Project ERESH
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This is the official documentation for PROJECT ERESH. Unauthorized access is strictly forbidden. Only Level 5 personnel and explicitly cleared ERESH staff members can read this file without immediately triggering a DAMMERUNG-class security cognitohazard.


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Project Proposal

Project ERESH (Evacuation and Resettlement in Extraterrestrial Setting for Humanity)

Abstract: In recent years, Foundation research, trans-universal communications, and SCP-2003 investigations have revealed an increasing number of eschatological anomalies and threats to the continued existence of humanity. SCP-2000 has worked for us before, but its resources are being stretched thin and its methods may be inadequate in the near future.






PLN-1795-D-23 (hereafter referred to as "Terra Nova" for brevity) is a habitable planet approximately 993 light-years from Earth, created by SCP-1795-D, and the target of Project ERESH. Terra Nova orbits approximately 153 million kilometers from its star, a G-type main-sequence star designated D23-01G.

Terra Nova is nearly identical to Earth, with only a slightly larger diameter (~14,300 km) and gravity (1.13 g). An adjusted schedule (working title "Phoenician Calendar") for the rotation and orbit of Terra Nova is in development. A single rotation (day) for Terra Nova is estimated to be 30 hours, and single revolution (year) around D23-01G is equal to 323 days.

Observation indicates diverse plant and animal life similar to Earth flora and fauna, but a lack of intelligent species. Notably, structures designed for human use by SCP-1795 seem to be instinctually avoided by native fauna.

Anomaly Proposals

For the purposes of this project, documented anomalies have been reorganized into four designations.

Type 1

Type 1 anomalies are impending threats that cannot be feasibly prevented by the Foundation, or allow for recovery via SCP-2000. These are the anomalies that led to the execution of Project ERESH. See a complete list here.

Includes: SCP-2317, SCP-3003, /DATABASE ERROR

Type 2

Type 3

Type 3 anomalies are beneficial to the needs of Project ERESH, with a low threat level and Thaumiel/Safe/Zeno classifications. See a complete list here.


Type 4

Type 4 anomalies are sapient anomalies scheduled to be evacuated alongside the rest of humanity. See a complete list here.

Includes: Low-risk anomalous humans (SCP-507, SCP-053) and Safe-class sapient anomalies (SCP-085, SCP-423)

The Phoenix Fleet

The Phoenix Fleet consists of seven massive arks, designed for the transportation of at least 350,000 humans to Terra Nova.

ERESH Timeline