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SCP Drafts

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  • Lightning rod "collects" lightning and stores it in receptacles
  • Receptacles can be utilized for extra energy
  • Prometheus labs perhaps?
  • Used to power something

 * Too much/little power
 * Hilarity tragedy ensues

  • Get someone to help you not fuck up science

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX

Tale Drafts

lol idk

Things put off to the side for later (read: left in the "to do" box and forgotten about)

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Item #: SCP-474

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known SCP-474 instances are currently secured under the cover of construction work. MTF Psi-9 (aka "Myth Busters") is to immediately respond to reports of sightings of cryptid creatures and, if the reports are found to be legitimate, contain all SCP-474-A instances and locate the SCP-474 from which they originated.

Recovered SCP-474-A instances are to be contained in the nearest available Foundation Site or Sector capable of doing so. If sapient, they are to be interrogated.

Description: SCP-474 are drainage pipes found in many locations around the world. At random intervals, blood and organs from various terrestrial fauna, chemicals (both known and unknown), and instances of SCP-474-A will manifest inside of the drain and travel along its length.

Instances of SCP-474-A appear to be disfigured and/or spliced organisms, often still living after travelling through SCP-474. Instances often display signs of sentience and occasionally sapience. All SCP-474-A specimens capable of speech or writing communicate in the same language, which appears to be a creole of mainly French, Latin, and Spanish. Foundation researchers have successfully translated enough of the language to communicate with SCP-474-A specimens.

SCP-474-A-XXX Description Additional Notes
SCP-474-A-001 Subject is avian and colored red and violet. Its structure closely resembles that of a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) with an elongated crest on its head. The bird is diurnal and displays non-anomalous traits and behavior until its death, at which point it bursts into flames and burns for approximately forty-five (45) minutes, regardless of the conditions around it. At the end of this event, a juvenile SCP-474-A-001 will manifest in the remains. First contact with SCP-474 and SCP-474-A. SCP-474-A-001 is currently being held in Avian Containment Chamber #125 at Site 85.
SCP-474-A-012 The specimen is a reptilian humanoid with an avian beak, measuring about 1m in height and 45kg in weight. Subject's head is indented at the top and filled with water. If this indent is not filled with water, SCP-474-A-012 appears to be unable to move. Despite the subject's appearance, it displays no signs of sapience. Currently being held in Humanoid Containment Chamber #020 at Sector 161.
SCP-474-A-041 The organism consists of a male human from the waist up, and a Kri-kri (Capra aegagrus creticus) from the waist down. It measures approximately 1.75m in height and 70kg in weight, and is the first fully sapient SCP-474-A instance recovered by the Foundation. See Interview Log-474-Omicron for greater details. Subject is currently contained in Humanoid Containment Chamber #223 at Site 87.
SCP-474-A-094 The specimen is a reptilian humanoid, measuring approximately 1.2m in height and 50kg in weight. The creature is covered in scales and has bony spines protruding from its back down to a 0.5m long tail. SCP-474-A-094's main source of food appears to be blood. It displays no signs of sapience. A note was found attached to the front of this specimen's face. See Addendum-474-Rho for details. Subject is currently contained in Humanoid Containment Chamber #423 at Sector 34.
SCP-474-113 The specimen recovered was identical to SCP-████. A note was found attached to the ankle of the subject. See Addendum-474-Omega for details. Currently, the protocol for interacting with SCP-████ has been put in place.

Interview Log-474-Omicron:

Interviewed: SCP-474-A-041

Interviewer: Agent Fredricks

Foreword: The following log was made approximately one (1) year after the recovery of SCP-474-A-041, due to translation of the language utilized by the subject. The subject was interrogated by Agent Fredricks with the assistance of a translator.

<Begin Log>

Fredricks: Okay, SCP-474-A-215, let's begin. Please tell me about SCP-474 and where you came from.

SCP-474-A-041:2 <I was born/made as a testing person/subject/man. I was part of a group of about… I am sorry, this probably is not important.>

Fredricks: No, please, continue.

SCP-474-A-041: <If you want. It was a small group of about forty or fifty jarcers. I grew up with them in about thirteen cycles before we got sent to our researchers/doctors. You know how they like to do it in Tyrachia. Anyways, I do not know what they were supposed to be doing this time, but I was supposed to be sent across lines/borders over to the main study lab/building in Magellion, along with everything else they did there that was tested. I do not know what I am doing here, but at least I physically cannot worry/be distressed because I am a jarcer.>

Fredricks: [writing notes on a memo pad] Alright, thank you. Now, could you provide some insight into this specimen? [Agent Fredricks presents SCP-474-A-040.]

SCP-474-A-041: [stares at the subject] <What is that?>

Fredricks: You don't recognize it? It came out of SCP-474 less than half an hour before you did.

SCP-474-A-041: <I have never seen anything like it before. All that was in the lab when I was there were several birds and the goat they… well… [Subject gestures towards his legs.] They were doing something weird with the birds. There were weird ones, like this rainbow one with a turtle shell and the one that looked like a man with a bird head that couldn't talk, but squawked constantly. They sent out the fire/heat bird right before me. [Subject appears to be referring to SCP-474-A-001, which was recovered more than two (2) years before SCP-474-A-041.]>

Fredricks: I see. I think that will be all for today's interview.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-474-A-041 was escorted to Humanoid Containment Chamber #546 for holding until the next interview. Personnel have been informed to not mention any aspects of culture or history around the specimen.

Addendum-474-Rho: On 01/06/2008, SCP-474-A-094 was recovered from the SCP-474 in █████, Mexico with the following note attached to the front of its face.

<Okay, it has been three spins since I sent the first note, and you still have not answered me. I am going to guess/assume that all you Magelliflans are not completely incompetent in Crystiat Magellion and send someone to observe the chute for temporal and spatial anomalies.>

The following was written on the back of the same sheet.

<Oh Yhe, I hope this works I am sorry, but I need to know if I just sent out dozens of specimens to Yhe-knows-where, please answer>

Addendum-474-Omega: On 19/03/2032, a SCP-474-A specimen resembling SCP-████ was recovered from the SCP-474 in ██████, England with the following memo attached to the the ankle of the subject.

<Hey Jarch, I think the transporter/vehicle/chute is broken. Breckers told me that the Dissection Office have not been getting the bad batches, I'm thinking it might be this new transporter/vehicle/chute. I'm sending it to you like this because I figure, if it's nothing, why worry the higher ups, right? Send me something back if you get this.>


<Jornath Cranter, Head/Leader/Master of the Trigorar Project, Area Phi-Gamma

Other things

[[tab Alt Keter Door]]

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Item #: SCP-1478

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the anomaly, SCP-1478 cannot be completely contained by the Foundation at this time. Copies of the blueprints for all houses within the state of Washington are to be kept by the Foundation for purposes of identifying the manifestation of SCP-1478. Upon the anomaly's demanifestation from a location, Foundation agents are to investigate recently vacated houses within the state and compare all areas of the structure to the original blueprints in order to discern the appearance of SCP-1478.

If the anomaly is found, a male Foundation agent is to occupy the house in which it is located for fourteen (14) days and constantly monitor the presence of SCP-1478, alerting Foundation personnel stationed within the state when the anomaly demanifests. On the thirteenth day of occupation, Foundation agents are to monitor all known suitable locations for signs of SCP-1478. If the anomaly is not found and dealt with within 48 hours of its last disappearance, MTF Kappa-19 (aka "Housekeeping!") is to be dispatched to search for SCP-1478.

Any civilians found to have been in contact with SCP-1478-1 and SCP-1478-2 are to be detained, interrogated, and administered Class-B amnestics.

Description: SCP-1478 is a door of variable appearance that randomly manifests in recently vacated houses within the state of Washington in the United States. The anomaly typically resembles the style of the architecture of the structure in which it is located. If at least one human occupies the house in which SCP-1478 has manifested for a time period of more than two weeks without successfully activating the object's anomalous effects, the anomaly will demanifest and reappear in a new location.

If a male subject of any age or a female subject under the age of 18 attempts to open SCP-1478, the object's anomalous effects will not activate. Instead, the anomaly will reveal the surface of the structure behind it. If a female subject that is at least 18 opens the anomaly, it will reveal a currently unidentified location. After the anomaly is activated, it can be perceived by all subjects, but only the subject that activated the effect is able to enter the space within SCP-1478 unaccompanied.

The aforementioned location has been reported to be completely white and without any visible boundaries. The only items within this space are SCP-14789 and SCP-1478-1.

SCP-1478-1 is a humanoid male entity of variable appearance10. The entity is generally observed to be amiable and charismatic, and will often attempt to form a relationship with the subject over the course of several weeks. If successful, it will often request that the subject spend increasingly long amounts of time within the SCP-1478 space. Subjects have been noted to spend entire days with SCP-1478 if not alerted otherwise. SCP-1478-1 apparently provides sufficient food and water for indefinite survival; however, examinations of subjects that have attempted to live on the materials given to them by SCP-1478-1 have found that while the provided objects taste identical to the non-anomalous materials they resemble and "feel filling," they do not affect the physiology of the subject. Due to this, subjects either require extensive treatments after prolonged exposure to SCP-1478-1, or will fail to leave the SCP-1478 area after entering.

When a subject presumably expires inside of the SCP-147811 or passes away elsewhere after activating SCP-1478's effects and interacting with SCP-1478-1, it is referred to as a 1478-Chi Event. SCP-1478 will demanifest after every 1478-Chi Event.

SCP-1478-1 suffers from retrograde amnesia upon manifestation after a 1478-Chi Event; however, its memories appear to gradually return if the event does not occur for an extended period of time. After approximately two (2) weeks, the entity will remember Foundation involvement in its containment and will show hostility towards agents and researchers. After approximately two (2) months, the entity will remember methods that have worked in luring Foundation officials into activating SCP-1478 in the past12. After approximately four (4) months, SCP-1478 will begin remembering [REDACTED]. After approximately six (6) to eight (8) months, [REDACTED]13.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Sub-Site 64 has been constructed near SCP-XXXX's location for the purpose of monitoring the object. The perimeter around SCP-XXXX is to be patrolled by ten (10) armed Foundation personnel at all times. It is advised that the personnel patrolling the object be cycled out every thirty (30) minutes in order to ensure the preservation of attentiveness despite exposure to SCP-XXXX-A's mind-altering effects.

Extra provisionary personnel have been reassigned to Sub-Site 64 in order to more effectively defend the object against GoI attacks.

All personnel manning Sub-Site 64 must be fluent in ASL. An iron-wrought fence has been constructed in a circle 20m from the center of the object. This fence is to be patrolled by armed personnel at all times under the cover of guarding the private property recently purchased by Foundation Alias #523 ("Veronica T█████"). All personnel patrolling or otherwise coming within 25m of SCP-XXXX are to wear noise-cancelling headphones.

The Foundation has formed a tentative alliance with GoI-008 ("Global Occult Coalition"), GoI-010 ("The Horizon Initiative"), and GoI-017 ("Unusual Incidents Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation") on the shared interest of suppressing SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B. Independent bases have been established by the Foundation in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Washington for the sole purpose of communication with these groups for this matter.

Foundation personnel are stationed at the location itself, while HI agents are to patrol the greater area around it. UIU agents are stationed at the ends of the beach where SCP-XXXX is located in order to monitor any persons entering or exiting the area.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a two-story house located in the rural area of ██████, France. It is primarily constructed of wood,

SCP-XXXX-A is a melody written in the key of A# minor. This melody continually emanates from SCP-XXXX at a constant volume. Persons exposed to this phenomenon report feelings of euphoria and contentedness. If subjects listen to SCP-XXXX-A from beginning to end, they become infected with SCP-XXXX-B.

SCP-XXXX-B refers to individuals who actively and discreetly spread SCP-XXXX-A through casual singing, whistling, humming, or other musical vectors in order to create more instances of SCP-XXXX-B, as well as completing Ritual-XXXX-Alpha, as detailed below. Other than the previously mentioned behavior, SCP-XXXX-B instances appear and behave exactly as they did prior to infection.

Ritual-XXXX-Alpha: People infected with SCP-XXXX-B will surround a non-infected individual in a group of no less than five (5), join hands, and begin singing SCP-XXXX-A perfectly along with harmonies, countermelodies, and percussive beatboxing, regardless of previous musical or singing experience. The individual in the middle of this group will experience SCP-XXXX-A's mind-affecting attributes to the point of being unwilling and unable to move past the SCP-XXXX-B instances. Any people that enter within the circle during the song will be affected in the same way, regardless of the time exposed.

Addendum-XXXX-Gamma: The Foundation has conflicted with GoI-004 ("Church of the Broken God"), GoI-007 ("Fifthist Church"), GoI-008 ("Global Occult Coalition"), GoI-010 ("The Horizon Initiative"), GoI-016 ("Serpent's Hand") and GoI-017 ("Unusual Incidents Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation") over the Foundation's containment of the object. Through a series of discussions and treaties, a tentative alliance has been formed with the GOC, the UIU, and certain members of the HI in order to deal with the issue. Foundation, UIU, and HI members are stationed at the location in order to defend the object from the previously mentioned groups as well as any other intruders, while the GOC tracks and eliminates the threats of SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B around the globe.

Analysis-XXXX-B-Theta: It has been noted that people infected with SCP-XXXX-B have developed certain behaviors as a group of subjects over time. These behaviors have been determined to be non-anomalous development of a growth of the community as a whole. The following list details the behaviors exhibited by this group and may be revised as observation continues:

  • Individuals will greet people with the operative phrase, "How's life?" If the response given is "Not here at the moment," then the two persons will identify each other as infected with SCP-XXXX-B and speak freely on the subject. Foundation, GOC, and HI field operatives have been informed of this behavior and currently utilize it in order to identify, observe, and detain such individuals.
  • Infectees will show increased participation in non-anomalously based religious groups, apparently in order to gain more "converts."
  • SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B will never be discussed through any method of communication other than face to face contact.

Furthermore, a rough detailing of SCP-XXXX-B-caused beliefs, gained through capture and interrogation, is detailed below.

  • Refer to their beliefs as "Orthodox Fithism" or "Path of the Returned."
  • Conversion through subtlety is the "cleanest way"
  • All people start out as souls, gain a body, then have to fine a way to return to the soul form, one way being Ritual-XXXX-Alpha.
    • Bodily death results in soul death
  • The physical realm is the place of punishment and restrictions

SCP-XXXX-A is occassionally sung with lyrics. Through multiple Foundation agents' work, the lyrics are now transcribed here.

Do you feel the heart, the light of the world
The perverted heat of these boys and girls
These men, these women, all the naive souls
They'll see through and out is the way to go

Come with me, and leave behind
All sense of former self,
Come with me, I'll set you free
From this dead, solid Hell.

I've traveled planes and been a dream
I've felt sights that would make you scream
I learned I'm meant for the aether
To flee this realm of pain and fever

Come with me, and leave behind
All sense of former self,
Come with me, I'll set you free
From this dead, solid Hell.

Addendum-XXXX-C-GoI-007: Though originally identifying with the Fifthist movement, members of the group have since rescinded these claims of acceptance, citing an "uncleanness about the whole thing… somethin' not right with how they go about it." The groups have come into underground conflict with each other several times, consisting of the execution of SCP-XXXX-B and attempted performances of Ritual-XXXX-Alpha on members of the Fifthist Church.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within Humanoid Containment Chamber #542 at Site 23. Due to the nature of the anomaly, testing of the object can only be performed after local sunset (approx. 2000h). SCP-XXXX is scheduled to have psychological examinations twice a week, performed by on-site psychiatrist Dr. Ramos.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a female humanoid, measuring 1.6m in height and 75kg in weight. It is fluent in French and attempts to communicate with Foundation personnel while in its inactive state. There are burns covering approximately 30% of the object's body, approximately 75% of which was acquired prior to Foundation containment.

When the sun sets in SCP-XXXX's location, the entity's body completely ignites and burns until sunrise. The flames that cover its body appear to be extremely painful to SCP-XXXX; however, they are unable to spread to any materials that are not a physical part of SCP-XXXX's body, including its clothes, possessions and surroundings. Additionally, these flames seem to have perception-altering properties in that any subject that directly observes them will experience "comfortable" heat and light.

While SCP-XXXX burns continually during its active state, it never loses body mass except for the superficial layer of its skin. All burns acquired during its active state are immediately healed upon the cessation of SCP-XXXX's active state. Foundation testing has revealed that this effect is limited to the produced anomalous flames, and that SCP-XXXX can still be permanently burned with non-anomalous fire.

Interview Log-XXXX-Delta:

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Agent Fredricks

<Begin Log>

Fredricks: Hello, SCP-XXXX. Can you describe how you came to acquire you anomalous traits for me?

SCP-XXXX: I really don't know what to tell you. I live alone with Fredrique, my cat, in a little apartment facing the sunset. Oh god, I used to love watching the sunset… Anyways, I moved in there… five years ago, perhaps? I am not sure, I do remember it was right after I earned my diploma. Nothing of significance had really happened to me before the incident14. I just lived my quiet, normal life, paying off my bills with a job as a waitress, coming home to Fredrique, and spending time with her.

Fredricks: Can you provide some more information about this incident?

SCP-XXXX: [hesitates] Yes, sir. A few people came into my apartment one night— I do not know how they got in, I usually lock the door— and drugged me. When I woke up, I was attached to… something. I can't quite remember what it was, but I do remember feeling cold. They were talking, not realizing that I had awoken, and all I can recall is them saying "such wasted potential" over and over again before noticing me again. After that, I… I woke up on top of the pillar.

Fredricks: I see. Thank you. This may seem irrelevant, but could you describe your experiences prior to your residence?

SCP-XXXX: If it'll help. I was the Major de promotion of my secondary school, then went to [REDACTED] University and majored in Psychology, with a music minor. I had planned on looking into a psychologist job, but I decided to take a while off after school first to get myself gathered, then it kind of… lost importance, I suppose.

Fredricks: Thank you. That will be all for this session. Agent Lawrence will now escort you back to your chamber.

<End Log>