Battery draft

The Whispering Battery
Item#: SCP-???
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: At the moment the foundation has found no “effective” way to contain this artifact. It has been transported to site [REDACTED] as it seems to be attracted to SCP-79 for unknown reasons. So far this has been a success and the object has found no qualms, and shows no opposition to where it resides so long as it is near SCP-79. Because of its “abilities”, there is no way to directly contain the entity at the moment- however we have Dr. Gears working on this.
As of [DATA EXPUNGED], all personnel finding the entity in their possession must report it- if it does not disappear first.
Description: Upon first inspection this object looks like a standard [DATA EXPUNGED] 2.3cm by 4.1cm 9V battery. This disguise makes it easy for the object to be unnoticed, often resulting in employees- or even Class Ds finding the object in their pockets! Since then, we have taken away the pockets of Class D jumpsuits (although Class Ds still find it sometimes within the jumpsuits. This isn’t so much a problem with the searches after contact with SCPs. However, it does make testing the entity problematic.
The ability of SCP-??? is to swap its being with that of ordinary batteries. For example: we had first set up a chamber for the entity, though when we came to test it, it had transported itself to the inside of Dr. Bright’s cupboard. Dr. Bright then reported the incident- but not before pretending he was an “evil genius being manipulated by the forces of evil.”
The way to spot the object is odd. The artifact is hollow inside: it is just a casing. But those exposed to the entity report hearing incessant whispering and are shown hallucinations of their worst fears. But when they report having the entity in their possession all we find is a normal battery. After many incidents of this at [REDACTED], England, Dr. Gears suggested that we have another object on our hands. As of [DATA EXPUNGED] we decided to agree and look into it. It turned out he was right.
SCP-???? Begs for power at times, at 5 decibels higher than ordinary, however of course, the entity is unrechargable due to its hollow aspect, and therefore there is no way to supply it power.
Occasionally SCP-??? is found inserted in entities requiring battery packs to function (Doctor Wondertainment’s “toys” specifically). The chance that Dr. Wondertainment created the entity is a possibility the foundation cannot ignore.
Due to SCP-???’s ability to whisper and show subjects their worst fears, many subjects have gone insane. During containment breaches (which are oddly normal in this site) it has been observed as most active- though we have not yet confirmed a consciousness. During the incident in which the object was used in SCP-914 the whispering turned to shouting and pleading for [REDACTED] for approximately ten minutes. It has been reported by crying Class-Ds as “deafening” and “maddening”. They shortly committed suicide.
Any child exposed to the entity shortly commits suicide. For these reasons Dr. Clef has requested we raise its level to Euclid- although this was denied. Due to rejection of raising class to Euclid all staff must be searched for the object- we cannot encourage to leave. This is mandatory. Furthermore any staff lying about having the object in their possession will immediately be terminated.