Scp XXXX The machine that hungers (other names will be noted)



Scp XXXX when it was first found in ██████████████


Scp XXXX-B-1 found after attempt breach in near by woods

Class Safe (Euclid class pending after incident XXXX-1, incident XXXX-2 maybe even Thaumiel due to incident XXXX-3)

Was contained in the year of 20█

Description: Scp-XXXX, is a quadrupedal robot, with most of its structure being constructed with a steel alloy and lithium battery in the central body, multiple green, red, yellow, and orange wires linking the battery to the ‘legs’ of entity, with closer inspection of where wires connect to nothing and are not connected to the legs. The height of Scp XXXX About 10 centimeters in height. The central body of the entity is about 5 centimeters across. Scp XXXX-B is a quadrupedal Robot that is 3 meters tall and most of its structure is unknown alloy presumed to be a steel alloy. Scp XXXX-B has a brown grey and black cloths hanging around the central body of it. When asked what is in the central body Scp XXXX-B responded with, "My organs," most likely assumed to be the major power wires, processor, hard drive/memory unit, and battery.

Contentment procedures: cell of Scp XXXX must be at least 3x3x3 meter cube of concrete with walls at least 5 centimeters thick. (look to incident report XXXX-3 for more information) (Was a free-roaming entity before incident XXXX-1). Every 12 hours entity must have at least one metal alloy plate that is a minimum of 10 centimeters of volume and a maximum of 20 centimeters. At least one armed guard must be near Scp XXXX when feeding or conducting test as Scp XXXX may attack researcher (look to incident report XXXX-2 for more details)

Addendum: If Scp XXXX does not consume a minimum of 10 centimeters of a metal alloy within 12 hours it is observed to become panicked as it will start to destroy and consume any person object or entity that may have some traces of metal alloys or any metallic elements on it for it to consume ( look to incident report XXX-1 for more information). As of now, the foundation has found no observable orifice for the metal to enter the entity. Likewise more testing is needed to observe how the SCP XXXX consumes its metal. If SCP XXXX does not consume metal alloys after the 12-hour mark for extended periods of time it is observed to form rust deposits on its legs and joints causing it to slow down and become less mobile. Even when put into a climate controlled room after the 12-hour mark rust deposits will form on the legs and joints of Scp XXXX. When given metal the rust deposits over the entity start to flack and fall off over a short period of time after consuming metal. Note: Scp XXXX will need more metal the longer it has gone without it. Note: Scp has been observed to grow and even replicate into Scp XXXX-A and XXXX-B look to incident report XXXX-4. Scp XXXX is confirmed to be able to speak through morse code with the most recent interview with it. Scp XXXX-A when battery is taken away from it causes it to rust at an exponential rate causing the shutdown of Scp XXXX-A

block contents Incident reports and interviews

Incident report XXX-1
On the date, ███████ Scp XXXX was roaming the halls of ██████ when it was getting close to the 12-hour mark for it to feed. After an about a 30 minute period of time, the entity starts to form rust deposits on the legs of the entity. The D-class personnel named ██████ was moving closer to Scp XXXX what [DATA EXPUNGED] was doing at the time is unknown. When it hit the 45-minute mark and the joints started to form rust. Scp XXXX lunged at ███████ and attacked him. Surveillance video shows that Scp XXXX crawled around ███████ until it reached the chest of ██████ where he promptly fell to the ground as Scp XXXX started to sink into [data expunged] chest and started to extract the iron, calcium, and other metal alloys found in the human body. After a ten minute period, Scp XXXX crawled out of ██████ chest cavity and continued on as normal. The foundation still does not know how Scp XXXX subdued ███████ that quickly and is unknown. Further testing is required.

Incident report XXXX-2
On the date ████████ with The Researcher ███████ and one armed guard assisting him. Researcher ████████ was conducting tests on Scp XXXX with extended periods of time with no metal alloy being consumed. The researcher ████████ was doing a test where if the robot could detect metal behind surfaces such as glass rubber and concrete. It was successful but before the attack, Scp XXXX started to tap on the concrete box. ████████ was able to make out he was trying to speak with him. The researcher asked him simple yes or no questions. When he asked Scp XXXX could get the metal in the box and ███████ said no right after that Scp XXXX lunged at ███████ causing him to be killed.

Incident report XXXX-3
On the data 04-15-20██ during an attempted break out of Scp 173. Crew was not able to give metal to Scp XXXX causing Scp XXXX-A-1 to attack the concrete walls of the chamber breaking through the 1-centimeter thick wall within 10 minutes. The breaching of Scp XXXX-A-1 was ignored at the time due to the Breach of Scp 173 on site-19. Scp 173 was nearby at the time of Scp XXXX-A-1 breach and was attacked by Scp XXXX-A-1

Incident Report XXXX-4
On the date 07-21-20██ feeding crew arrived at the holding chamber of Scp XXXX to do routine check-up, feeding and cleaning of chamber when staff cleaning supply had metal on it and Scp XXXX started to consume the metal and grow larger and into Scp XXXXX-B
Scp XXXX-B is a docile quadrupedal robot that has a fabric that is yet to be identity most likely cloth or silk as it hangs down and around vital parts of Scp XXXX-B and a plastic mask that covers the head region. Scp XXXX-B can speak in a very basic form. Its speech is around the level of a Human child in the Fourth Grade. The voice that it speaks in is that of a little girl. It is not known if individual Scp XXXX-B can take different voices And when speaking the mouth on its mask does not move. Check interview XXX-2 to see more Scp XXXX-B is classified as safe and it will attack if threatened. And with interview XXXX-B-1 Scp XXXX has a desire to learn. Waiting for approval to teach it.

Incident report XXXX-5
on the Date 04-12-20██ Scp XXXX-B-1 attempted to breach and to escape. It was successful with leaving and going outdoors but did not go far from site-38 when met by security staff Scp XXXX-B-1 was scare and Scp XXXX-A-1 and others started to gather, Scp XXXX-B-1 goes peacefully but made a request and that is to have a more colorful chamber. The request is pending.
Scp XXXX-B-1 also site staff requested a picture be taken of the area of escape with Scp XXXX-B-1 be in it.

Interview XXXX-1

Interviewed Scp XXXX-A-1
Interview overseer is Dr ██████
Interviewer is The Watcher
Foreword. Dr ██████ is overseeing the interview. A, B class personal code named The Watcher is interviewer that is familiar with Scps and how dangerous they can be. in Scp XXXX-A-1 chamber with a morse code sheet, questions and metal cubes as a bargain.

The Watcher: Hello Scp XXXX how are you today
Scp XXXX: *taps in morse code*
The Watcher: So you are good today are you, well I’m going to ask you some questions is that ok?
Scp XXXX: *taps in morse code*
The Watcher: You are if I give you metal, Well I do have some metal cubes that I can give you if you cooperate
Scp XXXX: *taps in morse code and looks to be excited*
The Watcher: Alright first question what is your purpose?
Scp XXXX: *taps in morse code*
The Watcher: Your purpose is to consume metal, Next question, what kind of metal will you consume.
Scp XXXX: *taps in morse code*
The Watcher: uh, you will consume any metal that is pure. Are impure metals harder to consume this that right?
Scp XXXX: *taps in morse code*
The Watcher: I was correct then, Next question why don’t you just attack anything that has metal
Scp XXXX: *taps in morse code*
The Watcher: uh, it’s a threat to consume everything that has metal is that correct?
Scp XXXX: *taps to agree with The Watcher*
The Watcher: Thanks, Next question if I took your battery what would happen?
Scp XXXX: *taps to a slower beat*
The Watcher: It would deactivate you? Is this correct
Scp XXXX: *taps in agreement*
Scp XXXX: *taps questionly*
The Watcher: can you re-tap that
Scp XXXX: *taps slower*
The Watcher: I have no more questions for you so I will give 3 metal cubes
The Watcher: *grabs 3 meta cubes from a plastic bag and gives it to Scp XXXX*

End log Time 10-03-20██
Closing statement: Scp XXXX just want to consume metal from any source that is not dangerous.

Interviewed Scp XXXX-B-1
Interview overseer Dr ██████
Interviewer: The Watcher
Foreword: The interview is to be recorded and must be as long as possible so we can learn about it and maybe even bargain with it. They may be a solution to Scp-682. Note Scp XXXX-B-1 will have sudden mood changes maybe due to a suppressed hive mind entity inside of Scp XXXX-B-1

Dr ███████: Scp XXXX-B-1 are you ready for an interview?
Scp XXXX-B-1: Yes I am
The Watcher: Hello how are we today Scp XXXX-B-1
Scp XXXX-B-1: I’m…I’m alright are you going to hurt me?
Dr ███████ No we are not, as long as you stay docile
Scp XXXX-B-1: Thank goodness, alright I’m ready for your questions
The Watcher: Ok then, first question do you know what Scp 682 is
Scp XXXX-B-1: well about a week beforehand I was told about him and that he can adapt to anything. He sounds scary. HE IS WEAK AND MY BOTS WILL CONSUME HIM
The Watcher: Geez what the hell was that
Scp XXXX-B-1: I’m sorry It’s just my natural instinct kicking in I’m sorry if I scared you
The Watcher: It’s…
The Watcher: Jesus, well how do you think you could consume the 682?
The Watcher: Oh! Well, next question, What do you think of 343?
Scp XXXX-B-1: What I have read about him is that he is quite a nice person I would love to meet him… DOES HE THINK HE IS THE CREATOR I CREATE MY OWN SWARM!
The Watcher: Alright then, what do you think of 079 XXXX
Scp XXXX-B-1: Well if he wants a body I can make him one he seems like a good friend… HE WILL BECOME PART OF MY SWARM!
The Watcher: Jesus, well I have a few more questions, firstly who was your creator
Scp XXXX-B-1: I AM MY OWN CREATOR I KILL, I MAKE, I CONSUME! Sorry, my creator is someone I don’t remember All I know was I was a solution to one of his problems. Also, I remember the name, Anderson.
The Watcher: Anderson that might be something intersting, next question What do you think off 001?
Dr. ██████: that will be all Scp XXXX-B-1

End word
Scp XXXX may be able to stop may Keter class SCP and maybe even able to neutralize them and pending to move to site 38 due to being a possible connection to Anderson Robotics