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Item #: SCP-2380

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2380 is currently located in Non-Critical Storage Unit 7, and requires no active monitoring. The artifact’s containment locker is lead-plated, and was secured with a keypad on ██/█/██ following an incident involving several communications and engineering personnel (see Incident 2380-1). All personnel handling SCP-2380 are required to equip NLE-Class radiation protection to prevent any risk of radiation sickness from SCP-2380’s properties. As of █/██/██, D-Class individuals who come in contact with SCP-2380 are to be accompanied at all times by a handler. The containment locker in which SCP-2380 resides is to be flushed of radioactive contamination on a weekly basis.

Description: SCP-2380 is an antiquated (but functional) alarm clock. Its operation is unaffected by its anomalous properties; however, no dial or mechanism appears to exist to adjust the time displayed on its face. An attempt to open the clock and manually adjust the hands resulted in Incident 2380-2 (see Incident 2380-2). SCP-2380, when in a “dormant” state, passively emits approximately 100 mSv of ionizing radiation every four hours. The source of these emissions from within the clock itself have yet to be determined; While the intervals on the face itself are painted with uranium-238, the emissions from these instances of the element are not nearly enough to produce 100 mSv, and the greater source of gamma ray emission is undergoing investigation. While the clock’s level of emission is not immediately harmful, SCP-2380’s second anomalous property poses a more substantial threat to any personnel handling the item.

Upon engaging the clock’s alarm (the exact duration of which varies, from 7 hours to ██ days), the artifact enters an “active” state. During this active state, SCP-2380 will begin to transmit a radio signal via unknown means. The signal itself is difficult to receive, due to interference from its ongoing gamma ray emission. However, several broadcasts have been recorded and logged; All transmissions appear to be radio communications from the ███████ ████, conducted by the United States Atomic Energy Commission in 1945 in ██████████, ███ ██████. How SCP-2380 transmits its signal is unknown; No broadcasting or radio emission equipment is evident on the clock or in its interior. Radiographic examination of the artifact reveals no internal mechanism that would be considered out of the ordinary.

While SCP-2380’s alarm is engaged, its radiation emissions begin to fluctuate, having been recorded to fall as low as 25 mSv, and peaking as high as 300 mSv. However, when the alarm disengages, the clock emits an instantaneous burst of 1 Sv of ionizing radiation, before re-entering its “dormant” state, returning to a normal emission pattern of 100 mSv. Any radio signal transmission emitting from SCP-2380 will immediately cease upon the alarm’s disengagement and subsequent emission.