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Photograph of SCP-3957 taken during initial recovery.

Item #: SCP-3957

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures (Revised 11/14/20██): SCP-3957 is to be kept in an elevated 2 m x 1.5 m x 1.5 m room at Site-██. This room is constructed with an inner layer of concrete and an outer layer of steel. The room is monitored constantly by video cameras positioned in three corners. No personnel below Level 3 Clearance are allowed to enter SCP-3957’s chamber, and making contact with SCP-3957 is expressly forbidden.
The power supply for SCP-3957 is to have at least two (2) backup generators in case of emergency. Should either generator fail, the chamber and surrounded corridors will be locked down and Protocol 3957-Mratinje is to be executed immediately. See Incident Report T3957-01 for details.

Description: SCP-3957 is a ███████ ████████ brand glass-door refrigerator. Dimensions of SCP-3957 are 1.7 m tall by 0.6 m wide by 0.6 m deep, with an interior temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. The refrigerator itself does not appear to exhibit anomalous properties In 75% of tests, when a human subject enters the range of illumination from SCP-3957's interior lights, they express a sudden thirst and desire to consume SCP-3957-1.

SCP-3957-1 is the collective designation of the two water bottles contained in SCP-3957. When viewed they appear to simply be regular █████ brand water bottles. However, should a human open an instance of SCP-3957-1 and drink its water, the bottle they drank will cease to exist.

Over the course of the next 48 hours, the subject who drank SCP-3957-1 will begin a transformation. Plastic will rapidly begin to grow from the hypodermis and replace the epidermis, while their mouth will be slowly covered by a white layer of the same material. All orifices will close and limbs will recede into the body. At the same time, the person’s body will rapidly undergo anomalous loss of mass, while their internal organs begin to liquefy and turn into water. In all known cases, the subject has died, usually by suffocation or organ failure, within the first █ hours. At the end of the two-day period, the subject will complete their transformation into a water bottle, becoming a new instance of SCP-3957-1. There is currently no known method of stopping or reversing this process once it starts.

SCP-3957 was discovered on 9/21/20██ in the employee break room of a █████████, North Carolina location the popular children’s entertainment chain [REDACTED].1 Foundation agents in the area moved in after reports of two missing children as well as the death of an employee were flagged as potentially anomalous. According to witnesses, the aforementioned employee collapsed while on duty, inside the costume of the restaurant’s mascot. When the manager removed the costume, the employee was found to be dead, with plasticine growths across her face and what seemed to be water leaking from various orifices. Class-A amnestics were administered to all involved and the employee’s death was faked as a suicide. SCP-3957 was connected to a portable generator and transported to Site-██ with no complications.

It is currently unknown how SCP-3957 came to be located at [REDACTED], nor its location prior to recovery.

Addendum 3957-A: All further testing with SCP-3957-1 has been suspended indefinitely. See Incident Reports C3957-01 and T3957-01.

Addendum 3957-B: As of 12/26/20██, Dr. ████ has been removed as the project head for SCP-3957 and replaced by Dr. ████████.

Addendum 3957-C: On 03/15/██, during routine chamber inspection and maintenance, Technician ███████ accidentally removed a panel on the underside of SCP-3957, which exposed a previously unseen sticker with the following text:

Model # 326P72TW
Manufactured by Eternal Ocean Appliances
9153 Bahr Drive
Clear Water, Montana, 590██

Investigation into this is ongoing.