SCP-XXXX "Loop Crescent"
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX can be contained by blocking off the entrance with a wall, composition of wall is at the discretion of the Site Director. A singular door should allow entrance into SCP-XXXX and be locked with a biometric sensor when a test is not being initiated.

SCP-XXXX is a road on the bottom of a T intersection in [REDACTED]. It is not visible from above, only from the entrance. The signpost for it reads:
"Loop Crescent."
"No Exit"

This sign has been described as "…prophetic, to say the least," by site personnel. Upon entry of SCP-XXXX, a person has one opportunity to look back at the entrance and then leave. If this visual contact is broken by looking away, the individual will be unable to leave. Blinking does not seem to be considered breaking contact. Once inside the 'loop' of SCP-XXXX and contact has been broken, test subjects report that they see no road from which they came, only a continuation of the perpetual circular corner that is SCP-XXXX.

The interior of SCP-XXXX is laid out of four distinct quadrants, each a right angle from the entry point. An individual may only be inside one at a time, and if an uninhabited quadrant is not under observation, it disappears and is replaced by a new quadrant.

These quadrants are often quite different from each other, even the quadrant visible from the entrance (this is not consistent either and is replaced when a subject is trapped). If observed from an angle, houses inside SCP-XXXX (which are empty save for generic furnishings and supplies) frequently appear to occupy the same space a house outside of SCP-XXXX is built on. The houses in the vicinity of SCP-XXXX are currently in use by Site personnel.

According to SCP-XXXX-50, there is literally nothing beyond the road. When a subject walks to approximately half a kilometer from the edge of the road, they report an endless void. From observation of entry quadrants, there is also no sky, star, moon or celestial body of any sort. SCP-XXXX-50 committed suicide by jumping off.

Many measures have been taken to attempt to prevent the trapping of test subjects. However, regardless of these measures, the entrance will consistently refresh upon not being seen by the occupant, even severing industrial-strength cables tethering the subject.

Individuals outside of SCP-XXXX are able to see the entrance refreshing, reporting the image to ripple.

Interestingly, SCP-XXXX is marked on internet maps, with no properties or driveways off it. It is not, however, marked on local maps.
Individuals from the area (who have since been relocated) express no knowledge of the road, not even acknowledging its existence when looking directly at it. They do, however, become distressed when within five meters of it. These individuals are considered SCP-XXXX-2 through SCP-XXXX-49.

SCP-XXXX was discovered when a Foundation employee became trapped in it. They are considered SCP-XXXX-1.

This is not the only anomalous property SCP-XXXX exhibits. When inside, no visual media is capable of being transmitted to the outside of the anomaly, however others, such as auditory, can. It has been demonstrated that visual media can be transmitted INTO the anomaly, as televisions evidently function inside with accurate programming consistent with local television channels. Once inside, no camera is capable of functioning. If a device which is not specifically a camera is sent in, for example a mobile phone, but is capable of being used as such, that functionality is disabled. It is thanks to this ability to send radio signals back to the Site which allows continuous testing of SCP-XXXX.

Because of this property, Site scientists are curious as to whether a specimen of SCP-1209-2 would continue transmitting inside SCP-XXXX. Authorization for this test is pending the availability of a suitable SCP-1209-2 specimen, but is not expected to go ahead.