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JTF Ѫ-49 is a defense and intelligence force operating as a division of the Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies. The team operates primarily from Site-623, with limited oversight from Director Pennington and the EUC-UPF.

Task force operatives were selected for their Ectodimensional Transport Tolerance (all members rate ETT Index >52.3) and skill in their fields. The current leadership is Captain Armand Ai and Commander Valentina Shenzou.

Yus-49 is divided into three cooperative branches:

  • Armed Defense Squadron ("Ex Post Facto"): Security officers trained in potential offense/defense procedures relating to ectodimensional threats.
  • 49 Mission Intelligence ("Five O'Clock Somewhere"): Acts as "mission control" for other branches. Collects surveillance and operates on QERT-secured quantum links for interdimensional communication.
  • Black Team ("Helene Dukas"): Undercover intelligence operatives who perform discreet interdimensional espionage/surveillance missions. Also responsible for coverup procedures if there is any incident (in any universe, including local) that threatens the Foundation's goals and/or could create hostility from exo-universal Groups of Interest (i.e. eliminating evidence of Foundation operations that would be considered illegal under EUC regulations).

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