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Portrait photo of SCP-3452, taken from the home of █████ ████

Object Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-3452 is to be kept in a room measuring around 113 square meters. The interior of the containment chamber is to be lined with false gemstones in a multitude of colors. SCP-3452 should be permitted to roam freely around its containment chamber.

Description: This SCP seems to refer to itself as “24k Wysteria”, although it has also used names such as “Jane”, “Potomac”, and “05674”. The appearance of SCP-3452 is a creature analogous to a human adult female, albeit cut off from the chest down. It wears clothing akin to a human, specifically a mask and suit jacket made of black unidentifiable material and encrusted entirely in diamond. With the added weight of the clothing and gemstones, SCP-3452 weighs approximately 113.398 kilograms.
SCP-3452 ambulates by hovering 68 centimeters from the ground. It is unknown how it does this because of its high weight. Preliminary tests to understand how it levitates have yielded unsuccessful.

SCP-3452 communicates by moving around the diamonds on its mask to spell out sentences. Underneath the mask, it has a ripple-like ridge of cartilage and skin where a face would be on a human. Muscles in the face move around the ridge.

SCP-3452's anomalous properties manifest after being in the vicinity of other sentient life for over thirty minutes. After SCP-3452 has been in contact with other sentient life, it will begin an "initiation". During this event, SCP-3452 will communicate with the subject either through spelling out words using its mask, or by communicating telepathically. It will concurrently raise the carbon content of the subject's body while increasing the pressure around it using an unknown force. When an "initiation" is complete, the subject's body is encased in a layer of diamond around six centimeters thick. The subject encased in diamond is completely unconscious and will die 30 seconds after the initiation is complete. All of the subject's internal organs are intact but all blood is drained from the body during the process. The process is observed to be painless although subjects have been noted to complain of common cold symptoms during the process. The amount of time for an initiation to complete varies from between 18 seconds to up to 26 months.

Discovery: SCP-3452 was found in the mansion of █████ ████ during a criminal investigation for murder-suicide and possession of illegal substances. It was noted that █████ ████ was the owner of a highly profitable diamond mining company. 8 bodies were found encased in diamond surrounding SCP-3452. SCP-3452 was detained by undercover Foundation agents and relocated to Site ██.