Baby Boo


Item #: SCP-0000

Anomaly Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000-1 is stored in Box 212-0000, Vault 6, Site-82. In storage, transport and testing, it is to remain at all times within Faraday enclosure. SCP-0000-2 is being studied at the Site-82 forensic anthropology department, under standard security protocols for human remains of Category Yellow.

MTF Tau-19 ("Dem Bones") has infiltrated Project 23 at La Brea; NTF Beta-5 ("TarTars") is monitoring the Project's blog and searching out witnesses to sensitive pre-containment entries.

Description: SCP-0000-1 is a finger ring composed of interwoven copper, nickel, and iron strips, set with a hemisphere of amber containing a preserved petroleum fly (Helaeomyia petrolei). Close examination reveals that the metal strips are welded together end-to-end, forming a complex Möbius loop, and that they bear inscriptions in the Lapurdian dialect of Basque (see Addendum 1).

SCP-0000-1 was discovered

SCP-0000-2, the partial skeleton of an anatomically modern, adult human male.

SCP-0000-2 has evinced no anomalous properties beyond its presence in a mineral stratum buried for roughly 25,000 years.

Addendum 1: Translation of Inscribed Text

Addendum 2: Update 03/07/████
The dental work and surgical appliances of SCP-0000-2 have been found to match records of a living man: Adrien Desrocher, age 34, hereby designated POI-C1588-0000. This individual has an extensive criminal record — is in fact currently in police custody in Toulouse, France, awaiting trial for arson and murder — but no previous Foundation flags.

Extraction of POI-C1588-0000 has been delayed by order of Site Director-82 while further investigations are conducted.