Basque Grand


Object class: Safe Euclid
Special containment Procedures: Object Subject is to be kept in its tungsten container at all times. Two fire disposal units are to be on hand for all staff on sight at all times. Two guards are to be stationed outside the container in case of a containment beach. No personnel may touch or attack XXXX unless specifically given orders to by no less than two staff members with level 4 security clearance.

Description: Object Subject is an animate ornate mirror of Victorian origins. Mirror comprises of a wooden frame made up of Maple and some traces of African Blackwood. The actual mirror is made of a copper silver alloy.

When the object subject is posed a question, it will answer a picture will begin to appear on the mirror telling where the answer will occur, when answer will happen, or what will happen. The pictures XXXX depicts have been proven 90% correct with its answers. [See Test log XXXX-15]. We have also noticed variations of answers. [See test log 23 and for more information.] [For more information on second anomaly, see Adendum-1.]

Origin: Object Subject was captured in England during a raid on a Marshall, Carter and Dark secure warehouse on 5/13/1999 by Agent ███████. Where [redacted]
Note: the object Subject was intended to be sold to a Mr. ████for 1 million dollars

Test log XXXX-15-authorized by Dr. Grand and Dr. Irving
Subject D-XXXX-1
Time: █████ 23rd 20██, 10:00 AM
Test: subject is to enter the containment chamber and attempt to ask the question, “What will Dr. Irving have for lunch.”
Result: a picture of a mars bar candy bar appeared in the area covered by the copper silver alloy.
Test over
Notes: Test-15 was successful. Wow that we know what this object does; we can start testing the actual anomaly (I knew this object wasn’t a bust despite what those crazies at site 19 say.)
Dr. Grand

Test log XXXX-23-unauthorized
Time: █████████ 20th 20██ 2:56 AM
Test: Dr. Irving poses a question to XXXX
{No audio during this test due to data corruption cause of corruption unknown}
Result: The camera shows Dr. Irving entering the chamber and standing in front of XXXX, this lasts for a couple of seconds then Dr. Irving leaves the room in a panicked state.
Test end
Note: We need to look into this, as quickly as possible. We can’t let researchers in to containment chamber without proper guard or authorization. Also run the anti-virus program we don’t get a big enough budget as it is and we can’t afford new computers, much less a mini fridge
Dr. Grand

Interview between Dr. Grand and Dr. Irving
Dr. Grand: I assume you know why I called you here Dr. Irving. 
Dr. Irving: No, what did I do this time.
Dr. Grand: You stole my fingerprints from my office to get a private question answered by XXXX. 
Dr. Irving: Look I had an Idea that…..
Dr. Grand: what?  
Dr. Irving: that something was wrong with XXXX’s answers, that is why I went to make sure.   
Dr. Grand: that you were right? That the 22 previous tests were all coincidence. 
Dr. Irving: I thought…no I knew that XXXX is keeping something from us.  
Dr. Grand: How do you “know?” 
Dr. Irving: It gave me an incorrect answer. 
Dr. Grand: I can’t give an incorrect answer. 
Dr. Irving: It did. 
Dr. Grand: what did you ask it?  
Dr. Irving: would any subjects break containment tomorrow. 
Dr. Grand: and what did it show you? 
Dr. Irving: a picture of 682 breaking containment….violently.  
Dr. Grand: WHAT?!!?
Dr. Irving: there was noth-
Dr. Grand: nothing to be scared of right?
Dr. Irving: right.
Dr. Grand: thank you Dr. Irving you are dismissed.

Note to O5: I request the immediate demotion and/or termination of Dr. Victoria Irving due to her knowledge of a possible containment breach of 682.
Dr. Grand

O5-3: Due to gross negligence and conduct unbecoming of an SCP researcher, Dr. Victoria Irving is to be demoted to d-class.

Addendum-1: During a routine test of XXXX has shown signs of awareness. During a routine test d-XXXX-2 became irritated with the answers given to her. When she stuck the mirror to try and vent her frustration the silver copper alloy cracked and fell off the wooden frame. XXXX gathered itself and killed d-XXXX-2 and her Guards. XXXX then proceeded to breach containment. Through this breach however, we have found that in XXXX’s angered state it seems to be bothered by cool or cold objects. XXXXX captured 2hr. after breach.
Notes: I have requested to change the class of XXXX from Safe to Euclid due to XXXX’s change in nature.
Dr. Grand

Through consideration we have granted the class change of XXXX.