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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Neutralized



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard foundation safe. Due to the object’s properties, all handling of the object will be done by D class personnel known serial killers. In order to have further testing available at any time, any serial killer put on death row or in jail, when they are found, will be taken into foundation custody, pronounced dead, and brought to site-██ for further testing with SCP-XXXX. Any personnel coming in contact with SCP-XXXX will be given a physiological evaluation will be checked of identity before coming out of the testing area. D class personnel will be shot to disable if they are seen escaping from SCP-XXXX testing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an antique Mercator 1541 globe of the world. It was found in a boat owned by ██████ a dangerous serial killer a poor fisherman who found the globe floating above the shipwreck of the ██████. From what was gathered the ship was transporting some of the world’s most dangerous prisoners at the time to be hanged publicly. The ship never made it to its destination. The passengers themselves seem to have died from stab wounds to the chest and torso. Some don’t have distinguishable marks so more research was put into the subject. Out of the six that survived, four died of starvation and two of drowning. Top researchers at site-██ think that a prisoner escaped and staged a mutiny against the guards on the ship. They won but they didn’t know how to steer the ship. The prisoner floated endlessly until they starved to death.

The object itself has no distinguishable properties except for when a person comes in physical contact with it. SCP-XXXX will change a person’s mind and personality to that of an innocent person. All D class personnel assigned with testing with SCP-XXXX, once in contact of the object with skin, will believe they are not guilty of any crimes. All D class personnel who believe they aren't responsible with any crime actually have a detailed history of murdering up to ten people. Every test subject so far has been a serial killer, although it doesn't work for some D class personnel. There is no explanation to this phenomenon.change the life of the person touching the globe. After extensive research it came to the foundation’s attention that every test subject was a serial killer, they killed a minimum of five people and a maximum of 37 (this number was only for the fisherman. The foundation believes the longer a human is around SCP-XXXX, the more are added to the murder count). The council took interest and wanted us to test on people who weren't serial killers. It seemed impossible not to. We interrogated every test subject who touched the object and found a prime candidate. This D class personnel known officially as subject D- ████ told us he was actually Dr. Courier. This seemed impossible since there was no Dr. Courier in the database until he told us information only a level 4 top priority researcher would know. Testing stopped completely as we went through every test subject. We finally figured out who were D class personnel, who were researchers, and who were actually serial killers. Months had gone into this investigation and the globe had not been used since. It is ill advised to use it again unless we would want to compromise months of research.

Sound relay of final moments “testing” SCP-XXXX

Dr. M██████: What are we going to do with SCP-XXXX now?
Dr. A██████: I guess we have to put into storage and make sure no one touches it.
[ Agent Williams comes in]
Agent Williams: I'm here to pick up the globe-thing. Who’s that in the testing chamber?
Dr. M██████: There isn't anyone in there. Dr. A██████ start writing this down. Now, Williams, what do you see?
Agent Williams: I just see a guy holding a paper. Hold on, I'm going to talk to him.
[Agent Williams runs out to get to the man. He soon comes into the room.]
Agent Williams: Who are you? Please step away from SCP-XXXX.
[ A voice can be heard through the speakers]
Unknown Voice: The beginning…
[According to Williams, the person disappears. a paper is left on the pedestal next to the globe.]
Dr. M██████: Williams grab the paper. We heard what he said. What does the paper say?
** Agent Williams:** It just says the beginning.
[ Agent Williams looks around confused]
Dr. M██████: Does it say anything else?
Agent Williams: It just says, “ The beginning."
Agent Williams: Doc?
Dr. M██████: Yes Williams? Was there anything else?
Agent Williams: I touched the globe.
Closing Statement: Afterward the voice was confirmed as being and actual SCP event and after more testing it was clear that SCP-XXXX became dormant.