attack attack story 4

The following is a transcript of the interview with task force member-Jared with Dr. Maker

Task force member Jared enters room escorted by armed guards and sits at interview table.

**Dr. Maker-** Alright first question what happened to the rest of your squad after
the first attack
**Jared-** The first to go was Thompson. He was dragged into the black fog and
we all were distracted for just a second and then Sally was gone. We all went into 
formation J and they just came at us from all directions. We gunned down most of 
them, but a few stragglers got threw and damaged the communications device then
they disappeared. We tried to repair the communications device, but to no avail. 

My team and I left our current position and went into the gun shop for ammunition and
to set up a base camp. We tried to treat Macbeth, but one of the creatures struck her 
carotid artery and she bleed out as Thompson had the medical equipment.  We all just 
stood there and could do nothing! 

**Dr. Maker-** Please calm down Jared. I understand your loss and am sorry for 
you, but please calm down.

At his point Jared has to be restrained by security and injected with a drug to calm him 

**Dr. Maker-** Alright please continue.

**Jared-** Alright. So were was I. Oh yeah. So after we got at the gun shop we set up 
base camp and we began to plan on heading back to the entrance and leaving, but the 
team captain wouldn't allow it and said that we needed to find Thompson as his vitals on
the monitor were still going, but sally's vital monitor went flat as we entered the gun 
shop so she was assumed to be KIA. The captain took Jerry, Tommy, and Putin. After 
they left the captain radioed me to keep the rest of the team in the gun shop and if 
they did not come after an hour then he said to leave.

We waited for an hour and Putin came back bloodied and with broken bones. He didn't
say anything and dropped the captains, Jerry, Tommy, and Thompson's dog tags and 
didn't say a word. He looked like he had been through death and back. When we tried 
to question him he didn't say anything. Oh yeah. He also had Thompsons medical 
equipment, which we used to save his life, he but he passed out and never woke up last 
I saw him. We decided to head back, but when we packed up our equipment and went 
outside we, we saw that we were in front of a bell tower and the gun store was gone. 
We tried to back track, but there was nothing but the black fog. We decided to explore the
bell tower and when we went to the basement we found an empty room and decided 
to go back up and then we found the exit. I grabbed a journal labeled "For the Foundation"
written on it when nobody was looking that was on the floor of the room. It seemed that

This was obviously a trap but Putin ignored it. When we entered the "exit" everything went
to white and Putin was gone. The rest of the team was fine, Putin just vanished like 
frigg'in Houdini and we decided that he was KIA. The rest of my team set up that camp 
that you invaded, but those tunnels were already there like they were made for us. We
stayed there for what I can elaborate around three years. Brian died via suicide and just 
gave up. Merc died via one of those black things. Finally came Chreff he wrote a letter to
me saying that he was going to try and find the exit and I found his remains four days

At this point Jared breaks down and then is escorted and repeats these final words-
"I still want to help it's what they want me to do" and was physiologically tested
and proven sane. He later released into active duty on the project three months later.

[[footnote]] It should be noted off log that this journal was never discovered in the 
camp that he was discovered in and only Dr. (Data Expunged) is able to conduct 
research on the book due to him being the only one able to see it.[[/footnote]]