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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

PTE-1029-NACL-Burrhus "18X023 Jürrgenhaus"

Authorized Response Level:

2 (Potential Threat)


An undesignated model of u-boat (Unterseeboot, literally "under-sea boat") located four miles off the coast of Santa Rosa Island. Entity has been known to patrol the Channel Islands of California, reasons unknown. The u-boat is fully operational, and is being controlled by a non-human entity of extra-universal origins. Entity is capable of altering its radius at will, but is extremely vunerable to firearms, missiles, and all means of attack. It seems that the entity uses the u-boat as a shell.

The u-boat used by PTE-1029-NACL-Burrhus has been labelled the "18X023 Jürrgenhaus". The submarine has been confirmed to be of Nazi origin due to several similar models having been found in Nazi Germany after WWII. Submercible was most likely an experimental model, as several peices of weaponry have been recovered from the entity during periods of inactivity that suggest the use of thaumaturgy.

PTE-1029-NACL-Burrhus is often passive, and does not react to divers or drones. However, when a moving object bigger than 10 ft. approaches the entity directly, it begins showing signs of agitation and will either flee or, give the situation, engage the object using the submarine's weapons. As of yet, the entity has not deliberately attacked any form of life for reasons other than self defense.

Rules of Engagement:


PTE-1029-NACL-Burrhus briefely surfacing north of Santa Cruz Island, June 6th 1965. Entity has not resurfaced since.

PTE-1029-NACL-Burrhus is to be approached with utmost caution as to not agitate the entity. Large submersibles are not to come within 10 meters of the entity.

When entering the entity's shell, divers are not to physically contact the entity within said submerisble. Doing so will cause the entity to attack nearby GOC operatives out of self defense. Said course of action may also be fatal to the divers within the shell at the time.

Fishing and civillian vessels are to be rerouted at least 1 mile away from PTE-1029-NACL-Burrhus's current position at all times.

PSYCHE Records

Parathreat Investigation

Special Observer: "Ivory Green" (81893583/12S2)

Overview: Large entity of unknown origin discovered near Anacapa Island.

Parathreat Evidence: After investigating several civillian reports of a WWII-era submarine seen near the Channel Islands, off the coast of Santa Barbara, a Gen0 aquatic drone confirmed the existence of said artifact.

The entity, as of June 3rd 1965, was just north of Anacapa Island. Several divers equipped with basic Gen1+ technology were deployed to investigate the entity. They were armed with light underwater weaponry, with several submercibles aiming missiles at it, just to be safe. Suprisingly, it didn't even flinch when the first diver rubbed his hand against its hull.

Eventually, an opening was found on the underbelly of the beast. We expected the entity to lash out and attack, but the divers entered it seamlessly. It was like the beast was some kind of zombie, just wandering around with no destination is mind. Inside were several corpses, all of which were wearing Nazi uniforms. The cadavers themselves looked like they had been nibbled at; eaten, if you will.

With that we decided to retract our divers. When we did some studying using drones to examine its outer shell, we discovered it was a u-boat. It was odd, considering u-boats were never meant to completely submerge themselves, only just bob below the surface. We also indicated that the submarin's propellers were not being utilized for movement. The entity was just drifting along, like some kind of jellyfish.

Two days later, we decided to send the team of divers back into the belly of the beast. Once they entered they discovered an upper compartment. Clearly this was a larger model of u-boat than previously anticipated. The divers quickly discovered that the door wouldn't budge, so they whipped out their crowbars. But while they slowly pried that door open, several groans and… creaks were picked up on their mics. But before we could alert them, the door swung open. After that, the monster stopped moving, and we could hear the team's screams. The creaks echoed throughout the ocean it seemed. Several rounds ere fired at the entity, of which seemed to have no effect. After several minutes of screaming and groaning, the noise stopped and the monster kept moving.

I think the submarine the entity uses as its "shell" is protected by some kind of thaumaturgy. And based off of recent explorations of its accessible interior, I think thaumaturgy was used in the creation of said submarine.

Suggested Response/Requests: Watch it, track it, and research it. I want to know what this thing is and where it came from. I am well aware of the organism living within the submarine's upper floor, and I want to know where it came from. I am not interested in destroying it, as the entity is passive when not interacted with directly. I just want to know the origins of the submerisble used as its shell.