Trial and Error
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SCP-507 File Photo (2011).

Project File: 507/DRN-DEDA

Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies

Proposed by: Director Pennington

Approved by: O5-9

Testing Location: Site-623

Project Codename: "LOSIRA"

Summary: The unique “shifting” abilities of SCP-507 present a unique opportunity for the Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies. Extensive analysis indicates that the subject has a limited degree of unconscious control over its destination; this would answer several questions, such as how, in a near-infinite multiverse, 507 has managed to return to the same reality multiple times (i.e. 9E2-66V-7HG5 and 125-28P-OS4; see Document 507-3B).

It is the official opinion of the Department Director and Medical Team 507-EDA (neurological specialist Dr. Wesley Averiton, physiologist Dr. Yvonne Descartes, and physicist Dr. Mako Hazuki) that SCP-507’s faculty of interdimensional autodisplacement can be trained and refined to serve as a valuable asset for the Foundation.


"Tom! It's good to see you."

Director Pennington shakes your hand warmly, guiding you down a ramp into a massive, well-lit tunnel. "I'm so glad you're here. How was the trip?"

You rub your eyes, the sedatives still wearing off. "I wouldn't know."

They give you a smile with a twinge of sadness. "Classified location, I'm afraid. They used to just blindfold people, but security gets tighter every day around here." They ran a hand through their short cropped hair, looking around. "Hey, the cafeteria’s close by, and I've been so busy I never ate. How does lunch sound?"

As if on cue, your stomach growled impatiently. You smiled.

"Sounds perfect."

After they waved away their security escort, the two of you found a table and sat down. A mysterious but wonderful-smelling tray was placed in front of you by a quiet worker.

“What is it?” You ask, staring at the plate.

The Director was already eating. “The DEDA special. We use ingredients from all over the multiverse. Every piece of this meal came from a different reality.”

You feel yourself tense up as you look at a salad bowl. “There aren’t any… telepathic vegetables in here, are there?”

They smiled. “I assure you, there are not.” They set down their utensils and folded their hands. “In fact, I can assure you that myself and my team will be doing everything we can to make this a stress-free experience. Although we—”

A man with a lab coat and a clipboard piled with papers hurried up to the table, cutting them off. "Morning, Director. I have the, uh…" He stopped, looking at you. "Oh. Sorry. Who's your date?"

The Director laughed as you blushed violently. "Mako, this is SCP-507. You’ll call him Tom. He's just transferred here."

The man perked up instantly. “Right! Tom, it’s so nice to meet you! Senior Researcher Mako Hazuki.” He extracted a hand from his stack of files, and you shook it as you glanced sideways at papers slipping to the floor.

“Mako here is going to be leading your project,” said the Director. You look up in surprise, and they see your anxiety.


“I… I don’t know,” you say, slightly embarrassed. “I guess I thought you’d be leading it.”

They smiled. “I’d love to, Tom. But I’m a Department Director and a Site Director. I’ve got other responsibilities.” They stood, looking down at their watch. “In fact, I have a meeting soon. But Mako will take good care of you, and I’ll check in when I can.”

A woman you don't recognize is looking down at you. As you stare back, she breaks into a smile.


You push yourself up on an elbow, sweating and anxious.


She grins even wider, kneeling down and extending a hand. You take it slowly, and she pulls you to your feet.

"Welcome to U-AE37K. We've been expecting you."

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