The Timeless Labyrinth
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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each known entrance to SCP-xxxx is to be monitored and guarded at all times by a security team of no less than seven (7) personnel. Entities emerging from SCP-xxxx are to immediately detained, delivered to the nearest Foundation Site, and contained with whatever containment procedures are deemed necessary by the local staff. If necessary, teams are permitted to neutralize hostile entities emerging from SCP-xxxx using small arms and rocket propelled grenades. In the case of entrances located within population centers, use of RPGs is prohibited unless approved by class A or higher personnel. Civilians and wildlife attempting to enter SCP-xxxx are to be diverted or detained, as deemed necessary by the team leader on site. Possible new entrances to SCP-xxxx are to be reported immediately upon discovery and, if confirmed to be authentic, treated with the above containment procedures.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a massive underground tunnel network with multiple surface-level entrances. The full extent of SCP-xxxx is unknown, but it is likely that it expands across the entire globe. To date, eleven (11) entrances to SCP-xxxx have been discovered across the world: 3 in America, 1 in South Africa, 1 in Belgium, 2 in Russia, 3 in china, and 1 in Australia. These have been labelled SCP-xxxx-E1 through SCP-xxxx-E11, henceforth referred to in this document as E1 through E11. Entrances come in the form of anything from apparently natural cave mouths to abandoned sewer tunnels. Consistent between all entrances is a sharp right turn about 3 meters (10 feet) into the tunnel.

Upon taking this right turn, electronic devices will immediately cease to function, and living organisms will find themselves in a mazelike complex of tunnels and cave systems of varying size and elevation. If the organism attempts to turn around and return to the entrance they came from, they will find that it has vanished, to be replaced by more tunnels. According to Dr. ████████, organisms in SCP-xxxx do not experience hunger, thirst, or exhaustion, and indeed are unable to sleep. The organism will wander the labyrinth for an indeterminate period of time before randomly navigating to one of SCP-xxxx’s entrances, after which they will emerge onto the surface. Based on incident E1-1 E6-2, and E11-1, it seems that SCP-xxxx has some temporal distortion properties, meaning that organisms can emerge from anywhere between millions of years after entering SCP-xxxx to months before entering. The time that an organism emerges seems entirely random.

SCP-xxxx was first discovered on ██/██/████, when an arctotherium angustidens, a giant prehistoric species of bear, emerged from E1 into downtown ████████████, mauling several civilians and police officers before being brought down with small arms fire. Upon receiving word of the incident, a team was dispatched to collect the body, designated SCP-xxxx-A at the time, and later redesignated as SCP-xxxx-E1-1. An eyewitness account led the team to E1, where two team members were dispatched to investigate inside the tunnel and did not return. The team leader attempted to make radio contact, but received no response. He then entered E1 and rounded the corner, immediately falling out of radio contact with the remainder of the team, who were instructed not to attempt to enter E1. For all intents and purposes, the team members who entered E1 are to be considered irretrievable. E1 was immediately cordoned off, and a security team was assigned to monitor the tunnel for any further activity.

Between ██/██/████ and ██/██/████, additional incidents led to the discovery of the remaining entrances, culminating in the E11-1 incident on ██/██/████, when a live tyrannosaurus rex emerged into the Yellowstone National Park. A wildfire was quickly manufactured to ward off civilians, and the tyrannosaurus, designated SCP-xxxx-E11-1, was retrieved alive and transported to Site ████. Additional incidents occurred at E-1, E-3, E-4, E-6, E-9, and E-10, but all emerging organisms were detained without incident.

Shortly after incident E11-1, the team at E6 witnessed Dr. ████████, a member of the Foundation, emerging from the tunnel. This was quite a shock to the higher ups, as Dr. ████████ was located in a facility nearly 2,000 miles away from E6. Upon entering Dr. ████████’s quarters, the doctor was discovered asleep in her bed. Upon debriefing the second instance of Dr. ████████, it was determined that she was not some kind of clone or illusion. The doctor claimed to have been sent as part of a research team into SCP-xxxx on ██/██/████, a full three months after her emergence. Apparently, the doctor lost the rest of her team during her wanderings, which she claims must have taken at least a decade. She encountered no other organisms after losing her team. Upon being informed of that she had emerged three months prior to her excursion, the doctor became severely distressed and had to be sedated. After a brief debate, it was decided that the first instance of Dr. ████████ would not be informed of these events, and that she and all team members named by the second instance would be instructed to enter SCP-xxxx on the date provided by the second instance. This took place without incident, and after a thorough psychological analysis the second instance of Dr. ████████ was administered a class A amnesiac and allowed to return to active duty. No further expeditions into SCP-xxxx have been authorized at this time. The possibility of utilizing SCP-xxxx as a rapid transit system is being considered, provided that some method of manipulating the temporal distortion effect can be found, but at the moment such a prospect seems unlikely to bear fruit.

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