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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored inside its glass-topped display case, which is to be secured within a steel safe in Room ██, Row █ of Site ██'s safe storage wing. SCP-XXXX's storage safe requires a Level-2 magnetic keycard and █-digit code number to access.

Staff may not remove SCP-XXXX from its display case outside of laboratory conditions and must wear thick rubber gloves at all times when handling SCP-XXXX.

Any personnel whose skin comes into physical contact with any part of SCP-XXXX must immediately be placed under observation in the medical wing for no less than 14 days.

Description: Description: SCP-XXXX is a cutlery set consisting of three items; a knife (SCP-XXXX-1), a fork (SCP-XXXX-2) and a spoon (SCP-XXXX-3). All three are ornately decorated in a skeleton motif and made of Sterling silver with slight corrosion. Further corrosion does not seem to occur as it naturally should. No maker's hallmark is present.

Approximately 30% of subjects who directly handle any of the three pieces making up SCP-XXXX will be affected by its anomalous properties. Why this affects only some subjects is not fully understood but it is speculated to be related to subject's psychological history and personality traits. Repeated handling of SCP-XXXX appears to increase the likelihood of developing symptoms.

Subjects affected by exposure to SCP-XXXX begin to find the taste of their own body tissue irresistably appealing and highly addictive. Subjects usually become aware of this upon accidental biting of the tongue or sucking blood from a cut and usually develop a habit of nail biting or chewing on loose skin. Subjects will notice at this stage that their ability to feel pain has been significantly dulled.

By a fortnight after exposure, the majority of subjects have begun to remove and consume their own extremities, usually beginning with fingers and toes but gradually progressing to larger portions of flesh. Many subjects will continue to act upon their anomalous desires until they eventually expire of blood loss or infection.

No means of completely allieviating subjects of their abnormal behavior has yet been found to be effective, but subjects with strong enough willpower can resist the desires and regular dosage of strong appetite suppresants have proven helpful. Subjects uniformly report minor feelings of depression, claiming that no food satisfies them or tastes as good to them as their own body tissue.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered during a raid on the Dorset residence of Lord █████ ██████████, a known collector of "curiosities" suspected of being connected to Marshall, Carter & Dark, Ltd.

SCP-XXXX was contained in a glass-topped display case inside a red velvet drawstring bag. A card was attached to the bag by a length of twine, upon which was typed in black ink "I hope these help you learn to love yourself. Remember; you are what you eat! - Messrs ██████████ & █████"

An invoice from MC&D for the sale of SCP-XXXX to Lord ██████████ was also recovered. It listed the items as "Pieces A, D and F of the dining set used in the production of Ouroboros: A Grotesquerie, MC&D Film Division."

Document XXXX-00: A compilation of reports pertaining to the effects of physical exposure to SCP-XXXX.

Incident XXXX-A: During transportation of SCP-XXXX to Site ██, Agent S████ was accidentally exposed to SCP-XXXX. No abnormal behaviour was observed until 15 days later, at which point Agent S████ enterred the Level-B break room kitchenette and began cutting into his own left wrist with an electric carving knife. Agent S████ managed to amputate his left hand and began biting strips of flesh off the severed appendage and consuming them in a manner described by witnesses as "ravenous." Security personnel arrived shortly thereafter and restrained Agent S████, taking him to the medical wing where he was anaesthetised and treated for severe blood loss.

Attempts to cure Agent S████ of his addiction were met with failure and the only apparent way to prevent further attempts at self-harm proved to be physical restraint. Dr. ███████ placed Agent S████ into a medically induced coma in order to prevent further harm. As no cure has yet been found, Agent S████ remains in a comatose state.

Incident XXXX-A first introduced Foundation researchers to the effects of SCP-XXXX and experiments with D-class personnel were approved shortly afterwards.

Log XXXX-A: An interview with Agent F███████ S████. [coming soon]

Experiment XXXX-01:

Subject: D-████, a 28 year old Caucasian male with a history of violent crimes including three counts of murder.

Proceedings: Subject handles the three pieces of SCP-XXXX for 10 minutes each. Following exposure, subject is kept under observation for 30 days.

Results: No anomalous effects observed. Subject is terminated at the end of the following month as per normal.

Experiment XXXX-02:

Subject: D-████, a 31 year old Hispanic male with a history of drug abuse, and a criminal record including two counts of aggravated assault and one count of murder.

Proceedings: Subject handles the three pieces of SCP-XXXX for 10 minutes each. Following exposure, subject is kept under observation for 30 days.

Results: 7 days after exposure to SCP-XXXX, D-████ begins to chew on his nails. In the following days he begins drawing blood from his chewed fingertips, which he consumes.

14 days after exposure, subject begins to bite pieces of tissue from his fingers and consumes them. In the course of four days, he has stripped his left thumb, index, ring and pinky fingers and right middle finger to the bone and has begun to do the same to his toes. At this point subject has begun to refuse normal meals offered to him.

18 days after exposure, subject begins to consume large chunks of flesh from his arms and legs.

22 days after exposure, subject bites through his femoral artery and begins to haemorrhage severely. An end is called to the experiment and subject is removed to the medical wing for treatment but expires of combined blood loss and shock.

Note: It seems possible that the subject's history of harmful addictive behaviour made him more susceptible to the influence of SCP-XXXX than the subject of the previous experiment. Further testing is necessary. - Dr. C███████

Incident XXXX-B: Dr. V████, the researcher who first examined SCP-XXXX, failed to report to Site ██ for six consecutive days and was not answering his telephone. V████ had reportedly become somewhat reclusive over the preceding weeks and spent most of his time researching alone, so trouble was not anticipated but in the interests of caution a team was dispatched to his home.

Dr. V████ was found dead seated at the dining table in his appartment. His cadaver displayed numerous mutilations including:

  • Both legs amputated at the knee. Wounds appeared to be cauterized and in the process of healing.
  • Left arm amputated at the elbow. Wound also cauterized and in the process of healing.
  • Ears, eyes and lips removed. Wounds showed signs of attempted cauterization but appeared to be infected.

A plate on the table in front of Dr. V████'s cadaver contained a large cut of fried meat garnished with portions of ears, eyes and lips. The meal appeared to be partially consumed.

The kitchen counter contained numerous large dry blood stains. Human femur, tibia, fibula, humerus, ulna and numerous smaller bones were found in the kitchen sink, all showing chips and scratches indicative of butchery. A partially butchered human left leg was found in three pieces in the refridgerator and freezer. Two large carving knives and a doctor's bag containing all standard basic surgical tools were found in a cupboard over the kitchen counter.

High quality prostheses for both left and right legs and left arm were found in the living room.

Autopsy revealed cause of death to be sepsis. Analysis of wounds on legs and arm indicated that they were inflicted at least a fortnight before death. All samples removed from the site were identified through DNA anaylsis as belonging to Dr. V████.