barry bee

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 to SCP-XXXX-57 are to be monitored 24/7 by drones. The area is to be blocked off by a 12 foot concrete wall with traces of rebar. Any meaning to make contact with the SCPs are to be discussed and voted by the O5 Council, The Director and all L3's and L4's. SCP-XXXX-58 and SCP-XXXX-59 are to have different levels of restriction. 58 is to be locked in a Level 3 Humanoid Cell until 08:00 the next day. It then collects the supplies for the day ahead. It may also leave at 13:00 on the weekends to go on a walk accompanied by five agents. While SCP-XXXX-59 is to be let out at 09:00. It may roam the facility and has permission to observe tests of Level 1 to level 3 but it may not have contact with the SCP and it must have agents surrounding it. It may have contact with other humanoid SCPs.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a town in Antarctica. Found by a British Antarctica Research Team. The town consists of 59 members. All of which are homo-sapiens except the fact that their skin seems to be a lot more resistant to the cold. The people vary in weight and size. The average for a male is 6'5 and for a female it's 6'3. Despite this. The tallest recorded civilian at 7'2 is a Caucasian female who seems to run the town. She was requested to be contained but denied as it could start a larger war between researchers and the inhabitants. The anomalies consist of a three things.
1. Extreme gain of height. They grow rapidly at the age of 6 and stay that height forever.
2. Inhumane Strength. Just as how their bodies adapted in number three's situation. They needed a way to carry heavy objects quickly.
3. Complete ignorance to cold weather. They have seemingly got their own body temperature which adapts to the current room's. Almost instantly. Allowing them to survive in cold weather. However this does not work for heat. It is unknown why.

As for the two SCPs,
SCP-XXXX-58 was part of a expedition to look at surrounding countries. Along with 59. Who had already went to Brazil undercover. 59 had spent years working on learning about the world. They were contained after asking to go with the british researcher back to their home. 58 is a 39 year old Caucasian male with blonde hair. It is 6'6. 59 is a 23 year old Caucasian male that is around 6'3. Neither of their bloodlines can be traced.

The researchers who found the SCPs sent the data by email. They were left in Antarctica to die.
A year later a radio message was found

We didn't need to kill you. You kill your own people…. You kill your nocturnal allies…. Fuck you. All of you.

This data suggests SCP-XXXX's have contact or know about SCP-1000 and it's past.

Termination has been denied as they still have a purpose as homo-sapiens. There is currently a petition made by the Director to release them to the public and let them have Antarctica for them self. The petition was a loss. 75% of people who were offered didn't sign it. They are now to be watched 24/7. it was decided that all attempts of communication needs to be voted on after a incident where they massacred researchers studying Antarctica.

O5-█: The town should not be terminated or raided. This could further the human race if we learn how to use such anomalies.