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An example of the front and back of SCP-XXXX instances

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe (Pending Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be kept in a waterproof container which is to be kept in a standard containment storage locker.

Each instance of SCP-XXXX is to be placed in a water-resistant card sleeve and kept in a secure combination locked case separate from other SCP-XXXX instances. Cases containing SCP-XXXX instances are to be kept in a secure storage room.

Foundation personnel are to attempt to confirm the existence of, and track down and contain the two additional instances of SCP-XXXX believed to currently be outside of containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a set of 52 Eastern Highland brand playing cards. The cards are the size of standard poker cards1. The back sides of the cards all appear to have a white border surrounding a black pattern. The front sides of the cards appear to be the fronts of random cards of varying types (see experiment logs for complete list of discovered card types). When these cards are shuffled together the fronts of the cards appear to display an entirely new set of cards. This occurs whenever any number of these cards are shuffled together in numbers as low as two. Mixing other types of cards, including cards of the same brand, does not modify this effect and extra cards added do not change or display other anomalous properties. Even with extra non-anomalous cards, at least two instances of SCP-XXXX must be shuffled together in order for the effect to take place.

The anomalous properties of the cards become apparent when the front sides of SCP-XXXX instances are viewed. The front sides appear as the fronts of any type of card that is a similar size. The cards remain in this state indefinitely but can be changed by shuffling them together.
Addendum 1: Experiment Logs.

Addendum 2: During testing researchers discovered that a Foundation access key card manifested among the card fronts. Testing indicated that the key card functioned as normal. Due to the potential threat that a containment breach could present the containment procedures have been updated to improve security. A request to upgrade the object class to Euclid has been sent.

Request Denied. The new containment procedures should be adequate to prevent any threat that this item could pose. -Site Director Hammond

Addendum 3: Additional Research has shown that this brand of cards contain 54 in a set. Two cards from this set are currently not accounted for. It is unknown whether the final two cards exist and if they display similar anomalous properties to the rest of the set. Confirming the existence of these two additional cards and retrieving them is considered a high priority task. Another request has been sent to upgrade the object class to Euclid for as long as it exists outside of containment.


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Incident Report Overview

The following is an overview of events deemed worthy of warranting an active Foundation response at Site-XX. Events are arranged in chronological order. Only a brief overview of each event is provided for each entry. For a full report on each incident as well as all attached materials, please use the indicated Incident Number and check with a Foundation File Clerk from the relevant site

IN: R7G-10

IN: R7G-10681
Date: 9/16
Summary: Reports of elderly man at Hospital saying he sees demons in his sleep
Response: Agents Howard and Wood sent to investigate. Determined to be >schizophrenia<. Anomalous origin determined to be unlikely. Man to be observed in case anomalies develop.
Notes: As Hospital is already under observation (see incident R7G-9896) additional surveillance measures deemed unnecessary.

IN: R7G-10682
Date: 9/17
Summary: Numerous civilian reports of strange noises coming from an alleyway
Response: Agent Hayes sent to investigate. Origin of noise determined to be an injured stray cat. Cat captured and given to Humane Society. Anomalous origin determined to be unlikely. No follow up deemed necessary.

IN: R7G-10683
Date: 9/17
Summary: Shouts heard coming from Doctor Roldan’s office
Response: Security guards entered the room and discovered that Roldan had spilled coffee on his lap. Roldan treated for burns. Janitorial staff cleaned up spill. Anomalous origin determined to be unlikely. No follow up deemed necessary.

IN: R7G-10684
Date: 9/19
Summary: Hardware store reports inventory missing from shelves
Response: Undercover agent monitored police investigation. Checking security tapes determined that an employee had been stealing the inventory. Thief reported to store management. Anomalous origin determined to be unlikely. No follow up deemed necessary.

IN: R7G-10685
Date: 9/20
Summary: Reports of a mob of angry people acting violently around city hall.
Response: Investigation shows that civilians were upset about recent social policy change and were rioting about that. Anomalous origin determined to be unlikely. No follow up deemed necessary.

IN: R7G-10686
Date: 9/23
Summary: Reports of a speaker making loud screeching noises when turned on.
Response: Agent Wood sent to investigate. Source of noise determined to be hardware malfunction. The speaker was scrapped at the owners request. Anomalous origin determined to be unlikely. No follow up deemed necessary.

IN: R7G-10687
Date: 9/24