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Item #: SCP-001

Item Name: 酒窖中的鬼 Ghost in the Cellars

Special Containment Procedures: Mr. Williams will use the True Random Number Generating Device to test each barrels.

Description: SCP-001 is the anomalous phenomenon that occurs in Mr. Williams' cellars in his house in ███████, ██████.

  • 会在封闭空间内生成 Generates in confined space
  • 酒液被变为深红色 The wine is turned into dark red
  • 一旦酒液被倒出,深红色会向房间里扩散。及时关闭房间门可以阻止扩散(即使存在缝隙) Once the wine is poured out from the barrel, the red will spread into the room. Such spreading can be stopped by closing the door, (even if the room is not sealed completely and gap exists).
  • 如果红色浓度超过一个定值,房间内的人会精神失常 If the concentration of red is high enough, people in the room will lose their mind

History: Mr. Williams was the owner of the cellar. He discovered the phenomenon after he lost his wife, who he locked in a room to stop the red from spreading. Gibberish was heard outside the door, then disturbing screams. Mr. Williams dare not to call the police because he didn't want to be considered a murderer. He turned to a young scientist, █████, known as the founder, for help.

The founder had discovered that True Random Number Generating Device showed the reality can be adjusted in response to minds (which is known as Hume Levels afterwards). This was the first time when he found that so-called supernatural things can be detected by a scientific method. He used the Device to find out which barrel is polluted.

Mr. Williams left the income of the cellar to the founder after he died, which he used to set up a Foundation.

Addendum: SCP-001 document is kept in its original format. Testing the barrels by the outdated device is added into anniversary celebrations. All new Foundation staff are to read SCP-001 file.

Why do we fear the supernatural things?
Before you join the Foundation, you may have suffered, or is still suffering, the fear for urban legends and ghost stories. This is our primitive instinct for unknown, incomprehensible, unpredictable things. Today, you are in a Foundation that has long been dealing with such things, and control them. However, the founder was facing them alone, without a guide or companions. Completely unknown.
As you can see, this is the first SCP the Foundation successfully contained. It wouldn't even be a threat for today's Foundation.

Welcome, newcomer. They should never be feared of, once we know that the unknown can be conquered.

~ The Administrator


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