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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently stored within a safe secure locker at Site-██. As long as protocol is strictly observed, no additional security measures for the object is required.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a pair of prescription corrective spectacles. It has a blue frame made of a metal of unknown origin, with negative meniscus lenses 50mm thick at its normal state. The object was formerly in the possession of an optometrist named Dr. ████████ H█████ (also assumed to be its creator) until his death due to terminal cancer of the colon. The object was immediately secured from his residence and transferred to Foundation custody, with an identical copy substituted in its place.

When worn by a person with normal or emmetropic vision, the object does not manifest any anomalous behavior. However, when utilized by a visually impaired subject, the object exhibits an ability to manipulate its lenses in order to accommodate the condition of the current user, as detailed in Experiment Log XXXX-1. When asked about the effects brought about by the usage of SCP-XXXX, subjects report that, while the spectacles, barring its aforementioned shifting abilities, functioned normally for them, they were occasionally able to see various strings of incoherent text manifested on flat surfaces within a radius of 2 meters. Said text, however, promptly vanishes after discontinuing usage of the object. Subject's reports also stated that the location and content of the text also varied with every use.

The object also demonstrates the ability to regenerate parts that have been detached from the frame, though the method by which the material is produced, as well as the nature of the material itself, is as of yet unconfirmed. It has been theorized that the object can also reproduce its lenses in case of breakage, though no results can be obtained at present for fear of irreversibly damaging SCP-XXXX.

Experiment Log XXXX-1

Subject: 18-year old American male, with a case of hyperopia.
Notes: SCP-XXXX manifested biconvex lenses. Reported instances of the words "dark," "blind," and "failure." No other anomalous effects recorded.

Subject: 45-year old female, of Korean descent, with a case of presbyopia.
Notes: SCP-XXXX manifested bifocal lenses. Reported instances of the words "scenery," "promise," and "colors," in Korean script. Through this improvement, it has been stipulated that the text created by the object also has the ability to conform to the language/script that the subject is most comfortable with.

Subject: 29-year old male of indeterminate descent, illiterate, myopic.
Notes: SCP-XXXX manifested biconcave lenses. Despite being unable to read, the subject was somehow capable of understanding the text manifested by the spectacles, namely, "apology," "love," "cruel," and "father."

Subject: 23-year old American female, blind from a young age due to illness, identified to be Dr. H█████'s daughter.
Notes: SCP-XXXX manifested thin lenses, around 3.6mm at the center. No text was manifested, but subject reports to have heard a voice identified as belonging to Dr. H█████. Subsequent uses of SCP-XXXX by the subject yielded no more instances of the message. Subject reports that her father is now "at peace," and that they have parted on good terms. Subject willingly surrenders the object to the Foundation's custody, stating that the message was "all that she needed."

The transcript of the message is enclosed in Addendum XXXX-1, as dictated by the subject upon the request of the head researcher.

Addendum XXXX-1: Dictated transcript of Dr. H█████'s message

My dearest Grace,

If you're seeing this, then I'm glad to find that they worked. Gracie, I want to start with an apology to you. I'm sorry I've been an utter failure of a father to you.

The doctor said I've only got three months to go. Maybe by the time you find this, I'm already off. That is, if this ever gets to you. How long has it been since I last wrote home? I'm sure you've grown into a beautiful young lady by now, like your mother. I've lost count of the years. In my job, I don't really have the luxury to count.

I remember the times I failed you over and over. Your piano recital I told you I'll definitely attend? I broke that promise. Take you to the the resort? I broke that promise too. Take you to your favorite singer's concert? I also broke that promise. Remember I told you I won't ever leave you and your mom? Yeah, I broke that promise too.

And then you asked me what the world out there was like.

So I made this little gift for you. I would've so loved to look at this world again with you, but the time I have won't really let me, so this little message will have to do for me. A parting gift, you could say—one promise fulfilled on top of all the ones I broke.

Gracie, please look around and tell me what you see now. The city skyline? The seashore? A sunset scenery? Our old house? It's colorful, isn't it? I've always thought so. Though lately I haven't stopped to think about it.

You'll get used to that beauty soon enough. I'll have to tell you, though, that soon this colorfulness will fade away. Soon, you'll be seeing the ugly shades, the sickly tints, the lurid contrasts. Soon you'll be seeing that much of the erstwhile prettiness are nothing but a mask over the grisly realities beneath it. Soon you'll be seeing that much of the beauty you once saw were just constructs made to lure you in. Soon you might even begin to ask, "is everything really worth the effort seeing?"

And yes, they are.

You know, some people possess sight yet are utterly incapable of really seeing, judging things by their face value and nothing beyond. Some are the very opposite. You're one among the latter, so I made this gift for you. I give this to you not merely to see and enjoy the sceneries the world has to offer, but to look past it and grow beyond it: to take in everything you can from it be they good or bad, for one cannot relish the beauty of this life while only looking at the good parts. You need to take to heart everything that the skyline, the seashore, and the sunsets can teach you, and you'll come out wiser than all of them.

And remember this: keep your eyes ahead—don't look away. Because no matter how cruel, unforgiving, or grim this world may be, it's still a world worth fighting to see.

All the love in the world,

Your father