Atracted to plants

Item #: SCP-2079

Object cless:Euclid

Containment procedures: SCP-2079 is to be kept in an 8ftX8ftX8ft room constructed of 18inch thick lead. The only acceptions being, the 3ftX2ft test viewing window and the upper hatch. The upper hatch is to be guarded 24/7 by clearence level 2 personnel. All persons must be 15+ ft from the hatch at any time it is open. Only test objects are permited to enter the room. Lights must be on at all times as well as video surveilence.

Description:SCP-2079 is, what appears to be, a small ball of plant mass approximately 2.5ft in diameter. SCP-2079's origan is currently unknown. SCP-2079 emits radio waves at a specific frequency ,unabtainable by anything on earth, that when picked up by a living organism (the now SCP-2079-1) will throw them into a seizure followed by a coma usually lasting 2-5 days. Upon waking up from the coma SCP-2079-1 will act normal and have no recolection of the incident. However, in their sleep, they will begin to walk towards the plant. The subject will begin seeking the plant less and less, the elonger ago the incident, but still never fully recover. SCP-2079-1 is to be taken to Site-XXX to be examined by Dr.XXXXXXXX