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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard containment locker at Site-██ and may be accessed by anyone with Level 2 clearance or higher. Any personnel handling SCP-XXXX outside of testing must wear protective gloves to prevent activation of its anomalous effects. During testing, SCP-XXXX may only be handled by D-Class personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an LED flashlight of unknown brand. It has no on/off switch or noticeable source of power. Although individuals not touching SCP-XXXX can correctly identify it as non-operational, anyone who makes direct contact with it will perceive their surroundings as if SCP-XXXX is permanently turned on and operational. In addition to seeing a beam of light emanating from SCP-XXXX, affected individuals will perceive people and objects around them reacting to SCP-XXXX as if it is producing light. All false perceptions will end upon loss of contact with SCP-XXXX.1

SCP-XXXX also has a secondary effect: individuals who repeatedly use SCP-XXXX will develop a form of psychosis that is still not entirely understood, but which is known to cause hallucinations and, in later stages, a refusal to accept reality.

Included below is a partial list of notable experiments. For a full list of experiments conducted using SCP-XXXX, please see Document XXXX-1A.

Experiment Log XXXX-1:

Date: 05/31/2017
Subjects: D-21822 and D-21823
Procedure: Subjects were both placed together in a dark test chamber, with D-21823 holding SCP-XXXX. Both subjects were told to identify an image drawn on the far wall without any prior knowledge of the image.
Details: D-21822 was unable to identify the image due to the lack of light. D-21823 correctly identified the image after pointing SCP-XXXX at the far wall. After the experiment, D-21823 reported hearing D-21822 correctly identify the image as well, as if D-21822 had also been capable of seeing the light produced by SCP-XXXX.

Experiment Log XXXX-3:

Date: 06/02/2017
Subjects: D-21822 and D-21823
Procedure: Subjects were both placed together in a test chamber, with D-21823 holding SCP-XXXX. D-21823 was instructed to shine the light from SCP-XXXX in D-21822's eyes. D-21822 was unaware of this instruction.
Details: D-21823 aimed SCP-XXXX at D-21822's eyes as instructed. A few seconds later, D-21823 began to recoil as if being attacked and yelled at D-21822 to stop, despite the lack of hostile activity coming from D-21822. D-21822 was removed from the chamber, and SCP-XXXX was confiscated. D-21823 showed confusion upon losing SCP-XXXX, stating that he thought he'd been removed from the chamber as well to have any minor injuries treated. When asked about the incident, he claimed that D-21822 had become angry at him after he shined SCP-XXXX at her and that she had started to attack him. When the experiment was repeated with a non-anomalous flashlight, D-28122 reacted in a similar fashion to how D-21823 stated she would react.

Experiment Log XXXX-7:

Date: 06/08/2017
Subjects: D-21823 and Agent J████
Procedure: D-21823 was placed alone in a test chamber, holding SCP-XXXX, while Agent J████ waited outside with a loaded pistol. Agent J████ was instructed to enter the chamber and kill D-21823 only if he was holding a working flashlight. Agent J████ was unaware of SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties, while D-21823 was unaware of the instructions given to Agent J████.
Details: Upon entering the chamber, Agent J████ immediately noticed D-21823 but held his fire due to SCP-XXXX appearing to be turned off. D-21823 panicked upon seeing Agent J████ enter, then yelled out in pain and collapsed, becoming unresponsive to all stimuli. Afterwards, SCP-XXXX was confiscated, and D-21823 became responsive again. When questioned, D-21823 claimed to have been unable to see or feel anything after being seemingly shot and killed by Agent J████, with his senses only returning after SCP-XXXX was taken away.

Addendum XXXX-1: After repeated tests using SCP-XXXX, D-21823 has become noticeably out-of touch with reality. He has begun to doubt the veracity of his own senses and claims to be having brief but sudden hallucinations of a world he describes as being "like ours, but both a little bit brighter and a little bit darker." These hallucinations appear to increase in intensity with each test. Requesting D-21823's termination be postponed in order to further study long term consequences of exposure to SCP-XXXX's effect. -Junior Researcher A█████

Request granted. -Site Director D████

Addendum XXXX-2: On 07/02/17, an interview was conducted with D-21823 following numerous uses of SCP-XXXX over several days in an effort to better understand how SCP-XXXX was affecting his worsening mental state. A transcript of this interview is included below.

Addendum XXXX-3: Testing with SCP-XXXX definitely seems to have taken its toll on D-21823. While he was at least able to keep himself in lucid state during his interview, he seems to be spending more and more time each day going through psychotic episodes where he does nothing but murmur to himself about SCP-XXXX. Experimentation will continue, but I'm unsure if we'll be able to get anything more out of him. - Junior Researcher A█████

Addendum XXXX-4: On 07/09/17, SCP-████ caused a minor containment breach at Site-██ near the D-Class quarters. No casualties outside of D-Class personnel were reported, but D-21823 managed to escape amid the chaos and subsequently made his way to SCP-XXXX's containment locker,2 which he proceeded to smash open using a nearby fire extinguisher, seemingly oblivious to the presence of a nearby security guard. The guard initially attempted to subdue D-21823 non-lethally, but she was forced to shoot and kill D-21823 after he noticed and attempted to attack her, screaming that he needed SCP-XXXX "to see things right." SCP-XXXX was not damaged during the incident. Testing will continue using replacement D-Class personnel.