Scp-Transparency Bracelets


Object Class: Safe/Potentially Euclid
Clearance Level: 2-A, 3-B
Document Security: 2
Alias: "Thy Transparency Bracelets"

Materials In Containment_

No actual material is needed to contain but is contained in andesite walls and roof as the pedestal is made of pure rose quarts as the floor is made of diorite with solid graphite, it is to be noticed that during a breach SCP-XXXX-B must be surrounded by glassware telepathy alloy to prevent misusing. oh please say this was to make it fancy

Containment Procedures_

SCP-XXXX is too be kept in a guarded door of one security guard with a level 3 keycard access, in which SCP-XXXX is kept in Light Containment Zone at Site 17 although it's effect on SCP-[Data Redacted] and now is contained to a new site designated as Site [Data Expunged]. The object should be surrounded by Scp-148 when not under testing to prevent the Chaos Insurgency to sneak with it. No personnel allowed to test unless approval of a level 4+. If for any reason is that either SCP-XXXX-A or SCP-XXXX-B is to be missing all personnel are to be analyzed for any of the bracelets.

Anomalous Specialty_

SCP-XXXX Is a unique pair of bracelets found at [Data Expunged]. People who are wearing SCP-XXXX exhibit transparent effects, it is advised to remove SCP-XXXX once a subject worn it over 6 minutes too not get exposed to medium radiation overdose and fair increasing of amnesia and paralyzation to the hands. SCP-XXXX-B is a black and grey striped bracelet with A note taped to it saying, I did it I don't know I robbed it no no no as it keeps saying no with blood writing with YES at the lower corner of the paper slip. As SCP-XXXX-A is a green with a blue gem with a signature of [Data Redacted]. A continuous wearing of SCP-XXXX-A leads to Median-low hysteria levels but if worn longer about 2 hours and 15 minutes subject's become arrogantly lazy, it does not effect AB blood type people seamlessly with 3 times longer to be exposed to in order to be in effect. Test verify that if Scp-714 is worn it will cause immunity but it causes some sort of damage to Scp-714 and will cause its regenerate to slow, no testing allowed with Scp-714 unless by Level 5 or 05-X suggestion.

SCP Foundation Use_

SCP-XXXX-A\B are useful when containing new a SCP or breached a SCP in facilities.

Research Records_

Clearance change from level 2 to level 3, due too the exposure of 6 class D Personnel. People who where exposed of SCP-XXXX-B see a entity in reality designated as SCP-XXXX-B-1, despite being very docile but any skin contact is frequently very dangerous in contact, it is described as a man with green eyes blood around the face and pitch black skin, None is for sure if it's the man who died with it giving SCP-XXXX-B those who touch SCP-XXXX-B-1 develop a semptemetic known as SCP-XXXX-B-2, Phase 1 is the victim seems to like the cold, Phase 2 they are [Data Expunged] although not vulnerable to light till about Phase 4, Phase 3 the eyes go Yellow, Phase 4 the skin will start to be very itchy to the point of tearing, Phase 5 the subject resumes none of the effects and feels fine, Phase 6 the subject gets frost bite all over the body and dies of the cold. Severely when even in warmth the body still develop frost bite. The victim of the disease is given a Bio Hazard 1 Hazmat suit during Phase 2 and further.

Lockdown Emergency_

During the disappearance of SCP-XXXX-A/B A Level 1 Lock is to be enabled on all free access doors till recovery of the bracelets. It is noted that the infected personnel of the bracelets will be labeled Euclidean and will do Class-E Individual Psychosis and be given type B Amnsetics as permitted.

Audio Experimental Log_

Dr. Janin Now E-4476 put this on.
E-4476 sure?
Dr. Janin okay now lets wait.
E-4476 am I going to die?
Audio log 1 ends.
Audio log 2 starts.
Dr. Janin leaves room
E-4476 oh gosh I thought I saw something, no wait what is that thing? It-it ahhh!
Audio log 2 ends.
Audio 3 starts.
Dr. Janin what have you exper…
Audio Snags.
Distorted screaming.
Rest in pieces.
Alarms of breached containment.
MTF-PI188 SCP-173 has breached containment, oh crud.