXXX-6 acquired. Further use of SCP-███ for cryptanalysis prohibited. Investigations into descriptions involved in message underway; moderate progress has been made thus far. Cryptanalysis of code found in SCP-XXXX-6 is currently ongoing; approval to increase efforts currently pending investigation into descriptions found in SCP-XXXX-5 message. Proposal to re-designate SCP-XXXX to Euclid class denied following appeal of project head Dr. ██████.

Portion of appeal sent to O5-█: "…not to mention keeping the mine shafts secure; it's just plain unnecessary. I just don't see any need to burn away even more of our research budget heating Siberia. I mean look, like I said █ months ago, from what I can tell this is consistent with what we already know about the quantum properties of this quasicrystal stuff, and it seems fairly obvious to me that using ███ caused the corruption in Vault 5's message. I may not know how exactly, but I know we've both seen state collapse like that back during [REDACTED]. I don't mean to open old wounds, all I'm saying is that even if we could find a Safe or a Euclid that worked, all we're probably gonna get out of the results is a bigger earthquake, a useless plaintext, and a lost hope for ever seeing more than grainy seismic reflection scans … Keep the other SCPs out of this and there won't be another issue -the guys in the park will just have to understand. …" - Dr. ██████