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Multiversal Foundation Network

Threat Level: ○ White

Description: The Multiversal Foundation Network (MFN) is a loose collective of 752 Foundation iterations which maintain communication and diplomatic relations. Majority of member universes meet the HSU threshold for baseline reality.

Relevant Documents (Local): SCP-3856, SCP-507/Document 507-3B

Exo-Universal Council (EUC)

Threat Level: Blue

Description: Governmental body with ~4200 universes under its jurisdiction. 470 council members represent groups of HSUs. The Council is divided into legislative and judiciary branches, with executive functions carried out by the UPF (Universe Protection/Police Forces). UPF officers are Type-Greens capable of traveling between similar realities without use of EWGs.

The EUC Judiciary usually acts as a neutral third party when the MFN is involved with unaffiliated realities.


See documentation.

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