Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-a is to be kept in a 12m x 12m carpeted cell with furnishings including 1 queen sized bed with unpolished wood framing, 1 screen projector contained behind a partially opaque, 13 centimeter thick plexiglass barrier and connected to a standard DVD player outside of the holding cell, and one recliner chair upholstered with fabric and made with a wooden frame. Upon expiration of SCP-XXX-a, a D-class personnel will be given a handheld mirror and instructed to walk around the perimeter of the cell until they observe any instance SCP-XXX at which point they will be designated SCP-XXX-a and the mirror will be confiscated. No other objects with highly reflective surfaces will be allowed into SCP-XXX-a's containment cell, and any staff stationed at Site-██ requiring the use of glasses or contact lenses are to be instructed to notify a researcher of Level 2 or above should they notice the reflections of any lights in their eye wear that do not correspond to the lighting of the current area. Liquids given as part of SCP-XXX-a's meals are to be delivered through an opaque container with a straw.

New instances of SCP-XXX-a are to be questioned and asked to describe SCP-XXX-1 through SCP-XXX-12 and asked to draw the formation of SCP-XXX. They are then to be fitted with an armband made to measure blood pressure, heart rate, and ██████ ███████ before being placed in their cell.

Description: SCP-XXX are a formation of twelve red lights, individually designated SCP-XXX-1 through SCP-XXX-12, visible in reflective surfaces to SCP-XXX-a. The lights appear in the same formation and(See: Experiment-Log-XXX-10) have been described as being differing shades of red, ranging from a "dark pink" to a "maroon" color. SCP-XXX is typically only visible to a single individual, designated SCP-XXX-a, at a time. The subject will show no immediate side effects until approximately 17 minutes after becoming SCP-XXX-a, at which point they will begin to see SCP-XXX floating a variable distance behind them when they view themselves in a reflective surface.

Testing has revealed that SCP-XXX only appears to the subject in surfaces with near perfect reflection, most commonly mirrors or polished metal. Upon taking note of SCP-XXX, SCP-XXX-a will begin exhibiting noticeable anxiety and symptoms typical of mild levels of stress, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. This is assumed to be a property of SCP-XXX rather than a natural response to the abnormal conditions under which SCP-XXX is visible as the symptoms appear even when SCP-XXX-a is denied reflective surfaces in which to see SCP-XXX.

After approximately 62-66 hours, SCP-XXX begins to be visible in reflective objects with a higher opacity of the reflection, such as unpolished metals and human eyes. Following this is a period of time ranging from 26 to 169 hours, during which SCP-XXX will begin to be visible in surfaces that reflect less and less light. The duration of this period seems to correspond to the subjects stress levels, with higher levels of stress and discomfort resulting in shorter periods. After this time, SCP-XXX becomes visible in surfaces with almost no reflective capabilities including: concrete, fur carpeting, and skin. This invariably causes SCP-XXX-1 to exhibit high stress levels, typically showing the symptoms of a schizophrenic attack, as well as being acutely aware of their surroundings and claiming to see figures that are not there.

SCP-XXX-a's stress levels will continue to rise, accompanied by increased sightings of SCP-XXX until the subject experiences an overproduction of adrenaline accompanied by a fatal heart attack. After the subject expires, SCP-XXX will attach to a new, live human approximately 6 meters of the point of expiration who will become a new instance of SCP-XXX-a. If there are no living humans within 6 meters the area will begin to increase, doubling in size approximately every 25 hours, until a human is within the area. It is unknown if there is any upper limit to this range, though it has been tested to expand to an area of approximately 3 kilometers. When given the choice of multiple people, SCP-XXX seems to prioritize younger targets to become SCP-XXX-a.

SCP-XXX was first found in [REDACTED], AZ when K████████ D█████, the wife of a local police officer, reported her husband's death in his sleep. It was found that the officer had died of a heart attack after several days of increased stress and anxiety resulting in a temporary suspension by his superior. Officer D█████ had responded to a call several days earlier where a car had seemingly driven off the road and into a ditch. The driver was later determined to have died of a heart attack before the crash. Mrs. D█████ was taken into foundation custody after complaining about seeing "christmas lights" strung up in the halls of the local police station and was determined to be an instance of SCP-XXX-a.