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Item #: SCP-4ϞϞϞ

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation field operatives are to track local police reports for any suspected SCP-4ϞϞϞ-A instances. Such instances must be acquired from authorities and placed under regulation governed by the Apomónos Protocol.

Description: SCP-4ϞϞϞ is a psychological phenomenon that occurs on exceedingly rare occasion to individuals suffering from high amounts of stress or anxiety. Such persons affected by SCP-4ϞϞϞ are to be designated under SCP-4ϞϞϞ-A. SCP-4ϞϞϞ-A instances are unable to perceive any other sapient organisms, under the belief that they are the sole remaining human in existence.

SCP-4ϞϞϞ-A instances will attempt to engage in illegal activities such as theft, public indecency, and other crimes that would otherwise be restricted by a recognized existent society. Individuals will act as an unstoppable force through any