Containment procedure: SCP-XXXX-1 is never to know the full length the Foundation goes to keep it and Scp-xxxx-2 at bay. Providing it with information pertaining to it's containment will be harshly reprimanded and amnesiacs administered and reassigned to a lesser duty. If scp-xxxx-1 becomes aware of it's containment protocol containment protocol-"Drawing Board" is to be executed and amnesiacs are to be administered to both individuals.

Description: scp-xxxx-1 is a humanoid at it's physical peak at the age of __ has dark brown hair with some grey, green eyes and a lithe body build;. It's anomalous features present it's self in the when having a "Plan". When present and possessing an idea know as "The Plan" scp-xxxx-2 will have a clear, undivided, precise solution to thwart said plan. The details of the "Solution" can be anything scp-xxxx-2 deems necessary to contain scp-xxxx-1's plan from coming to fruition. Super human feats and physics bending have been witnessed. See Incident 6872575. Which was Recorded upon acquisition of targets. It was believed that the anomalous properties of each of the two were the recorded events features but after many failed containment it was found that they only present in true danger in the presence of each other, while scp-xxxx is only active in the presence of scp-xxxx. Scp-xxxx-2 has been extremely cooperative in regards to helping in containment of Plan scenarios. A list of thwarted plans can be found in addendum 1-A. and their accompanied solutions.


Plan 1 escape current containment protocol when security changes duty by throwing a pen across the room to distract rotating guards . Solution 1-scp-XXXX exits his containment cell, catches the pencil, and re-contains scp-xxxx by pound the door to the containment cell to the point it couldn't be opened from inside or out.

plan-2 dislocate shoulder and pull from braces to turn blinding lamp away from eyes and assess situation, after a few seconds scp-xxxx snaps his shoulder back in place, lassos the lamp to the containment cell pointing it directly at the weak point of his cell, scp-xxxx, after waiting X hours subject strikes the hot area until containment can be breached and unlocks the rest of his bindings from his body. scp-XXXX presents himself, cuts power to the lamp, strikes scp-XXXX unconscious while using it in a Bo like fashion, then precedes to build a larger containment area out of the original, requiring no tools, expertise, or extra parts. Bindings rewoven to 200x tensil strength and made into a 7 point harness.


This interview was conducted shortly after containment was achieved.

Professor beaur'gard:So, scp-xxxx, how long have you been able to achieve these feats we have all witnessed?

Scp-xxx:You mean Justice?

Professor beaur'gard: if that's what u wanna call it….yes, how long have u been able to serve Justice?

Scp-xxxx: Since XX were born…since i can remember

Professor Beaur'gard: We?

Scp-xxxx:Yes, me and my Redacted

(Video surveilence registers exactly 14 seconds of silence)

Professor Beaur'gard: Are you saying XXXX is your Redacted?

Scp-XXXX:Yes, we are Redacted. We Shared the same Redacted.

Professor Beaur'gard: Noted. When was the earliest occurrence u can remember knowing you could perform this Justice.

Scp-xxxx:When I let him perform the only Plan I ever let him succeed in.

Professor Beaur'gard:Okay, and what was that?

Scp-xxxx: He planned to be born first.
End Interview