Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immense size of SCP-3977 electric fencing and an armed convoy is to keep guard and secure the perimeter of the town and any unauthorized personnel attempting to enter SCP-3977 are to be detained, questioned, amnesticized, and released into the nearest town. Any instances of SCP-3977-A attempting to leave SCP-3977 are to be terminated and the corpses incinerated. Any personnel that wish to experiment with SCP-3977 are to be of level 3 or higher classification and any personnel with lower classification that access SCP-3977's file are to be handled in an disciplinary manner and demotion .Due to the ever increasing population of SCP-3977-A it is assumed that terminating SCP-3977-A will only temporary destroy the instances and further testing is required.

Description: SCP-3977 is a town located in (DATA EXPUNGED) with a general population estimating to 300 residents. During the day from 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. the town is non-anomalous. Any anomalous properties activate when the town's clock reaches 7:00 P.M. and a bell at the top of the bell tower begins to ring. The town's light and electrical systems will shut down in and out of buildings and only personal light-emitting electronics or light emitting objects such as a lantern will function to create light. Black amorphous creatures that will now be known as SCP-3977-A will leave the homes of the residents at 7:00 P.M. and wander the town with no real objective but to kill or terminate any life forms other than themselves. This does not include each other as if two instances of SCP-3977-A meet they will continue to be docile and not interact with each other. If two instances make contact with each other they will faze through one another and continue to wander aimlessly. Recent tests have concluded that SCP-3977-A have a unknown variant of short term memory loss as they appear to forget anything previously occurred actions occurred to themselves or other instances or beings.

If an instance of SCP-3977-A discover a human or non-instance they will emit a loud shriek that will attract all other instances within a 5x5 meter radius. If any physical harm is done to fatally terminate an SCP-3977-A instance the instance will fade to a black smoke and disappear.

When the clock strikes 5:00 A.M the instances will ignore everything that they will have been previously carrying out and return to their previous place of residence.

SCP-3977 was discovered by an agent searching for SCP-(data expunged) and discovered by SCP-3977 by accident. The property was quickly detained into foundation custody.

The following is a list of tests
http://scpsandbox2.wikidot.com/attack-attack-story-1 -The Town
http://scpsandbox2.wikidot.com/attack-attack-story-2 -The Man
http://scpsandbox2.wikidot.com/attack-attack-story-3- The Explanation
http://scpsandbox2.wikidot.com/attack-attack-story-4- The Interview