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SCP-XXXX booting up.

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a standard secure locker. Due to the age and electronic nature of the object, SCP-xxxx is to be kept away from areas with a potential for strong electromagnetic interference. SCP-xxxx is not to be connected to a power source outside of testing. SCP-xxxx is to have a secure password at all times. Passwords are to change every week.

SCP-xxxx externally appears to be an IBM PC. On the bottom side are the words "EDIT THE WORLD". Analysis of the material proves to be simple aerosol paint.
Once booted, SCP-xxxx will automatically run a program titled as "The World (Version 6.8)". Despite physically resembling an IBM PC, SCP-xxxx appears to run the Windows 98 graphical operating system. Attempting to close this program will result in an error and an automatic system shutdown. "The World (Version 6.8)" is a mapping program that seemingly changes the current state of Earth.

In the bottom left corner of the program is the text "Global Marketers, Copyright, 1999." Adjacent to the text Upon investigation, it is apparent that this address or company does not exist.

The initial start up object viewing window is an immaculate representative of Earth, with real-time movements of animals, objects, and others.

Features observed:

  • Animals (including humans) may be double clicked to reveal an enormous "properties" list- which can change genomes, relationships, diseases, among others.
  • Objects can be moved around and deleted. Objects include anything with physical presence
  • Natural disasters can be triggered by use of a command bar. Objects deleted within the program have been found to instantly dematerialize, corresponding to the commands inputted into SCP-xxxx. Likewise, any changes in the program will be automatically reflected unto their real-life counterpart. Deleted objects though they can be restored by an "undo" button (See Experiment Log XXXX-A).

The program itself, however, is extremely vulnerable to crashes and freezes. Typical run-time has an average of 118 seconds. This, in combination with relatively long loading times, severely limits potential use of the object.

Earth is the only object that can be loaded. Attempting to zoom out will yield the error "Full solar system unavailable in demo mode, buy the full version today!". The system will invariably crash immediately afterwards.

Physical harm to SCP-xxxx itself will not change any part of the world- only inputs into "The World" program will.

A "save file" function exists for SCP-xxxx. When clicked, it will prompt a message reading Edits made in save file mode will not take place until the execute function is placed through the command bar. This allows for the creation of hypothetical edits, where the edits made inside SCP-xxxx does not automatically occur within the physical world (see Experiment Log XXXX-B).

SCP-xxxx was1