Olivia and the Real Girl

GOI-004C (Maxwellian Church)
GoI-5869 (GAW)

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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Each portion of SCP-4000 is to be shielded from the public (relevant personnel may access Document MK4000 for further details). MTF XXX ("Debuggers") is currently assigned to decryption of collected data.

Attempts to locate PoI-6947 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-4000 consists of several disparate parts (SCP-4000-1 through SCP-4000-4) that have been identified as interrelated.



SCP-4000-1 is a large central processing unit traced to a warehouse in ████████, Wisconsin. The unit is connected to a large server grid confirmed to be related GoI-004C ("The Church of Maxwellism"). It has been anomalously modified for a processing performance and IPS almost 45% higher than similar systems.