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Item #: SCP-3190

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3190 is uncontainable with our current understanding of its physiology, SCP-3190 is currently missing.
A limestone box no smaller than 6m-7m at any site where SCP-3190 has been located must be built and placed in a room devoid of any electronics. From hence forth no electronic devices are allowed within 50m of SCP-3190's containment area as its relationship with electricity is not clearly understood and is to be visited and monitored at least once every 12 hours by a group of no less than 3 to see if the entity is present (See Addendum 1-A).

Staff are advised to stay at least 200m from SCP-3190's containment cell to avoid unwanted "possession" (See Description). No level 2 ranking staff or higher are allowed to be alone and within 200m of SCP-3190's cell. Cooperative Class-D staff may volunteer to visit and observe SCP-3190 during off hours.

If seen outside of containment only approach if in a group no smaller than 3 to ensure any possession is observed, if possible use small lime stone chunks to lure SCP-3190 back into containment as it has been noted to have a fondness of the material.

Do not attempt to attack, destroy, or forcefully capture the entity as its incorporeal nature may cause self harm through site damage, bullet ricochet or other unforeseen accidents.

Description: SCP-3190 Appears to be a translucent, incorporeal, bluish-grey entity in the shape of an adult human though no gender is discernible, devoid of bone, skin, or flesh (muscle/blood ect). A humanoid face can be seen though no ears or hair are present. Its Physical appearance has earned it the nickname "Ghost". SCP-3190 was only noticed after [REDACTED] was first discovered and brought into Foundation custody, any connection is still being researched. The Entity was first observed passing through the wall of a break room at [REDACTED] only to shortly vanish through the floor.

After first being spotted security tried to capture the entity with no success as its incorporeal body prevents the use of restraints or any form of physical submission that we know of. SCP-3190 is usually found hovering several inches above the surface of the floor mumbling to its self in an unkown language, though, any type of audio or video recordings of its speech have failed to capture any actual sound. Class Euclid, SCP-3190 has never been recorded harming any staff or interacting with any other SCP Items on site other than [REDACTED]. SCP-3190 does however occasionally break containment seemingly accidentally, much like "The Old Man" (SCP-106) SCP-3190 can phase through solid matter at will.

Given its difficulty to control and contain motions to promote SCP-3190's classification to keter have been issued but given its actions have not yet proven hostile no such action has been granted.

After several days of SCP-3190 roaming freely with no way to detain it, it was discovered that SCP-3190 preferred to stay in areas underground that consisted of limestone, this further enforces the rumor it is a "Ghost" as limestone is believed to be a conductor for paranormal happenings.

On several occasions SCP-3190 has been found "possessing" staff members near and around its containment cell, vanishing entirely inside what is now being referred to as "Host", first seen as hostile it has been found that this action alone is in fact not malevolent. These staff members later report having had a conversation with SCP-3190 though no such dialogue has ever been recorded.

Once possessed, staff members appear docile and unaware of their surroundings, as if their consciousness is asleep, staying this way for a length of time ranging from 46 seconds to three days. No matter the length of time all vital signs and nutrition within the "host" appear normal if not slightly better than before possession.
After possession SCP-3190 will leave the "Host" and return to any of its containment cells or nearest deposit of limestone for a period of time no shorter than 24 hours before returning to the site holding [REDACTED], although some cases have lasted several days. The "Host" after awaking from their docile state have noted feeling healthy and energetic, yet have no recollection of the possession. Attempts to interview SCP-3190 directly have all failed as SCP-3190 simply leaves through a wall or floor and says nothing.

Addendum: 1-A SCP-3190 was seen trying to traverse a tesla gate this morning, the gate wasn't even on and it exploded immediately causing the sudden death of one Class-D staff member. SCP-3190 paused briefly, seemingly unaffected until noticing the fatality it had caused, upon noticing the death what can only be described as a sudden E.M.P. blast shocked the surrounding area of SCP-3190 (15m-20m range) with enough power to restart the heart of said Class-D staff member and scorch the floor, destroying any electronics within a 50m radious. In light of these events all electronics are to be removed from the vicinity of SCP-3190's Containment area until further notice. We still have not relocated the entity.