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SCP-1376 in containment

Item #: SCP-1376

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1376 is to be kept in a standard storage container at Site-19. No further measures are needed for the object. SCP-1376-A should be retrieved and photographed on a bi-monthly basis for further evaluation before being placed back into SCP-1376.

Description: SCP-1376 is a rolled piece of parchment paper located inside of SCP-1376-A. Every 6-8 weeks a message appears on SCP-1376. Once the message is read and the parchment replaced into SCP-1376-A the message disappears. A new message will not appear unless SCP-1376 is placed inside SCP-1376-A. Chemical analysis shows that the notes are written with standard India ink. After the ██th note researchers noticed a change in the color of the ink. Analysis shows that more recent notes have been written in plant matter similar to the Indigofera genus but is not any known species or subspecies of the plant. All messages have been signed -J██ S████

SCP-1376-A is a seemingly unremarkable glass bottle. The object is 25.4 cm tall and 3.81 cm in diameter. It is capable of holding up to 3.5 ml of liquid. Chemical analysis has shown the object to be made of ordinary glass. SCP-1376-A is assumed to be breakable as previous testing has chipped the mouth of the object.

Testing has shown that SCP-1376 does not work with any bottle other than SCP-1376-A