Interlude: Shifting Tides

The dragon stirred—
Its momentary rest disturbed
By something old, and something new.

Memories flickered
Weakly, an intoxicated mind
Struggling to recall
A life before its cage.

Interlude: Drastic Measures

Incident Report

Evidence indicates that Foundation iteration U-A6753 experienced a K-Class event on June 3rd, 2019. Representatives of extant iterations have confirmed the collapse of all trade and communication channels at approximately 10:32 AM UTC.

Prior to the event, an emergency broadcast— notably unencrypted— was received at the local Site-623. The transmission carried the security code of Foundation researcher Thomas Bailey,1 and consisted of the following video feed, believed to be from an onsite security camera. The transmission contained no audio.

00:00:00 - Transmission begins. Video displays the interior of a Foundation site, layout appears to match Site-81. All activity appears normal.

00:02:57 - Initial manifestation of spatial distortion in hallway. Site security responds, forming a perimeter around the anomaly.

00:03:13 - Thaumaturgic geometry manifests, symbology consistent with Ectodimensional Way Generation. Security team locks down the area and orders an evacuation of C-wing in case of hostile incursion.

00:03:22 - Two humanoids manifest from the Ways. One is unidentifiable, dressed in full tactical gear (not consistent with any known military or paramilitary organization), designated H-A6753-A. The other is a restrained instance of Researcher Samuel Lloyd (SCP-3856-1).2 Security team, as per containment and threat management protocol, exchanges their armaments for non-lethal defense weaponry.

00:04:07 - H-A6753-A begins speaking. Lip-reading software produced inconclusive results; however, due to the subject's apparent yelling and extravagant gesturing, they are presumed to be reciting a manifesto or some similar megalomaniacal act.

00:04:31 - Apparently concluding their speech, H-A6753-A reaches into its vest and produces a pistol (identified as a .357 SIG Pro 2340 semi-automatic). They put the barrel of the firearm against Researcher Lloyd's head. Researcher Lloyd is visibly crying. An unknown staff member[[footnote]] As only their back was seen in the frame, the person could not be positively identified. walks forward slowly, apparently attempting to negotiate.

00:05:03 - H-A6753-A terminates SCP-3856-1 via a single gunshot wound to the cranium. Security immediately opens fire, incapacitating H-A6753-A.

00:05:47 - Emergency lights indicating a major containment breach become visible. All personnel on-camera begin to panic.

00:06:15 - C-wing walls begin buckling. Integrity is lost, and water (presumably from the Monroe Reservoir) begins rushing into the site. Several [DATA EXPUNGED] are visible in the water. Identification software does not recognize the [DATA EXPUNGED] in the water.

00:07:01 - C-wing implodes. Transmission feed lost.

Interlude: Time and Again

Captain Jemma Fitz, commander of Mobile Task Force Eta-Then, had never been afraid before.

In all her years of Foundation service in the Department of Temporal Anomalies, she had seen and done things that would drive men mad. Faceless monstrosities looping through time. Fragmented souls screaming from the void. Bastardizations of causality that threw logic and understanding out the window.


Interlude: Ozymandias

Interlude: The Good, The Bad, and The Lloyd




SAMUEL LLOYD and SAMUEL LLOYD sit together by a campfire, conversing quietly and eating warm rations from a box. After a moment, LLOYD raises a hand, silencing LLOYD and looking at his surroundings warily.

LLOYD: Do you feel something?

LLOYD: What- wait, I do. Is that—

ENTER SCP-507, displacing into the air above the desert. LLOYD and LLOYD stand, surprised.

LLOYD: Who is that?

LLOYD: Are you all right?

SCP-507: (incoherent groans)

LLOYD: Oh, shit, Yuke, it’s a 507!

LLOYD & LLOYD help SCP-507 to his feet, leading him to the campfire.

SCP-507: (shivering) Thank you.

LLOYD: Of course. We’ve seen our share of 507s. Always try to help out.

SCP-507: You have..? Sorry, what’s your, um-

LLOYD: (bowing) Foundation Researchers Samuel B. Lloyd, -FI7EN and -YUE4K, at your service. You can call me Finn, if you want. And he’s Yuke. (shrugs) Makes it a bit easier.

SCP-507: Oh. All right. Um… Tom. Call me Tom. (pause) I think… -B5R802?

LLOYD: Yeah, well. Not like it matters here. (pulls a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it on a stray ember.)

LLOYD: Ugh, I’ve told you, I hate those things.

LLOYD: We’ve got the whole goddamn planet to ourselves, Finn, you can find another-

LLOYD: (interrupting) Okay, okay. Let’s not fight. We have a guest. (smiles nervously at SCP-507.) You know what they say about living with yourself. But enough about me, how’d you end up here?

SCP-507: (slumping over) I… I was panicking, and I shifted unconsciously. Fight or flight, you know. I was about to be… to be killed. By those… Project Palisade guys.

LLOYD: (whistles) Palisade? Oh, Jesus, man, I’m sorry. Lloyds have run into those guys before. Bad news. Very bad news.

LLOYD: So full of themselves. The multiverse is practically infinite. There is no “prime timeline.” Someone over there watched too much Star Trek. (exhaling smoke) I’m surprised some Foundation hasn’t tried to toss their Lloyd in there yet.

LLOYD: (shaking head) Remember -4046Y? No way Palisade doesn’t have every external channel closed up tighter than Director Ingo’s ass.

LLOYD laughs. SCP-507 looks back and forth at the friendly, identical strangers.

SCP-507: Yeah. That’s, um, that's why they sent me in. My, uh, “shifting” can get me in. I was supposed to infiltrate and stop them, but… (trails off, looking away)

LLOYD: …But?

SCP-507: (beginning to weep) They… they were depending on me. I said I could do it, and they said I had given them hope, a-a-and I just ran away—

LLOYD: Hey, hey, it’s all right. (moves to sit next to SCP-507) That’s a lot of pressure, man. Don’t blame yourself.


LLOYD: Hey. Yuke. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

LLOYD: That depends. But… (exhales, smiling) probably.

SCP-507: …what?

LLOYD: (standing up) Come on, Tom. We're taking you on a road trip.




LLOYD and LLOYD guide SCP-507 towards a metal door built into the side of a mountain. It is ajar, the hinges broken and twisted. LLOYD carefully pries it free, allowing a cool wind to exit the underground building, and gestures for the others to follow him inside.

SCP-507: Is this… a Foundation site?

LLOYD: Once upon a time.

LLOYD: Yeah, housekeeping hasn't been here in a while.

The trio enters the site. LLOYD produces a torch and lights it, guiding the others down a long, dark hallway.

LLOYD: It would be storage wing A, right?