Current Entry: Orbit Draft 01

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter-Netzach1


This document is considered an infohazard by proxy.

Awareness of the described anomaly induces vulnerability to a hazardous compulsive effect under specific conditions. If you have not undergone XXXX-Sampi-2 inoculation, a CRV of at least 7.3 is necessary to safely continue.

Further reading carries the risk permanent bodily injury, potentially leading to death. If necessary, contact XXXX Research Director Dr. Margrove to request Sampi-2 inoculation.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is self-concealing. Due to the proliferation of SCP-XXXX instances, containment protocols consist primarily of information suppression and continued research into effective total containment methods.

Watchdogs have been assigned to flag internet, law enforcement, and emergency communications describing any phenomenon related to SCP-XXXX. XXXX’s description has been disseminated to embedded agents in relevant institutions. PRD mobile task forces Sampi-6 “Orbituary” and Sampi-7 "Oculus Miffed" are on standby for incident cleanup and research intervention veilkeeping assignments, respectively.

No effort is to be made to detect instances in the general staff at this time. Orbital examination is mandatory in level 5 personnel, those who require inoculation to visually based cognitohazards, or are working with anomalies that have containment protocols sensitive to any of the following: visual detection, non-sapient cognitive awareness, or specific living entity quantities. These examinations are to be done in the context of a routine procedure during standard medical exams. Positive testing individuals must undergo procedure Tau-1.

At no point is any individual to be made aware of their hosted SCP-XXXX instance. Individuals that become aware, and therefore subject to SCP-XXXX’s secondary anomalous effect, are to be amnesticized. Personnel assigned to XXXX research must undergo XXXX-Tau-3 inoculation to prevent Tau psychosis.

A minimum of fifty (50) living decoupled SCP-XXXX instances are to be contained in a SAFE-42 quarantine cell in Site-XX's biological containment wing for research purposes. Personnel entering QC-XXXX are required to don hazmat suits equipped with ballistic visor plating. Single specimens may be safely transported in HAZ-4 Safety Canisters. Procedures involving living specimens must be done within a HAZ-4 biosafety cabinet. Tranquilization of instances for these procedures is recommended.

Decoupled instances require sustenance in the form of cerebrospinal fluid. An additional population of 10 Pan paniscus specimens are housed in Site-XX for this purpose. Specific sustenance requirements per instance can be viewed in supplementary document XXXX-bio. Excess and deceased instances are to be incinerated.

Tests involving the coupling process require approval of Research Director Margrove, per Ethics Committee review. Tests requiring coupled instances are to be sourced from already paricitized D-Class personnel. Three such subjects (D-XXXX-01, D-XXXX-02, Research Director Margrove) are currently housed in Site-XX for long-term research purposes.

The Parabiological Research Division currently considers SCP-XXXX research a high priority. At this time, no acceptable and effective total containment methods have been devised. Researchers are encouraged to consider all possible avenues of containment in future investigations.

Containment Proposal 01: Global dispersal of Agent XXXX-04, which causes immediate decoupling of instances.
Status: Not Approved
Details: The results of global decoupling would constitute a full containment breach.

Containment Proposal 02: Global dispersal of Agent XXXX-52, which effectively sterilizes instances. This would cause the population to decline into total extinction in a single lifetime.
Status: Not Approved
Details: SCP-XXXX instances have not been observed to experience any form of senescence.

Addendum 01: Following Incident XXXX-065, a memetics research team has been assigned to devise a memetic agent capable of ensuring global containment of SCP-XXXX. Ideally, such an agent would reduce instances to a pseudo-vegetative state, rendering them functional but inert. Additionally, a secondary agent to inhibit non-coupled instances from coupling with a host is necessary to achieve full containment. If this is not possible, inhibition of reproductive functionality in instances is considered acceptable to achieve effective containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species of anomalous biological entities of indeterminate phylogenetic origin,3 taxonomically classified as Anomalia oculi.4 Superficially, instances resemble Oculi Hominum (the human eye). A. oculi is a globally endemic predatory and parasitic life form with a life cycle that involves integration with a human host.

The unique cellular structure of SCP-XXXX is highly biomorphic, capable of rapid and complex structural changes. This quality is used to mimic human ocular tissue, with the addition of organs capable of supporting itself independently of a host.5 Instances are fully ambulatory, capable of extruding several multipurpose ‘limbs’ from their interior body mass. These limb forms vary per instance and often shit in form to suit different environments, but typically ‘default’ to a symmetric quadruped form. All extrusions seamlessly recombine when dormant.