Hey man, I would like to speak my appeal so excuse me. For what? I am going to get to that just let me get to the podium, Jerry!

Okay…Uh, hello project directors of Operation Command…Yeah…

Listen…I am getting straight to the point, we need a few more weeks. With the right modifications, the Selachi Punching Anchor will revolutionize the way we punch those damn Jaws. We be punching them in-between dimensions of our fists! Well, a chain around our fists which is attached to the Anchor but still. Last week we tested out the prototype on one of our vessels disguised as a whaling ship, The Moby, and managed to punch out the white of SPC-1975 briefly. Though yes we did lost a few of our crew but they did not stopped punching until the very end, may they rest in peace.

Also, we think it could help out with those Octo-Jaws. It be more effective than the Automatic Shark Puncher 4000. Like why safely have a tin can do the work rather than face them head on into glory? Not to mention that it could go all Skynet. Sorry Thomas but you know it's true and the last thing we need is Jaws becoming Terminators. Huh? Oh yeah, they basically do. I forgot about the Reef of the Rusted Selach but their clockwork so they don't count, Thomas. Like I was saying I believe to be more efficient with my idea.

Cheaper than Project Ahab and possibly more effective in handling the Mega Jaws. So please reconsider and view this convenient chart for you to visually comprehend the benefits and no. I am not being condescending to you guys.

If my name ain't Doctor Robert Selach!