Site-623 Facility Dossier
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier


Official Designation: SCP Foundation Belleville Interdimensional Research & Diplomatic Facility

Site Identification Code: BIRD-Site-623


Aerial view of Site-623 main block.

General Information

Founded: 23 December 1987

Location: Belleville, Southern Ontario, Canada (44°11'39.5"N 77°22'20.9"W)

Site Function: Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies headquarters (Containment, Archive, Interdimensional Relations)

Onsite Task Forces: DTF Yus-47, MTF Theta-90 (periodic)

Anomaly Containment Faculties: Class-IV (T/S/E(H)/K)

Site Structure

  • Public Front Entrance:  To maintain the facility cover story, this open front area is staffed by a Level-01 receptionist who has been provided detailed information on the (false) operations of the complex. Telephones and computers in this area have been equipped with constant filtering and surveillance hardware.

Senior Researcher Harris and public entrance secretary.

  • Checkpoint Danforth:  Staff entrance for Site-623, consisting of a parking deck, personnel living quarters, and security screening garrison. Monitored by secure CCTV and Level-0 exterior security guards.
  • Administration:  Offices of Site Director and other management, as well as meeting rooms and various spaces for ectodimensional diplomats. Under no circumstances outside of explicit Level 5 order are any anomalies permitted within the Administration block.
  • Task Force Dispatch:  Primary deployment hub, intelligence center and armory for Distributed Task Force Yus-47, a specialized team composed of three distinct branches.
    • Ѫ-47-Alpha ("Schwarzschild Radii"): Selected for high ETT ratings, Alpha team is deployed for containment of extradimensional anomalies in the local universe, as well as priority operations and threat management/neutralization in other universes. Regularly works in tandem with ectodimensional task forces and other groups.
    • Ѫ-47-Beta ("Mission Control"): Stationary unit that handles internal security at Site-623 and acts as the command center for other branches during extradimensional operations.
    • Ѫ-47-Gamma ("Helene Dukas"): Highly specialized stealth operatives engaging in coverup procedures, reconnaissance, and classified missions.

EWG-Alpha in standby mode.

  • Trans-Universal Contact and Communication Sector (TUCCS):  Housing area for Ectodimensional Way Generators (EWGs) Alpha, Beta, and Delta, and center of inter-universal operations. All travel to and from other universes will be handled here, under constant supervision from DTF Yus-47-Beta.
  • Checkpoint Wilmarth:  Automated subcutaneous identifier (ScID) security gate. All local-reality-based personnel are implanted with ScIDs, with codes scrambled as per MFN Directive-58563. Visiting ectodimensional persons will be provided temporary intravenous IDs designed to dissolve in the bloodstream after 170 hours. Additional decontamination chamber is kept on standby for possible ectodimensional contaminations (required since 1322-C-SSR-V-0886 Incident 12.76).
  • EWG Maintenance Sector: Access tunnels throughout the sector allow for expedited repairs to be made to the Generators. May also be used as an emergency evacuation route, as the outermost chamber connects to the underground "backdoor" located on nearby Snake Island (backdoor can only be opened from the interior, with valid Foundation credentials and ScID screening).
  • Medical Center: Equipped to handle up to fifty patients, with advanced surgical equipment and large pharmaceutical stock. Directly across from TUCCS and furnished with life-extension and cryogenics hardware in the event of an unexpected SCP-3856-1 transfer.
  • Sector Zero: Secure area designed for research and observation, Sector Zero extends 250 meters underground, housing an X-ray telescope and numerous devoted laboratories. This sector is equipped with automated Kant counters, temporal sinks, and Steinhardt–Turok counters.2

Cross-section of Sector Zero.

  • Sector One: Containment area for Safe-class objects that are currently being researched, including items being studied for potential Thaumiel-class applications. Anomalies contained in this area include SCP-2069 and [REDACTED].
  • Sector Two: Secure Euclid/Keter containment area equipped with Class III humanoid living chambers. Anomalies contained in this area include SCP-507, E-█████ and SCP-████.
  • Sector Three: "Deep storage" containment area for Safe or Neutralized anomalies that are not currently being studied, or best left alone. Consists of interlocking climate-controlled chambers with a total area of 87.5 square meters. Anomalies contained in this area include SCP-093 and [REDACTED].
  • Offsite Hangar: Located 0.52 km from the site on Foundation-owned land3, the hangar maintains transport and defense vehicles for rapid-response situations. These include:
    • One (1) Nr.2 Bell AH-1Z Viper helicopter (emblazoned with Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) identifiers)
    • One (1) Boeing CH-47 Chinook aircraft (retrofitted with ████████ for anomalous transport)
    • Two (2) Panhard AML armored reconnaissance vehicles
    • Four (4) Nissan NV3500 high-capacity cargo vans (altered with long-range electric battery and bullet-resistant glass; disguised with Ontario Power Generation company logos)
    • Two (2) LARC-V amphibious transports (disguised as one of the several amphibious vehicles used for tourism in the area)

Staffing Information

Site Director: Dr. Rei Pennington

Site Superintendent: Dr. Yolanda Laverty

Surface Defense Security Chief: Captain Julia Bashir

Sectors 0-3 Security Chief: Commander Paul Highstatler

TUCCS Security Chief: Commander Vaishnavi Balakrishnan

Research and Development Director: Dr. Rhys Banerjee

Research and Development Superintendent: Dr. Emily Long

Acquisition and Logistics Director: Professor Friedrich Himes

Medical Director: Dr. Heather Garfield

Ethics Committee Liaison: Agent Mark Hoffman

Maintenance Superintendent: Level 5 Technician Rosa Malek

Senior Investigator: Agent William Pizarro

On-Site Personnel:

    Staff Doctors: 20

    Staff Researchers: 62

    Administrative Personnel: 10

    Maintenance and IT: 47

    Security Personnel: 83

    D-Class: 15-25

    Other Personnel: 18

Ongoing Containment

Designation Class Notes
SCP-507 Safe (Humanoid) Transferred February 2001.
SCP-093 Euclid Neutralized See Termination Log 093/3856.
SCP-2069 Safe Transferred March 2012.
SCP-1322 Keter Contained offsite due to its immobile nature; subject to DEDA jurisdiction.
SCP-1739 Keter Operation Smokescreen is ongoing, leadership transferred to Dr. ███████.
SCP-1142 Safe Transferred by order of Director Forthow in 200█, as part of Project Yggdrasil.

Ongoing Projects

Designation Project Lead Summary
Composite Orbital Early Warning System (COEWS) Dr. Graham Joint project with Project Heimdall and [REDACTED].
MU-3856-SCT-LLOYD Researcher Lloyd-FI7EN & -YUE4K cell-content
Operation STYGIAN IRIS cell-content cell-content
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Additional Information


Functional EWG prototype at Site-623, circa 1989. Present are Dr. M. Alice Forthow, Dr. Robert Penn, Senior Researcher Clerval, and ██ ██████ ████████ (formerly O5-██).

The creation of Site-623 was proposed in 1974, shortly after the formation of the Extradimensional Anomalies Department (now the Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies) in March 1973. Planning and construction were overseen by Dr. M. Alice Forthow (DEDA Director from April 1973 until September 2009), and the site was completed 23 December 1987.

The Belleville area was specifically chosen due to its location in an STII-<2.57 "weak zone" (SpatioTemporal Integrity Index less than 2.57 (baseline is 3.98)). This served to significantly increase the efficiency of interdimensional travel and communication, as well as expedited containment of potential BTC4 extradimensional anomalies.


Lake Ontario auxiliary channel (2002).

Initially built under the pretext of an ore processing facility for one of several nickel and copper mines in the region, the facility's cover story was later revised to be a local power plant. This decision was made after it was found that Ectodimensional Way Generation created a massive electrical output (upwards of 9,550,000 MWh). The surplus power is automatically routed to the local electrical grid, and it is estimated that Site-623 provides electrical power for at least ██% of the Southern Ontario region.5

Several additions have been constructed since the original completion of the facility. Most prominently, sluice gates were built in 2002, connecting the lower levels of the site to Lake Ontario as an auxiliary failsafe for EWG shutdown. In the event of a sitewide emergency and failure of lockdown protocols, the gates will automatically open, flooding TUCCS and Sectors 0-3.