Item #: SCP-3103

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3103 is currently contained in Sector-█ of Site-██, and poses a severe health hazard to all personnel currently working in said area. Transfer of SCP-3103 to a secure facility away from major metropolitan areas and other Foundation sites is due for 09/10/20██.

SCP-3103 is to be kept in a standard concrete sealed room of 8m3 with a single steel door entrance secured by two guards at all times. No lighting apparatus is required in SCP-3103's chamber. If entrance to SCP-3103's containment cell is required, a large 30x30cm candle must be located in the adjacent room until the cell's door is closed again to prevent hostile reactions from SCP-3103.

Due to the mostly unknown nature of SCP-3103's methods and abilities, unauthorized entrance to SCP-3103's cell is explicitly forbidden; Guards are allowed use of non-lethal force on all personnel attempting to enter SCP-3103's chamber without exhibiting proper Level 3 documentation.

Description: SCP-3103 is a set of six separate green cylindrical wax candles currently measuring 3cm in diameter and 8cm in height. They rest in a silver candelabra, mostly intact, and when lit exhibit a green flame. Five of the candelabra's O-rings exhibit a carved face, each depicting one of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The sixth pole also shows a face; However, its facial features consistently change to match SCP-3103's last victim's.

Instances of SCP-3103 are constantly under combustion, with no visible change to the candles themselves; Removal of said candles from the candelabra is at the time impossible. Any attempts to extinguish the candles proves fruitless, as they continue to burn through unknown means even if SCP-3103 lacks any sort of combustible gas to feed on.

Any room SCP-3103 enters will instantly become devoid of any light. All types of electronic lighting appliances will inexplicably fail even if said device is in peak condition of repair and maintenance, and other candles present in the room will burn out at nearly ██ times the average speed rate, until SCP-3103 is the only available light source in the room.

Whenever any individual stands lit by SCP-3103 it is safe from its hostile abilities. However, if the subject moves to an unlit part of the room SCP-3103 is currently contained in, it will inexplicably disappear. The subject, hereby referred to as SCP-3103-1, will reappear in an abandoned two-story lot's bedroom in █████, Guanajuato.1. SCP-3103 will reappear

Whenever a human subject is killed by SCP-3013's effects, all six candles gain or lose a seemingly random amount of wax based on the person's age, gender and [REDACTED]. It is unknown how SCP-3103 produces said wax. Experiments show that the candles are unable to exceed ██ cm of height and that the candles' diameter remains the same regardless of the subject killed.

Experiments regarding SCP-3103 must be explicitly authorized by Researcher █████ ██████ due to Protocol 3103-Lambda, implemented because of the high containment breach risk SCP-3103 poses, with undocumented testing posing an imminent threat to all personnel located in Sector-█ of Site-██.