BaCONscsg sandbox-01 for use in a future project

+use this file for information to make an scp tale in the future

Warning! this file is only to be read by 05 personnel and 04/03 personnel that would be involved directly or indirectly with the containment of SCP XXXX
SCP XXXX is a major contaminant of SCP-217 and shares a major relationship to it, so all personnel that are involved with the containment of SCP XXXX should be familiar with SCP 217

special containment protocols: due to the nature of XXXX containment is not possible, instead XXXX decides to stay in foundation custody, because of this you are not to harass XXXX under any circumstance.
427 is to be kept on the same site as XXXX at all times and is to be able to be used at a moment's notice.
this SCP is never to be approached it can infect you with 217 if you are not careful, if you believe that it has infected you or it has come in direct contact with you report to an 04 or above to get treatment with 427.
this SCP can leave their containment unit at will, do not panic if you see XXXX outside of its unit just calmly remind it to return to its unit.
Do Not I repeat Do Not attempt to shoot or fire upon XXXX it will only be hostile towards those who try to kill it, so if you see XXXX attacking someone just calmly remind it to return to its unit.
if XXXX is to leave site 23 all available mobile task forces are to locate XXXX and return it to site 23.

description: SCP appears to be 5'10" white male, his right arm has been fully converted by 217, if you could get a look at his face you will see that there are places where rotating gears and other clockwork can be seen. If you see him out of his unit he will normally be sitting in the fetal position.
most of the time he will be wearing his hazmat suit that was provided to prevent infection, on the hazmat suit there would be a SCP foundation logo with XXXX below that.
if he is not wearing his hazmat suit than he would be wearing an orange hoodie with the SCP logo with XXXX under the logo, if he is not wearing a hoodie he will be wearing a T-shirt with the same logo. he will be wearing a gas mask and rubber gloves to reduce chance of him infecting someone.

XXXX has the ability to infect other with scp 217 and control those whose brain has been affected in any way by scp 217.
studies into XXXX's abilities reveal that XXXX send out some kind of signal from the affected/enhanced part of its brain to get the one it is trying to control to come towards him.
upon getting to XXXX the ███████ ██████ in the targets brain sees increased activity and the target is able to completely understand what XXXX is saying no matter language, tone, or pitch.
unfortunately "containing" XXXX is not possibility due to XXXX ability to go through walls and doors, this ability is not understood and all attempts to see brain activity when he is in his "phase form" have failed.
XXXX also has shown to have a self defensive weapon that can be deployed by XXXX's sentient mind or its automatic self defensive response, this weapon fires very hot iron projectiles and is located in its right arm.
more studies into XXXX's abilites reveal them to related to either controlling an army or self defensive measures, in other terms it appears that SCP XXXX was designed for war, we are not sure if this means that 217 was made by something to create an army or if 217 evolved by itself to create a military, either way research in to SCP XXXX's abilities could prove extremly valuable to foundation efforts.

This SCP was picked up by the foundation during incident 217-X which happen at ██████ █████, during the search of the standard 15 kilometer quarantine zone had been set up.
At ██/██/██ this specimen was located inside of his family’s private residence at ████ █████ st. specimen appeared to be in the later stages of infection by 217, the specimen was taken to mobile 217 treatment center alpha with the others for containment and treatment via SCP 427.
it was during the treatment phase of 217-X that we found out about this specimens "special qualities" during treatment with 427 this specimen was not responding to treatment, it was then that this specimen was labeled strange-██/██/██-002 and was moved to mobile testing center bravo, it was there we performed a MRI scan and detected of certain parts of his brain were affected in ways not documented with other SCP 217 victims.
strange-██/██/██-002 was then transferred to site 23 for proper experimentation, it was there that strange-██/██/██-002 was deemed anomalous and given the serial number of SCP XXXX. class-b amnestics were provided to the family and friends of SCP XXXX to cover up its containment.

SCP XXXX was given a difficult equation as of to see how his enhanced brain would react.
most researchers assumed that XXXX would not be able to complete the equation.
XXXX was hooked up to a "mind cap".
while XXXX was doing the equation the modified/enhanced parts of his brain saw increased activity.
XXXX finished the equation in 2 minutes and 32 seconds, for reference 079 did it 1 minute 21 seconds.

After test-XXXX-a the security feed XXXX's cell caught him telling a 217 infected spider to “give me some privacy”, 30 seconds later the feed went out. Foundation personnel respond as if a containment breach was happening, security opened his cell door to find XXXX crying while sitting on his bed, XXXX was brought straight to questioning. The foundation at the time only cared about the possibility to weaponize XXXX and asked questions as such

interviewed SCP XXXX

interviewer Dr. ████

this interview was regarding how SCP XXXX was able to control a spider that was shown on CCTV footage in SCP XXXX's unit

-<begin log>-

Dr. ████ on the security footage we saw you issuing orders to a spider, how did you do that?

SCP XXXX i have been doing that for a while now, did you just notice now?

Dr. ████ I am the one asking the questions here, so please answer mine

SCP XXXX I seem to be able to order those clock works things

Dr. ████ and how do you do that?

SCP XXXX I just think it, they come in close, and i can tell them what to do

Dr. ████ anything else we should know?

SCP XXXX I don't think so

-<end log>-
closing statement after this Dr. ████ started to prepare a D-class for an experiment on what extent SCP XXXX could control 217 infected individuals

subject D830583 was infected with 217, weeks in advance to test the extent of XXXX's abilities to order those who have been infected with 217.
XXXX and D830583 were placed in the same room, XXXX had an earpiece so D830583 only heard the orders from XXXX.
XXXX was instructed to tell D830583 to hop on one foot .
when the order was relayed from XXXX, D830583 came in close, and then proceeded to hop on one foot .
Dr. ███████ who was in charge of the experiment asked XXXX to make D830583 dance.
XXXX got irritated and told D830583 to stop and sit down.
XXXX was instructed to continue but instead make D830583 do a complex task

XXXX, D830583, and subject D120943 were placed in in one room
the same arrangement as before with the earpiece and the infected subject
XXXX was instructed to make D830583 kill D120943
XXXX refused to initiate the order
this marked the end of the test
after this test D830583 was terminated

incident XXXX-a
at date ██/██/██ subject D120943 unknown to us was infected during test-XXXX-c this allowed the infection of spiders across the facility this was completely unknown to us across the span of XXXX-a
he got to the MRI room where the infection was detected and then treated with 427. all foundation staff that came into contact with D120943 were also treated with 427.
2 weeks later the spiders were fully converted, and 3 foundation staff were unknowingly infected enough to be controlled by XXXX.
at XXXX left their unit and was discovered by one of the infected personal they followed all available protocol at the time, he approached XXXX with weapons drawn until XXXX shouted "stop" the guard complied and remained motionless XXXX panicked and ran past.
guard ███████ a non infected personnel found XXXX wandering the halls and opened fire, the bullets fired phased through XXXX. Guard ███████ was swarmed by converted spider, wrapped up in web, and injected with unknown toxic chemicals from the spiders, killing him.
XXXX ran away from the guard until he came to the main entrance/exit, the guards under the presumption that this was an escape attempt used an emergency containment protocol and put the site on lockdown. MTF Alpha-1 entered the facility to secure it, when they entered they found XXXX curled up in a corner saying "I didn't mean to" over and over.
all spiders in the facility were subsequently exterminated.

incident XXXX-b
at ██/██/██ SCP XXXX had exited it's containment unit and was walking down the corridor. Agent ████ was making his patrolling rounds when he came across XXXX, he did not know about XXXX due to the high security clearance needed to know about XXXX
agent ████ opened fire on XXXX thinking he was an intruder. XXXX's right arm transformed into a weapon of some kind, agent ████ was shot with this unknown weapon, it appeared to fire a super heated iron spike that was approximately 5cm in length at the target.
agent ████ insides were very heavily burned and smoke came out of his mouth. after this XXXX entered the fetal position and started to say "I didn't mean to" over and over until he was escorted back to his unit

scp XXXX was placed in a room with a steel I beam in the middle.
XXXX was instructed to fire his weapon at the steel I beam.
the iron projectile penetrated through the steel I beam.
D-386576 was put in the chamber with XXXX.
XXXX was instructed to kill D-386576 with his weapon.
XXXX refused to kill D-386576.
we informed XXXX that if he wanted to be normal again he would comply with testing.
XXXX reluctantly fired his weapon at D-386576.
autopsy of revealed D-386576 had burns around where the projectile entered that showed similarities to those with ████████████ burns.

after a large amount of time in containment it was approved by the 05's that if XXXX was to remain in his hazmat suit then 04 or higher researchers would be able to use him to assist them in their research, a detailed log and a audio log are to be provided by the 04 in question, XXXX has to provide an audio log of what he did while he was helping the researcher
failure on the 04's part will result in the revoking of their privilege to use XXXX, failure on XXXX's part will result in XXXX not being able to assist in research.

at date ██/██/██ at 9:03:45 pm SCP XXXX attempted to commit suicide with a noose that he had managed to fashion from some bed sheets. At time stamp 9:04:24 scp XXXX had attached the noose no the roof of its unit, at 9:05:03 SCP XXXX positioned the noose around his neck, at 9:05:26 security was dispatched, at 9:05:32 SCP XXXX spoke some kind of prayer before kicking the chair out from beneath him, after this had occurred SCP XXXX phased through the noose and fell onto the floor. as of ██/██/██ SCP XXXX has been put on suicide watch and any behavior that could potentially cause self harm done by SCP XXXX is to be reported immediately. additionally SCP XXXX has been prohibited from being used by researchers for the foreseeable future.