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Item #: SCP-4391

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-971 is handling containment of SCP-4391.

All necessary efforts are to be made to maintain the public perception of SCP-4391 emissions as normal iron oxide-tainted saltwater. Science teams are on call to falsify data and experimental results as necessary, though preferably civilian scientists will be kept away from SCP-4391 by Cover Story 4391-A (alleging that the fissure is unstable and contamination risks are high).

The Overseer Council has approved measures to halt and/or reverse the rapid population decline of Gentoo penguins. Program Roché will begin on 12/23/20██ and will involve use of SCP-████ and -███.

Description: SCP-4391 is a biochemical phenomenon manifesting in the Taylor Valley of Victoria Land, East Antarctica (77°43′S 162°16′E). At the base of the Taylor Glacier is a large plume of red liquid flowing into the nearby West Lake Bonney. Initially believed to be caused by microbiological phenomena (i.e. Akashiwo sanguinea causing "red tides"), it has been determined that the outflow from SCP-4391 is composed largely of penguin blood. Genetic testing identifies it as belonging to Pygoscelis papua (Gentoo penguins).

Initial Containment


The initial discoverers of SCP-4391 (Professors Wilmarth and Lake, Dr. Gardner, and Administrator ██████.)

SCP-4913 was discovered in 1953, during the Danforth Surveys.2 After chemical testing determined the anomalous nature of the outflow, the team marked the coordinates and attempted to inhibit the flow by covering the fissure with ice and rocks. This makeshift dam held for twelve days, enough time for a camp to be established with more containment personnel.