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"One Ugly Sweater"
Object Class: Safe SCP-XXXX as found at ████
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Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard containment locker with two locks. At no time is one individual to possess both keys; the first is to be in the charge of the lead researcher responsible for SCP-XXXX and the second to be given to the site director when testing is not in progress. In the event one or both keys are misplaced, two armed guards are to be stationed at the locker at all times until either the keys are found or both locks are replaced.

SCP-XXXX Is a sweater adorned with various ornaments and paraphernalia relating to the Christmas season See Test XXXX-1A. Upon close inspection it is impossible to determine where the sweater and objects placed upon it precisely meet, as anything coming in contact with SCP-XXXX seem to almost imperceptibly phase in and out of it, even while inactive.
When worn by any living Homo Sapiens (When tested with other species, living or otherwise, an active state was not induced), SCP-XXXX enters an active state. Microscopic tendrils extend from the sleeves of the sweater, entering painlessly through the skin of the wearer. These tendrils interface with the peripheral nervous system of the wearer and monitor metabolic changes, specifically watching for key reactionary symptoms. When the wearer comes into possession of an object they believe to be related to the holiday season, the sweater will attempt to absorb it.
Absorption can occur in two ways. Firstly, if the sweater comes into direct contact with the object, it will “stick” and will no longer be able to be separated from the sweater (resisted forces of ██kN). Secondly, if the object is out of reach of the wearer, large tendrils superficially resembling tinsel will extend from the sleeves. These tendrils latch onto objects by [REDACTED] pulling it toward the sweater until contact is made. This denotes that the sweater may have [REDACTED].
Once an object has been absorbed, within a period of ██ hours the absorbed material will appear in a subjectively pleasing manner somewhere on the external surface of the sweater.

SCP-XXXX Was obtained from the ███████ County School District after an investigation was launched into a string of Facebook posts regarding the sweater of one Mr. ███████, which seemed to possess unnatural qualities, such as animated features without any kind of power source. Mr. ███████ Was subsequently questioned as to where he acquired the sweater, which he claimed to have purchased from a thrift store. Mr. ██████ was administered a class A amnesiac and the sweater was confiscated. He has since been placed under remote observation.