SCP-6878 (the silencer)

Scp-6878 (the silencer)

Object Class: Euclid

Containment procedure:
SCP-6878 is to be kept in an enclosed, soundproofed room with at least 5 level 3 guards at all times constantly patrolling the area. All personnel must stay at least 400 meters from SCP-6878's enclosure. Any changes in the characteristic behavior of SCP-6878 are to be reported to the acting site administrator immediately.

Object description: SCP-6878 is a humanoid object with no eyes or nose. It has an ash-grey skin color. Its skin seems to be impenetrable; not even testing with SCP-162 is able to penetrate SCP-6878's skin. SCP-6878 has abnormally long arms (approximately 5 feet in length per.) and legs with a length of 4.5 feet.
Testing is still in progress. But so far no hindrance to the creature's physical integrity has been found.
SCP-6878 is noted to be safe unless sound exceeds 30-decibels, within a 365.76-meter radius of SCP-6878, that is unless proper soundproofing has been secured. If such a sound occurs, SCP-6878 will become agitated, sending the creature into a fit of rage, it will start thrashing out at the object that is making the sound, whether it is organic or not, completely smashing it into a carborane superacid.
*note* the foundation is still testing on what will or will not be turned into the superacid, so far nothing has tested negative for carborane superacids.
If anything makes a sound and were to attempt to hide behind an object or wall, SCP-6878 has been proven to always break through the barrier with ease. SCP-6878 will then proceed to kill the object. SCP-6878's mortality rate is 100%, a statistic comparative to that of SCP-069. It is unsure whether SCP-6878 is capable of communication.
Scp-6878 does not seem to need any form of sustenance. If anyone or thing tries to hurt or kill SCP-6878, SCP-6878 will become extremely agitated and grab hold of a said object then leave our dimension for 5 hours the subject will come back with burnt skin and it's nose and eyes removed, the subject will still be alive and in great pain, it's sound will no longer affect SCP-6878's rampage. If the object is in-organic however, SCP-6878 will not return from its pocket dimension said object.
Scp-6878 is capable of communication but only inside its pocket dimension, with the subject that tried harming it if a voice recorder is brought into the pocket dimension, all that will be heard in our dimension is screams.