BaCONscsg sandbox-02

TPCO 001 "the arena" organization type: gladiator arena

(TPCO stands for Third Party Containment Organization)

current understanding:
due to the precision of the construction for the containers and the professionality of the dressings of the personal described to us by XXXX we have to assume that the arena is a credible containment organization.
If it weren't for the fact that they force their "enhanced personal" to fight then we might have extended an olive branch to them or the other way around, but unfortunately we have to shut their operations down with assistance of the FBI.

operation: arena recovery 003
goal: to retrieve SCP's from arena containment and apprehend arena personal for questioning
[data redacted] was placed in charge on this operation due to his 04 level clearance and that fact that [data redacted]. The location in question was a warehouse in hongkong, the police did assist in the operation.
for this raid [data redacted] requested to bring 076-2 along for extra support, this was very heavily questioned by the FBI but was almost instantly approved by 05 personnel
results: recovery of 8 human/humanoid SCP's, and the apprehension of 10 arena personal.