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Slight disturbances on the water's surface caused by SCP-3373.

Item #: SCP-3373

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Civilian nautical exploration is to be blocked in a 2 km radius around SCP-3373. Any evidence of the effects of SCP-3373 is to be obscured using Cover Story MI-2 (see below). The possibility of closing SCP-3373 is currently being researched. SCP-3373-1 is not to be explored by any manned missions, and contact with SCP-3373-2 is forbidden without express permission from one or more Level 4 personnel. SCP-3373-3 infected individuals should be administered Class-A amnestics (this treatment so far has a 29% success rate), and the Booth Protocol is to be carried out by 04/2█/201█.

Description: SCP-3373 is a spatial anomaly located 5.9 kilometers below sea level in the Laurentian Fan region of the North Atlantic Ocean. It appears as a swirling disturbance in the water, similar to a whirlpool, with a radius of 3.2 meters. SCP-3373 is currently discharging hundreds of millions of gallons1 of water into Earth's oceans. It is estimated that this will cause a rise in sea levels up to █ meters in the next █ years. Cover Story MI-2 has been established and Foundation agents implanted in various organizations (including the EPA, NOAA, CAN-Europe, and Greenpeace) in order to falsify the cause of this sea level rise (as the rise itself cannot be prevented at this time).
Radiometric analysis of SCP-3373, the surrounding area, and [REDACTED] indicate the anomaly has been there for approximately 3.8 billion years.

SCP-3373-1 is an alternate reality accessible through SCP-3373. It appears to be completely composed of water, with no exploration missions having reached the surface or the seabed. Chemical analysis of the water shows that it varies in salinity (█-███ ppm), temperature (7-█8°C), and pH (█.8-█.3), but near the access point the water remains equal with Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water. See SCP-3373-1 Exploration Logs below for further details.

SCP-3373-2 is a sapient consciousness that appears to permeate the entirety of SCP-3373-1 (similarly to the concept of "panpsychism") and is to be considered actively malevolent. Interview 3373-2-Α contains a recorded transcript of communications with the entity.

SCP-3373-3 is a memetic contagion currently spread through an unknown vector. It dissolves belief in Cover Story MI-2, resulting in the non-zero threat of a security breach as the infected may attempt to determine the true cause of SCP-3373's effects. See details below.

Addendum 3373-1: With the election of [REDACTED], an identified SCP-3373-3 infectee, as the President of ███████, the threat to Cover Story MI-2's integrity has risen significantly. Due to these circumstances, O5-█ and -██ have approved the execution of the Booth Protocol (originally created and implemented in 1963). The protocol is scheduled to be carried out by MTF Upsilon-4 ("Sugar Pill") in April 201█.