A Red Box

Item #: SCP-4735

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4735 is to be kept in a Secure Vault, stored within a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell in Site 106. SCP-4735 is required to be activated at least once per day at 2000 hours, to allow conversations with SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3 in their cells. These conversations are to last no more than 10 minutes, and SCP-4735-1 is to be deactivated afterwards.

SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3 are to be kept in a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell, with facilities modified to accommodate for two persons. The cell is to be equipped with a monitor that is linked to SCP-4735's cell camera feed, and it is allowed to be turned on every 2000 hours to allow conversations with SCP-4735-1.

Following Incident 17082017, direct contact between SCP-4735-1, SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3 is forbidden; however, indirect contact via monitor feed is still allowed pending the approval of both the Site Director and the physician currently assigned to the three entities, to better understand the psychological behaviors of SCP-4735-1 as well to stabilize the psychological states of SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3.

Update: Amnestic treatment to prevent SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3 from using SCP-4735-1 to escape is undergoing consideration.

Description: SCP-4735 is a wind-up doll in the shape of a young female, with a height of approximately 0.2 meters. The external components are made from materials typically used in hand-crafted wind-up toys, although the doll's ‘skin’ has been anomalously patched with skin tissue retrieved from the body of Mrs. (REDACTED), an immigrant from Scandinavia living in (REDACTED), Indonesia. The internal components of the doll have been anomalously equipped with extra parts to ensure longevity of the object, and to ensure (REDACTED); the anomalous parts include SCP-3167 and SCP-3943.

When SCP-4735’s mechanism is winded up with its wind-up key, it will react and transmutate into a full-sized human female approximately 1.8 meters tall, designated as SCP-4735-1. Although testing had shown that the entity’s internal organ structure matches that of an average human female, each of its organ’s overall functions has been 'improved' through similar means as the Foundation's own bio-engineering augmentations for MTF Agents, though the caliber of the alterations are several times more advanced and invasive than any of the Foundation's approved augmentation plans. Because of that, SCP-4735-1 possesses superhuman strength and speed, of which lethality was demonstrated during Incident 17082017; therefore, containment of the entity currently is prioritized upon the welfare of SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3, to prevent the entity from escaping on its own if it is ever activated by accident or by unauthorized parties.

Repeated attempts to interrogate SCP-4735-1 have revealed that it will not cannot respond to any form of interaction attempted by any human being, apart from SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3. Several interviews have then been designed using SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3 as a communication relay; these interviews can be viewed at Addendum 4735-A.

SCP-4735-2 and SCP-4735-3 are fraternal twins named ███████ and ████████ Colorsworth, who are fifteen years old during SCP-4735's retrieval. The twins have been hypothesized to have descended from PoI-3476-K, who is currently wanted by the Foundation for theft of several anomalous items before Foundation agents could retrieve them. Both subjects have been compliant with overall containment procedures, albeit suffering from slight mental stress typically experienced by normal civilians during sudden arrestations. The subjects' mother, Mrs. Colorsworth (who had several confirmed records of having worked as an anartist, and was likely involved in the creation of SCP-4735) have died several years prior due to heart cancer, and the father is currently missing. Efforts to trace Mr. Colorsworth are ongoing.