test 1 the town

Test 1: The Town

The following is a transcript of a exploration of SCP-3977 by D-243

D-243 has a history of aggravated assault and armed robbery. Subject is male, average physique, Asian and no living relatives. Subject was a past cartographer, but was fired due to disorderly conduct. The subject has been equipped with the following items; 1 field knife, 1 p99 pistol, a weeks supply of rations, a weeks supply of water, a wireless shoulder mounted camera, a mini microphone , a blank notebook, a floodlight, flashlight, a headlamp, 100 dollars, a night vision camera, portable wall lights.

D-243 enters the town with no humans visible and all establishments 
closed except for a hotel named Rainbows Hotel and rents a room. The 
room does not have any visible problems or issues. The subject is instructed 
to explore and draw a birds eye view map in the notebook.

The subject wanders the town marking down several buildings such as an
army surplus store, a catholic church and gun shop. After mapping the town
the subject proceeds to re-enter the hotel with the hotel empty. A mobile
mini drone is dispatched to collect the map created by the subject and is 
successful in doing so.

When subject enters room a loud ring occurs assumed to have been caused 
by the bell tower and after the ring has finished the lights turn off and subject 
is visibly distressed. Subject exits establishment and equips night vision googles 
and turns cameras night vision on.

D-243 begins to wander and search around the town until he discovers
the town bell tower. He proceeds to climb up to the bell tower and 
when he reaches the top of the tower he looks down seeing countless 
amounts of SCP-3977-A surrounding the bell tower all shrieking. Subject 
begins to panic arming his pistol firing at the instances who begin to 
rush after the subject. Subject begins to fire and kill several 
instances and then fires down the latter, kicking it down. 

Subject runs out of ammunition killing an unknown amount of the instances and 
begins to panic pulling out his knife stabbing at an instance which tackles 
subject of off the bell tower. All instances are assumed to believe that the 
subject is terminated and begin to revert back to there docile state. At this point 
subjects fall was broken a tree and is knocked unconscious. 

Subject is pulled away by an unknown being and subject's shoulder camera is taken 
off manually later recovered by convoy.

End of Log